Hungry Dragon Mod Apk 3.23 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
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In Hungry Dragon, immerse yourself in the breathtaking and majestic environment of the medieval era. Feel free to explore and discover the unique and exciting gameplay that undoubtedly piques your attention. Play as voracious dragons that swoop down and devour everything in their path. When you have free time, explore this vast and addictive game on your mobile devices.

Dive into the evocative and exciting settings of the medieval era, where you face off against a variety of unique opponents. Take on a variety of intriguing challenges in various settings and surroundings. Of course, you are welcome to play the game with your friends or other online players anytime.

You can learn more about this fantastic mobile game from Ubisoft Entertainment with our evaluations.


In Hungry Dragon, guide your epic fire-breathing creature through a series of in-game. Make use of your incredible abilities to burst through enemy defenses and consume everything in your path. As you effectively take down your adversaries, unlock epic and fire-breathing tactics. Your ultimate goal is to keep your hunger under control while also utilizing the available boosters and in-game features to unlock new powers for your dragons. Choose from various dragon species, each with its own set of abilities and powers.

In the game, you must complete a succession of challenging tasks. As you take your dragon to a new world of fun and frantic big fish small fish action, complete specific objectives in each stage. Play with your friends and other gamers to win those wonderful dragons.

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Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Unique and Interesting Gameplay 

Android players undoubtedly enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay in Hungry Dragon, where you’ll be able to wander the regions freely, terrorize others, and enjoy the gameplay. During this game, you can efficiently evade enemy assaults, consume everything in your path, and takedown monsters, creatures, animals, and even humans.

There Are Several Dragons to Choose From

You’ll be tasked with collecting fearsome animals, each with its own set of characteristics and abilities. Utilize their flying-breathing abilities to melt and exterminate your foes. Alternatively, you can awaken the incredible ice dragon and freeze your foes to death.

Learn about various dragons, each with its distinct design features. You can unlock more outfits and customizations for your dragons as you go. Become the undisputed king of the area by improving your flying and shooting skills together with killing your enemies. 

You can also have a range of various pets and monsters on your list. Bring them along with your fearsome dragons as you employ them to boost their abilities. It’s critical to have your dragons properly equipped with valuable goods while also ensuring that they’re adequately nourished if you want to develop their abilities. You can even feed your dragon with people to help it grow. 

Take Part in Different Adventures With Your Amazing Beasts

Gamers in Hungry Dragon also have access to immersive and epic destroying experiences for those who are interested. As you explore the medieval kingdoms searching for sustenance, take on the game’s huge wrecking tasks. 

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Fly across villages, forests, hills, and cities as you explore the world. You can also participate in the fantastic demolition phase, where you’ll be able to knock down a variety of intriguing structures and obstacles. Continue to feast on the prey and other creatures as you strive for the highest possible score. 

As You Take On Many Targets, Eat as Much as You Can

Players in Hungry Dragon find themselves accumulating and enjoying the fantastic grilled frenzy and freed actions in the enormous 3D realms to aid you in your journey of fear and destruction. To efficiently grill and feast on your prey, use various talents and abilities. Unleash your breath of fires, ice, lightning, and other unique attacks on the opponents and fight against the medieval warriors, monsters, trolls, witches, and others trying to stop you and prevent their fate from being gobbled up.

Unlock the Legendary Monsters and Obtain New Powers

With hundreds of various unique species and interesting hybrids, Android gamers also find themselves discovering the epic and special powers of each of their dragons.

Play the Game With Your Friends and Other Online Players

Players can also participate in different challenges with their friends and other online players, which adds to the game’s appeal. While competing in the ultimate leagues, feel free to enjoy your beloved little fish to the utmost. As you vanquish your friends and rivals, strive for the highest rankings in the Legendary Leagues.

It’s Free to Play

Hungry Dragon is also available for download and installation on mobile devices. You can always get it for free from the Google Play Store.

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With Our Mod, You Can Play for as Long as You Want

For those of you who are annoyed by the game’s advertisements and in-game purchases, you can easily have it unlocked by downloading our customized version. Download and install the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk from our website to get started. Take advantage of the infinite money, unlocked gameplay, and ad-free experiences.

Sound and Video Quality


Hungry Dragon’s stunning visual effects allow players to immerse themselves in the epic shooter challenges. With fluent animations, skill effects, and dynamic environments, feel free to explore and enjoy the game to the utmost. Most significantly, you’ll find the gameplay on your mobile devices to be exceptionally satisfying.


Hungry Dragon’s compelling sounds bring about high levels of excitement and fun. Thanks to the authentic sound effects and melodious tunes, this game can be played for hours on end.


Hungry Dragon is a fun and engaging mobile application to play on your smartphones, especially if you’re seeking a casual game. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Zombie Tsunami, Dragon Hills 2, and a few other games on our website.

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