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Hollywood Story: Fashion Star is a popular Android dress-up simulation game. It allows players to play as Hollywood celebrities, dress up in various fashion outfits, and attend numerous fashion events. This game is designed in Hollywood, California, a place where every actor’s dream is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

In this version of Hollywood Story, you can take on the role of a Hollywood superstar, with the number of gold coins cracked and tweaked. You can squander gold coins to get any apparel and accessories you choose. Also, you can effortlessly move through the large banquets and capture the audience’s attention by participating in a series of fashion matches. The game’s theme is glitzy. 

General Information

Hollywood Story is a dress-up game for girls. Girls believe that they must attend various red carpet events to become Hollywood celebrities. Let’s begin by adorning your characters and assisting them in developing their distinct looks. Players must click to receive the gift pack and gold coins in the game. You can also buy clothes and accessories using the gold coins you already have to fill the closet.


Players can choose to be a male or a female in this game. You can customize their appearances according to your choice and style. At the start of the game, the player’s character is a clerk in a clothing store. As the bar is about to close, the Hollywood actress asks the player to assist her with her work. The player obliges and does what is asked from him or her. Eventually, the player is guided to Hollywood.

The overall picture is gorgeous, and the figures blink to organize their accessories, even though it is a horizontal scroll. Players can earn money and paid stuff by completing several missions. This game is a good choice if you want a fast glance into the lifestyles of Hollywood superstars. 


Interesting Characters

Players can build their avatar with different components, including colors, hairstyle, apparel, etc. With regards to the last factor, has effectively given the gamers carte blanche in this regard, as they can outfit their avatar anyway they choose. Each of the elements (eyes, hairs, etc) may be painted in a different color. 

Enticing Challenges

Following the creation of their character, players will come to know that the life as a celebrity is not easy. We begin with modest assignments that have no other purpose than to increase the degree of popularity of the young diva, who will have to work hard enough to achieve fame. The females will be sent to a variety of assignments, each one unique, as a means of increasing their visibility.

Shopping and Socializing

Apart from work, has placed a strong emphasis on the element of daily living. Players will need to purchase new objects, clothing, and other items to make their avatar’s life more pleasant. As a result, you will be paid at the end of each project, and the money can be used to purchase new fixtures. Lastly, you can also construct a virtual family and live your life as you choose.

Hollywood Story 

The game’s approach is simple as it is intended for players of all ages and can be played with easy controls. Your avatar can be sent to work, performing art, or doing other activities to earn gold coins, buy outfits and help prepare for beauty pageants.

Alternatives to Consider: Hollywood’s Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offered a vague picture after being downloaded as it comes with an in-game fee. The hashtags, however, [#KimKardashianHollywood, #KimKardashianGame] are trending. Check it out if you’re interested. Different versions of this game have been launched on  iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac versions.  


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a role-playing game that allows you to practically live in a world of Hollywood celebrities by figuring out how to help your character become a superstar. Following the Candy Crush craze on Facebook, Flappy Bird and 2048, the iOS and Android app stores are now witnessing a new fashion dubbed Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Despite being published and available in the iOS and Android app stores since the end of May, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has become well-known and has topped the mobile game rankings in several nations. It’s a new game with many external components, but it’s not about gameplay.


Perform all activities of a celebrity, including attending events, walking the red carpet, greeting fans, and shopping for stunning costumes. In this virtual environment, players experience everything from being an obscure artist trying to break into the celebrity showbiz industry to becoming an excellent star who must worry about evading cameras and fans all day.

Overall Evaluation

Your goal is to use Kim Kardashian, one of the most beautiful women on the planet, to boost your profile. You must choose an image for yourself at the start of your voyage. Choose from over a dozen hairstyles, hair colors, noses, shirts, pants, shoes, and other aspects after selecting the gender. 

After completing the first phase, your character will work in a Beverly Hills fashion boutique and meet Mrs. Kardashian, who walks into the boutique. Kim Kardashian will invite you to her party since your style will significantly assist her. For there onwards, you will need to wear high-quality clothes, become a party-enthusiast, start social activities, meet celebrities and enjoy your time the vivacious Kim Kardashian. 

This game is rated at 4.3 stars on the Android app market, with over 5 million downloads. This game is also rated 4.5/5 stars in the iOS app store. This game has a high turnover, according to Glu, the development firm for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Final Thoughts

Since its inception, the software has remained stable while not yet reaching the income levels of other prominent apps in the category, such as Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans. It is in the top ten most profitable games on the Apple App Store and the top twenty on Google Play (Android store).

However, on the Asian market, the game does not receive positive reviews due to certain factors. 

The game, marketed primarily towards females, creates a celebrity, with customizable looks, dresses and other features. She can go to parties, meet other VIPs, and walk on the red carpet, attempting to reach the pinnacle of fame.

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