High School Story 5.4.0 for Android Users (Mega Mods)

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Have you ever wished to return to high school and relive your wild adolescence? Hang out with your friends, play practical jokes on professors, participate in exciting events, and so forth. Or do you wish to go back in time and undo everything you’ve done wrong? Be a better person and make the proper decisions that will impact your future?

High School Story will provide you with the ideal opportunity to recall your high school years. Create your high school characters, place them in new environments, and become engaged in a variety of school activities, and so on. 

With our reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic Pixelberry game.


Gamers will have the opportunity to experience the ultimate high school simulation gameplay with High School Story, where you can get involved in different elements of your high school life. Feel free to make your characters using the various customization options available at the start of the game.

Pick your favorite characters from the story. Will you be the nerdy and creative type, the sporty and outgoing kind, or the preppy and outgoing type? Depending on your initial decisions, the stories in High School Story differ dramatically. Furthermore, the numerous dilemmas that arise during your voyage will alter your personality and your routes. Gamers are also permitted to construct and upgrade their schools. During your high school years, you can find yourself engrossed in various activities as you seek to discover the lifestyle. 


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

You Can Create Your Characters

First, you’ll be able to choose and construct your characters by giving them various features and appearances. Feel free to dress them up in various outfits and give them specific facial and physical characteristics. You can do whatever you want with them if the end product is satisfactory.

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Make Decisions Based on Your Personal Experiences

In High School Scenario, players are immersed in a completely new story encompassing many facets of everyday high school life. There will be times during your quest when you must make decisions that will significantly impact the paths you take. 

Make New Friends by Meeting up With New Folks

You’ll meet a range of different characters in this simulator game, each with their personality and purpose. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a variety of exciting classmates. Choose the ones you appreciate the most and become friends with them.

Make Friends With the Distinctive Characters 

In addition to the interesting characters, there are also well-known individuals with unique skills. It is advised that you become friends with them because this will allow you to access a variety of bonuses. You should not hesitate to befriend Payton, the Party Girl so she can assist you in hosting great parties, or to befriend Nishan, the Master Computer so he can assist you with hacking.

Have a High School Reunion 

For those who want to relive these unforgettable nights, High School Story provide you with the opportunity to do so. That being stated, you can throw amazing parties and meet up with your classmates with the help of your friends. They have distinct personalities and characteristics that will spice up your high school experience.

In Your Trip, Look for Love and Romance

Your high school years would never be complete without you falling in love at least once. You’ll have the opportunity to date your high school crushes here in High School Story, so you won’t have to feel bad. Furthermore, while you’re having a good time with your gorgeous dates, don’t forget your friends. Be the best matchmaker in the world and help your friends find true love.

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Feel Free to Personalize and Embellish Your Campus

Unlike other high school games, you’ll not only be able to participate in a variety of events as part of your student life, but you’ll also have access to exciting customizations. You can work on different functions regarding buildings, such as add, remove, replace, decorate and rearrange them. 

Unlock New Structures to Try Out New Features

With the addition of new buildings to the school, you’ll be able to access new features in the game, which you’ll undoubtedly appreciate. You can host a Fantasy Photo Booth, where you meet gorgeous lads and girls from the school. Interact with the cheer captain and unlock the Cheerleader Camp. Alternatively, you can participate in the Homecoming Game and Prank War; the option is yours.

Take Pleasure in the Game’s One-Of-A-Kind Happenings

The game allows players to participate in one-of-a-kind events and activities that can only be found in high school. One of them is the prom, where you can find attractive dates and get ready to be prom kings and queens by dressing up in amazing outfits. There are also events like Girl Who Code, where you’ll meet the ultimate geeks in the school while also getting your coding introductions. You may also study advanced high school vocabulary by playing fun mini-games, which is quite remarkable.

With Fresh Upgrades, You’ll Have Access to New Stories and Activities

Gamers in High School Story are never bored because of the different stories and activities accessible with each new release. In High School Story, there will always be new stories to discover, secrets to uncover, and romances to enjoy. 

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It’s Free to Play

All Android gamers can play the game for free. As a result, you can effortlessly install it on your mobile devices without spending any money. Because it is a freemium game, there will always be advertisements and in-app purchases.

With Unlimited Money and Coins, You Can Do Whatever You Desire

These advertisements and in-app purchases may irritate some of you. As a result, we have the ideal solution for you. With our High School Story Mod Apk, you’ll have full access to the game, including limitless money and coins. You are free to buy whatever you want without regard for the price. Create a stunning campus with wonderful décor and fabulous outfits for your characters. Not to mention that you won’t have to deal with any bothersome advertisements.

Sound and Video Quality


High School Story will transport you to your fantasy school, where you can play as these fantastic-looking girls and boys, thanks to amazing hand-drawn visuals and attractive characters. In High School Story, make the most of your wonderful existence.


The game has a gorgeous and catchy soundtrack that will keep you glued to the screen for hours.

Download the Newest Version of High School Story Mod 5.4.0 for Android

If you appreciate popular life simulation games like Choices: Stories You Play or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you’ll love Pixelberry’s latest game. For the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to return to high school and relive your adolescent years. 

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