I Am Innocent Mod Apk 2.17.129 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

Additional Information

DeveloperGuts United
Requires5.0 and Up
Size32.62 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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I Am Innocent is a traditional detective game with a twist. Many gamers will be astonished by the game’s difficulty and mystery surrounding a horrible mass murder case. This game offers a unique gameplay experience by mimicking phone calls, messaging, computer hacking, photos, and real-life documents to explore a variety of heinous murders. The victims in the game are young children who are missing bars. 

I Am Innocent is a simulation game that will lure and attract you into a strange world. It’s up to you to solve these enigmatic crimes. The game features a variety of challenging riddles that will make the player feel like a true detective. Your goal is to figure out what happened to your sister by solving the scenarios in the game. Depending on your actions, the game will have a variety of endings. 

General Information

It’s a detective game available on Apple and Android devices. During the game, you’ll get a message from a stranger telling they’ve imprisoned him in a room. He’ll supply clues to help us find him via our messaging app over the chat. To reach its end, you’ll have to speak with several people to unravel this mystery. Because we will be bombarded with information, there is a chat called Diary Bot that allows us to avoid any blotches. 


You will take on the character of an ordinary individual. Depending on the rules and conditions outlined in the game, you will have access to everything from hacking the Internet to communicating with different individuals. According to the plot, this incident involves your sister, who has been missing for a few years, and you are eager to learn the truth. 

The game is developed by Guts United, who are known for popular detective games such as Who Is The Killer? and Who Is The Killer: Dark Room. I Am Innocent will introduce a new perspective to the classic detective games. There is a strong criminal aspect to the game, with spectacular imagery such as skeletons in closets, and situations involving moral dilemmas and several frames. 


  • A brutal and intricate serial murder case is being investigated.
  • Phone conversations, photos, papers, and computer hacks are all realistically recreated, creating a sense of anticipation and stress.
  • You can quickly interact without having to read complete long texts.
  • The players’ responses will have a direct impact on your relationship with the characters.
  • Depending on your response choices and relationships, several different endings are possible.
  • The action takes place in real-time and you can play for several days in a row.
  • However, to improve the gameplay experience and speed up the case, some in-game objects and tips may need to be purchased with real money.
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What Is the Best Way to Play the Modified Version?

The game’s producers have included some mandatory logical game dynamics to have a cash source. It will prompt us for passwords to access confidential files or money. As a result, we’ll have to play mini-games to eliminate a certain amount of bricks for each essential color to continue our investigation. If you want to bypass this section, you can pay fake dollars. 

You have five lives, which you need to use wisely to reach the end of the game. The heart will be recovered every half an hour and you will spin the Roulette Wheel to determine the game’s outcome. 



I Am Innocent is a completely new puzzle-oriented game with texting features. It’s an actual decryption game with a detective concept. The story begins with an average and serene day in the protagonist’s life. As portrayed by the player, the protagonist reacts to the mundane lives of those around him. After five years apart, Stella, your ex-girlfriend, will tell you about her dream from the night before. She tells about her fantastic job experience and even encourages you to join her at other people’s weddings, so she doesn’t end up in the position that her elders have urged her to be in.

Carl, an old buddy, will irritably rant to you about his divorced ex-wife refusing to allow him to visit his children. You are a compassionate and caring individual, and understand how to sustain relationships with people you know, value, and trust. According to the genius who imprisoned the stranger, your sister is linked to this matter. That’s the past you don’t want to recall because it’s painful. 

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Should You Repent or Go Through a Trial?

The notion of substitution is a crucial component in determining the quality of a word game. The game develops a sensation of substitution by attracting players on one hand through the suspense of the plot and, on the other hand, by developing genuine characters.

A Reality-Oriented Game

In a novel, a character can exist solely to provide information, and it closely relates to topics they often overlook. The audience is unconcerned about the subject and is uninterested in the interpersonal relationships between supporting characters and bystanders who are not the protagonists.

However, this is not the case in reality. Everybody has a life, and the protagonist is part of it. People close to you will gladly assist in pursuing the truth. They aren’t just random NPCs who are there to assist you, and they frequently inform you that it doesn’t appear to be connected to the story’s major plot. 

Sense of Realism in the Game

Carl, an old friend of yours, appears to be a grumpy old man. On the other hand, he places a high value on his friends and has unending compassion for his daughter. He appears to be enraged by various things at times, although his heart may not be full of poetry and distant fantasies. Your father is stern and healthy, and he is constantly trying to meddle in your life. But, in reality, he adores his children and has long felt responsible for his daughter’s disappearance. When he repented of the brutality of the past, the great man appeared so frail. And the father’s heart still sought the favorable response that is not to blame you at that moment.

What Is the Truth? What Exactly Is a Lie?

I Am Innocent also includes an elimination puzzle game in addition to the story mode. This elimination game replicates the player’s hacking behavior to obtain the required knowledge in a few steps. This type of game is solely intended to extend the gaming experience forcefully.

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Assume you’re learning from some commercial hacker simulation games, and you’re simulating hacking and other activities using (pseudo) code. You can’t just cut off the notion of substitution in such a scenario. Doing so will result in a slew of other issues, and it will at the very least make the game more serious, and a significant portion of the players will have to rely on a strategy.

Depending on the decisions and the relationship, the game will have several endings. Enjoy the game till the very end and help in solving the case.


I Am Innocent, unfortunately, is only available in English. It is simple for players, who have completed a few years of high school. We found the game extremely long-lasting; however, it is not without defects. 

When we press enter, the date will appear in the texts we send and the responses will be instantaneous. However, if we do not respond to someone for three hours, he will not mention our absence when we finally contact him. 

The transition between investigations and mini-games is occasionally enjoyable. However, when you cannot complete a level, your anxiety level increases. Thereon, you can feel the weight of the mini-games, especially when you’re in the middle of an investigation and engrossed in the tale.

However, it is worth downloading and checking out because it is not too large for phones (100 MB). Also, we think it’s a great idea to make a detective game based on communications.

Final Thoughts

I Am Innocent is an awesome game for smartphones. The story begins with a small girl’s past, guiding you step by step through this horrific time to uncover the truth hidden in the fragments. 

The game features a large cast of characters where everyone has their unique personality, skills, and untold stories. Develop a positive relationship with them and learn to understand them, and they will gladly assist you in overcoming obstacles. Download the game now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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