Hole.io MOD APK 1.16.8 for Android Users (All Skin Unlocked)

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Requires4.4 and Up
Size162 MB
MOD FeaturesAll Skin Unlocked
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Your goal in Hole.io Mod Apk (Unlocked All Skins) is to eat the entire universe. This is the first time Voodoo has released a virtual arcade game; they have had much success with physics-based games like Helix Jump and Flying Arrow previously.


Black Holes threaten everything in the cosmos because they can devour different types of things, materials, or even planets. No one knows where things will go if they fall into the black hole.


Consume as Much as Possible

Hole.io transports players to an open metropolis where they can go wherever they wish. You will first be assigned to a black hole of your choice, and then you will be placed in a match with six other players. Each battle is only 2 minutes long; therefore, you must quickly figure out what you can eat and strive to expand the hole so you may eat more.

The gameplay is simple: keep your finger on the screen and direct the black hole to go wherever you want it to go. The black hole will follow your fingertips. When a black hole passes through something smaller than its size, it goes into the hole automatically, and you earn points. 

You can only eat a few minor things initially, such as traffic lights, rubbish, trees, or pedestrians. As you continue to consume, the pit will become larger, and you will be able to devour a bus or a high-rise structure. At the end of two minutes, the player with the greatest score will be crowned champion.

Hole.io focuses on gameplay and simplicity. The most difficult aspect is dealing with other players. I believe the game would be far more engaging if it included a Unlimited Time Mode.

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Play With Your Friends

It makes no difference if you are not connected to the Internet; you can still play for. In addition, you can invite your friends to play using Bluetooth in three simple steps:

  • Create a room in the Local Multiplayer menu.
  • Invite your acquaintances
  • Consume the entire world


Hole.io, in contrast to other Voodoo games, has a detailed and realistic design. The publisher has incorporated colorful 2.5D graphics with minor touches that make you feel like you’re in a genuine city. This publisher is known to produce games with excellent mechanics and graphics. 

Features of Mod

  • Unlocked skins 
  • No advertisements.

Download hole.IO Mod Apk 

Eating is a stress-relieving method. If you ever feel enraged and want to sabotage everything, don’t. Let’s play Hole.io and swallow the entire city; perhaps it would make you feel better. Download the game now and enjoy.

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