Free Hills of Steel Mod Apk 4.2.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperSuperplus Games
Requires4.4 and Up
Size108 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Updated02 Days Ago
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Hills of Steel is a 2D horizontal action game that offers a terrific experience. The game revolves around tank combat and a physics simulation game with a realistic feel. You fight your adversaries in the hills and crush them with steel. Also, acquire loot from losers and customize cars with special weaponry and improvements. Earn money by winning tank engagements and rising through the ranks. 

Simple Interface

You can either pay for in-app products to improve your attack on opposing territory or play for free. The game allows you to unlock and try out a variety of tanks and special powers. After a long battle, you can upgrade your character to move quicker, deal more damage, and raise your defenses. The game features a fascinating, deep tale; the more victories you have, the better your chances of becoming a formidable tank champion.

The gameplay is impressive, but it’s also highly engaging and appealing. Your objective is to operate a tank that moves horizontally on the mobile device, attempting to overcome numerous trials and difficulties. Although the game is free to play, you can purchase packs of coins and gems to unlock or upgrade new tanks.

Hills of Steel focuses on enjoyment. You have to move your tank forward or backward while shooting adversaries on the route. The game appears simple, but winning will take a long time because the mechanics are realistic and hilarious.

Exciting Game Styles 

Hills of Steel lets you play with nine distinct tank types, including current tanks like the Croba, Joker, and Titan. Each tank is equipped with a unique weapon, such as Reaper’s Gatling gun, Telsa’s Electric Universe, or Arachno’s laser.

If you want a simple fighting style, choose a tank with excellent mobility and minimal damage, such as Cobra or Joker. Choose Mammoth or Titanium. You can also use additional shielding and healing supplies.

If you’re looking for the most powerful boost and want to kill enemy tanks with massive explosives, then Reaper is the way to go. You can upgrade your tank over time to include features like bombing, mines and self-healing. Lastly, each tank has six different upgrades and you must select the one that suits your playing style. 

Single and Multiplayer Modes

Hills of Steel lets you play with nine distinct tank types, including Croba, Joker, Titan, etc. The Gatling gun, for example, is a unique weapon for any tank. Hills of Steel also attracts gamers by offering a variety of fun options. If you select PvP mode, you will engage in a ferocious 1v1 battle with a player or AI, with each battle lasting 60 seconds.

The battle is over if one tank is destroyed or has fewer mana after the time limit has expired. The game also offers 2 vs. 2 battles with your friends. To win, you must coordinate your tactics and skills with your colleagues.

In the adventure mode, you must shoot down all foes in front of you to defeat the formidable monster. Because there is no time limit in challenging adventure mode, you can freely operate the tank and even restore broken tanks with just a few gems.

Try the classic mode, where your goal is to destroy a large number of AI vehicles and the ultimate monster. The game also offers a “boss only” option, in which you will battle a series of mighty bosses. You can try out different stunning tank battles by playing “Tank Stars.” You can pick a weapon from several options, ranging from simple rockets to atomic bombs. 


2D aesthetics are appealing. 

Pleasant gameplay 

There are numerous game types to choose from and a variety of upgrades.

Weapons can be upgraded


There aren’t many game-changing moments.

Download Hills of Steel Mod Apk

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