Free House Designer: Fix & Flip Mod Apk 1.107 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperKarate Goose Studio
Requires4.1 and Up
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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This calm and engaging title from Karate Goose Studio will undoubtedly appeal to people interested in the unique experiences of renovation. Feel free to immerse yourself in the fantastic in-game experiences as you strive to transform several run-down houses and apartments into welcoming places where people may call home.

As you encounter various scenarios with varying situations, you will benefit from having access to in-depth house remodel and design experiences. Utilize the various and in-depth design options to demonstrate your abilities successfully. While exploring this unique simulation title for your mobile devices, have fun with the wonderful in-game adventures.

You may learn more about the fantastic mobile game House Designer Fix & Flip with our evaluations.


Android gamers will appreciate the game’s thrilling mobile gaming experiences, including creating and remodeling several unique residences and flats. As you plunge into the in-depth in-game experiences with many accessible renovation options, turn even your worst cases into warm settings.

Get to work and participate in the exciting task of house renovating in different steps, from fixing and cleaning your run-down areas to producing lovely and clean spaces for the impending changes to designing and beautifying your homes in the style of your choice.

The game provides you with a variety of tools and equipment for your profession, as well as a large number of accessible decorations and furnishings for your homes. Try them all out if you want to have a unique experience. Gamers will be able to fully immerse themselves in their renovation adventures thanks to the amazing 3D graphics and intuitive touch components.


The following are all of the game’s fantastic features.

Begin Your Home Remodeling Company

Initiate the game by receiving your first home, which has been damaged both inside and out. Begin transforming the property into a functional space to plan your models and designs recreate. As you acquire new objects and decorations, work hard to transform the houses into a decent location. And now, after all of your hard work, you can resell the house and make a fortune.

You can reinvest the money you’ve made in a variety of new residences, even if they’re in bad shape. To immerse yourself in the in-depth house remodels and design games as you try out a various fix and flip choices. Give your ancient houses, which no one wants to live in, a second chance by using your skills to transform them into amazing places. Naturally, you are free to sell them for their true value. Collect some money and get your home improvement business off the ground.

Participate in a Variety of Jobs for Cleaning to Designing

Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in in-depth house remodeling adventures with hundreds of various jobs to do. However, the game introduces Android players to the actual process of transforming old houses into magnificent places, which many gamers will find fascinating.

Find yourself having a lot of fun with the renovation projects by doing various activities ranging from cleaning and repairing ancient houses to designing and remodeling actions that can drastically alter their appearance. Feel free to enjoy House Designer Fix & Flip’s fantastic gameplay as you strive to remodel numerous houses from various regions with unique themes.

Intuitive and Interactive Mechanics Touch Controls

While you immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay of house remodeling, the game has easy touch controls that allow you to direct your characters through different tasks efficiently. Furthermore, the interactive mechanics combined with an immersive first-person view will add to the game’s enjoyment and intrigue.

Feel free to interact with the stuff in front of you in various ways by tapping and selecting all of the available options. Select the appropriate tools for specific tasks, and you’ll be able to gain access to more control possibilities.

Become an Interior Designer and Build Incredible Homes

Do you aspire to be an interior designer? If you answered yes, you would undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic simulation title. However, Android gamers can use a variety of design elements and decorations in the game. With a plethora of available materials, helpful guidance and fabulous décor, you can quickly remodel and decorate your homes.

Feel free to move things around and change the arrangements of furniture, appliances, and other items. Simultaneously, it is possible to spend a little money and have access to a wide range of new household items in the store. Pick up whatever you want and consider selling your old stuff to make up for it. You may show off your skills and polish your homes by becoming an outstanding home designer.

Become a Landscape Designer

Those of you who are interested in nature can fully immerse yourself in House Designer Fix & Flip’s fantastic garden design games. In the game, you can experience the art of garden design while developing your perfect houses with outstanding features. Design your unique gardens or lovely backyards with various themes by doing whatever you like.

Devote time to maintaining your lawn for a great lawn. Plants should be watered frequently, and only the proper plants should be used in your gardens, according to your tastes. Have some lovely flowers or perhaps a few state-of-the-art statues to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. In House Designer Fix & Flip, you’ll have complete control over your yard, with only your creativity as a restriction.

Enjoy the Game Without Internet

Android gamers in House Designer Fix & Flip can enjoy their intriguing simulation gaming with and without the Internet, which adds to the game’s appeal. However, if you’re outside and don’t want to use your mobile connection, you can still play the game.

Free to Play

Android gamers can still download their favorite house renovation game for free from the Google Play Store, despite all of the incredible features. That being said, you may download and play the game without spending anything.

Have Fun With Our Mod’s Unlocked Gameplay

During the game, players are bombarded with adverts and in-app purchases. As a result, you might want to check our customized version of the game, including unlocked content. You can get infinite money, no commercials, and a tone of fantastic in-game goodies for free here. Download the House Designer Mod APK from our website and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


House Designer Fix & Flip provides stunning 3D visuals with comprehensive and realistic designs, allowing your homes to appear and feel amazing. Simultaneously, feel free to enjoy the fantastic visual effects and interactive graphics that add realism to every move in the game. You may also enjoy seamless and gratifying experiences in House Designer Fix & Flip at any time, thanks to well-optimized gameplay.


Android gamers in House Designer Fix & Flip can enjoy engaging audio experiences in addition to stunning in-game images. The comprehensive and in-depth sound effects are incredibly realistic and relatable here. At the same instant, feel free to listen to the immersive and fantastic soundtracks during your journeys.


House Designer Fix & Flip is a terrific game to play if you appreciate the classic gameplay of games like My Home: Design Dreams, Home Design Makeover, and others. Has a blast been exploring the amazing house remodeling adventures and learning about the wonderful in-game mechanics and interactive elements?

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