Hybrid Animals Mod Apk 200438 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperAbstract Software Inc.
Requires4.4 and Up
Size46 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Animals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But, if they’re able to mix, what do you suppose they’ll look like? Hybrid Animals will assist you in imagining the outcomes. It is a simulation video game in which you can combine two different sorts of creatures. 

Let’s get Hybrid Animals installed and start the exciting process.


Unique Graphics

Abstract Software Inc. has created and offered several games, including Hybrid Animals. It is a video game publisher based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, created in 2016. Hybrid Animals can be found on Google Play and the App Store and can be installed on Android and iOS-based mobile devices.

Hybrid Animals is also compatible with tablets such as the iPad. Furthermore, the game allows you to alter the visual quality, which includes light effects, particles, resolutions, fog, and view distance.

The day and night cycle adds to the game’s realism. Furthermore, the game’s sound is realistic; you can hear animal footsteps or the sound made when it attacks. Light background music will create a relaxing environment for you. However, if you don’t want to bother others, you can adjust the volume of the game.

Survive in the Vastness of the Universe

You can create a new planet in Hybrid Species, where you will be able to develop a variety of animals. You’ll pair two genders to make one, i.e. a male and a female. You can choose from up to 57 different animals in the game. The Russian whale, for example, is created by merging bear and dolphin. When you mix walrus with giraffe, though, you get the Blubber strider. The Hopping Squid is made up of a bunny and an octopus. 

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Furthermore, each hybrid animal will have its unique abilities. The Russian Whale, for example, will have the fireball ability. You can shoot a fireball at your opponent that deals 6 damage to the target. The Canadian Hooter, on the other hand, possesses the self-healing ability; you can use it to cure your wounds and gain 10 HP. 

The energy will progressively build over time. So don’t be concerned if you’re running low on it. You’ll be transported to a new world after you’ve developed new species. Numerous foods are available on this planet, from meat and fruits to processed foods like jam, moonberry juice, expando bread, mushroom stew, roasted nuts, etc. 

The jam will restore a lot of health. You’ll grow into a giant if you eat bread and Uranium raisins. You can also utilize your collected items to make weaponry, furniture, and even a house. They’ll keep you safe from different hazards. You can’t craft, unless you have some good weapons. You will have to pay in coins to get them. For instance, the price of a magma sword is 1500 gold coins. On the other hand, a titanium helmet may be purchased for only 500 cents. 

You can use your points to upgrade your animals. You can enhance your mining, health, attack, accuracy, crafting, power energy, and dodge. On the other hand, the publisher has created teleports so that you can effortlessly move from one location to another. 

Six Distinct Languages to Choose From

The publisher has included two play modes to keep the game interesting. Offline Mode is the first mode in which you can explore anything and fight various animals without having to connect to the Internet. The second mode is the Online Mode. You can play with other people in this mode. You can also invite your friends to play with you. Hybrid Animals also includes six different languages. Thai, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian, Portuguese, and English are the languages.

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They can assist gamers worldwide in better understanding the game’s missions. When you play Hybrid Animals, you can learn a lot of new words regarding animals in particular. If you wish to switch to a different language, go to the game’s settings and select the language you want to use.

Enjoy Creating New Animals

In Hybrid Creatures, you’ll discover many surprising things, thanks to a new and exciting subject — the crossbreeding of two animals. You’ll choose two creatures, and the game will morph them together to make a new hybrid. You can make millions of different hybrid monsters, which adds to the game’s excitement. 

In addition, you will explore and live in a wide, randomly generated area while combating hybrid monsters and constructing a community. Because of the factors mentioned above, Hybrid Animals has been able to draw over 10 million gamers worldwide. Let’s join Hybrid Animals and have a good time.

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