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Home Street is a fun and fascinating simulation game in which players can create and customize their dream home. You can also meet new people and live a vibrant life. Do you enjoy creating games and wish to design your own home? Get Home Street right now!

It’s a super game that allows users to beautify their homes easily. The game blends real-life simulation and difficult obstacles, allowing you to create your own home, transform into the person you choose, and live in a world full of surprises. Your main responsibilities are to design your ideal environment in the ideal town, live next door to pleasant neighbors, and write your tale in the game.

You can interact with other gamers from all around the world in Home Street’s social circle. To begin, you must select a personal avatar, which can be a man or a woman. To begin the game, you must first select a form and attire. Sim’s well-known brand directs the game, but the gameplay differs slightly from the other games in the series. 

General Information 

Gamers will accept the role of the leading character in Home Street, starting a new life in a new apartment and city. Even though the game replicates social life, unlike The Sims, Home Street does not include the character’s personal qualities (hunger, fun, hygiene, etc.)

I do not observe this game to be that challenging. It emphasizes how you must fulfill your character’s own life while also meeting the people’s needs and desires. Many of the city’s structures require resources to finish, and you are the only worker in it. You can buy ornamental objects for your home with the money you earn from trade. 

If you want to spend a lot of time in games decorating your home, then Home Street might be the game for you. Home Street is ideal for interior designers worldwide, with a variety of quick games, attractive furnishings, fascinating home decor, and renovation possibilities. Because of the game’s large revenue, you’ll rarely run out of funds.

Background Information

You can earn more cash by assisting your neighbors with a range of enjoyable tasks, like baking a delicious sponge cake or composing beautiful songs. As a result, your house is always buzzing with activity, mainly when your friends. With most jobs requiring only a few minutes, you’ll always have something new to do.

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About the Game

Changes in Character Style on Home Street

After clicking to create a character, you can go to the character change section. This is how you pinch similar characters’ faces together. We can choose from various colors and face types, and different clothing designs. We can change the hairdo, face form, body shape, skin tone, tops, pants, shoes, socks, eyes, eyebrows, and spectacles, among other things. Many items can be replaced, and you can adapt and adjust for chronic conditions.

What Is the Best Way to Find Work on Home Street?

There are tasks in place, but the system will inform you how to take up work and perform chores. After accepting the assignment, you can complete the appropriate tasks as specified and submit it. A painting task, a cooking task, a gardening task, a cleaning task, and a tool task are all included. They come in various levels, each of which unlocks new assignments. The mission prizes include gold coins, jewels, stars, and other special powers when you complete all objectives.

Home Street’s Jewels

Completing chores will persuade you for the rewards. There are various ways to obtain them, like purchasing clothing and props or speeding up time to complete chores more quickly. The reward for completing the work received by selling objects and simple recharging is included in the Coin acquisition section. 


Construct Your Ideal Home

The most important goal in Home Street is to extend and repair your area to construct a perfect home. To perform difficult tasks, you’ll require customized construction and external decoration. To begin, outfit your equipment with comforts like a hot tub, flat-screen TV, and kitchen appliances. 

Create Your Persona

Home Street is unlike any other game you’ve ever played. Players can design their characters and apply effects to them to make them look like them. Characters with unusual faces, eye colors, haircuts, cosmetics, body types, and personalities will be created by you.

Make Friends in the City

There’s always someone in the dream town who wants to chat with you. In your virtual world, pick your favorite neighborhood and meet new people. Inviting your friends to see your beautiful home is also a good idea. A welcoming neighborhood will always be there to greet you.

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Your main tasks are to construct a town with tens of thousands of people so that you can converse with them. There are ongoing events with many new and appealing merchandise and outfits. 

Amazing Stories

Home Street is more than simply a home design game; it allows you to create your own story and play as the protagonist. On updated quests, you’ll have the opportunity to be a guest on a game show, help your local community, experience city life, or start your own business. You can create your own life in this game and be an expert in any field you want, including painters, singers, bakers, fashion designers, and more. Users can choose talent and convert it into a job to earn money, win rewards, and enhance their talents.

Alternatives to Consider

Makeover of the House

House Design Makeover is a fun home interior design simulation game for Android that is ideal for all ages. In the game, you will accept a designer’s role and assist a family in modernizing their home. To accomplish so, you’ll need to complete a series of puzzles ranging from basic to challenging, as well as design and decorate your dream home with lovely décor. In Home Design Makeover, the player’s goal is to renovate residences in their preferred manner. You’ll have to design and refurbish a family-friendly living room, a rustic kitchen, a stylish bathroom, and a magnificent bedroom.

In addition, players in Home Design Makeover will be required to serve a broad range of clients, from honeymooners to Hollywood celebrities, while traveling around the world. Demonstrate your design and innovation skills. Conquer obstacles with over 1000 match-three puzzles and over 10 game modes simultaneously for hours of relaxed pleasure.

Kawaii Interior Design

Kawaii Home Design is set in the far future, when humanity has made considerable technological advances, particularly in information technology that aids humans. With the help of A.I., the design profession, particularly home design, flourishes. Players will take on the character of a junior designer with a strong enthusiasm for designing houses and spaces for the people. The route to becoming a successful designer officially begins with the assistance of various tools.

All of the materials you use during the procedure are deducted from your total. If you can’t afford it, consider lowering the price of more recent things or skipping the pitch. After completing everything, you’ll send it out and await the results. If your credit is good, you will be compensated for your efforts.

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And if you merely obtain a lower rating, you’ll either make a profit or lose money. So, whether you become a successful person or don’t depend on your artistic eye. Aside from the design, the game also allows you to earn money in other ways. You can do whatever you want to keep the money to pursue your dreams, whether it’s operating your office, collecting orders from clients, or moving to another office for a wage. 

Overall Evaluations

The first phase of the simulation game is shown below, which may or may not correspond to the recommendation. In decorating your home, you can create your ideal home while also forging strong bonds with your neighbors. The main objectives are to create your own ideal home, extend and personalize it to satisfy your diverse demands, acquire hundreds of designs, equipment, and things, decorate your home, play with new pets, sing karaoke, and take a hot bath. 

You may design your home space in Home Street. Also, experiment with different facial forms, pupil colors, haircuts, makeup, and body types to design and customize your vivid character. You can also select the most appropriate character costume from hundreds of options.

Making friends, connecting with the community, and socializing with neighbors from all over the world are all things we recommend. Have a good time together or assist each other in achieving relationship goals and developing a strong friendship. 

Try unlocking the artists, singers, pastry chefs, and designers hidden in your heart by playing games. Turn your skills into money and use the money to improve your abilities, learn new skills, and unleash your creativity to achieve your goals. 


Home Street is a fantastic game that allows you to design your own home, begin a new life in a pleasant neighborhood, write your own story, begin your home design, and decorate your career. Install Home Street Mod Apk and immerse yourself in a new world right now.

Home Street has a soothing main theme that is quite relaxing. However, the game screen moves faster to give players a sense of challenge. When objects explode, the sound effects generate a powerful, explosive feeling that thrills players. During the game, when the player activates unique objects such as rockets, bombs, or pinwheels, the effects are stunning and add to the game’s intrigue.

Download the game now and enjoy its features.

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