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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperNext Dimension Game Adventures Limited
Requires2.3 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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I Gladiator is a game set in the ancient Roman arena that puts you in the shoes of a gladiator named Rufus was persuaded by Mercury to re-enter the gladiator arena for blood and glory. The game’s entire set is based on ancient arenas. The environment, however, may alter depending on where you battle,.

You’ll be up against increasingly dangerous and aggressive opponents. You can use the Infinity Blade sword and numerous weapons to perform a variety of attack skills such as slash, kick, and slash by swiping and dragging on the screen. Although I Gladiator is repetitive, you will improve your offensive techniques by learning how to mix and apply talents effectively.

General Information

Story and Tournament are the two game modes in I Gladiator. To complete the missions in each section, you will be given different prerequisites. For example, you can earn skill points by defeating opponents with traps or completing missions without injuring anyone.

You can also arm yourself with a wide range of weaponry, from light to double swords. A spiked mace is a good choice if you favor lightweight or heavy-duty weaponry. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. When using a trap, first consider the time. It takes time to set up, and you won’t be able to utilize it. Secondly, it appears that the rate at which your weapons are destroyed has risen. 

Aside from the distinctive graphics and gameplay, I Gladiator also contains music and audio system that includes crowd noises, gossip whispers, the sound of the wind, and sand blended. 

How Do I Play

I Gladiator has been a popular action game in recent years. It was initially available on Facebook and iOS. To promote and create cross-platform games, the company has continued to develop a mobile version of Gladiator. The game has gained millions of downloads since its release.

Combo features will be available in the controller program. These features enable you to make typical movements. To win, you must navigate the muscular man around the arena, breaking down until you find an opponent. Once you’ve unlocked the functions, you’ll be able to enter the fight mode, which offer a variety of combinations and special moves. Professional visuals and photographs showing other real-world fights are included in the system.

Overall Evaluations


I Gladiator tells the story of Rufus, the most powerful gladiator in Greece. But, no matter how powerful he was, the king and the gods treated him like a toy. Rufus’s soul was given a chance to return to life after being stabbed in a battle by serving the god Mercury (Hermes). By returning to the summit of glory, he defeats Pluto (Hades). I Gladiator is a high-quality action game that will keep you entertained for hours. However, it does not overpower the game’s plot. The cut scenes are highly appealing, and you should watch them all.


I Gladiator was initially an iOS game that was transferred to PC. Players can maneuver with simulated analog sticks and attack by swiping their fingers over the screen in various directions. 

The game is not too difficult to play on the PC, and it’s even more enjoyable to watch on a big screen. With the keyboard, you can move, hold, dodge, and cycle (or analog with the handle). Remember to slash left-slash and use the mouse to mark the target.

Combos are considerably easier to perform, thanks to simple buttons. However, we believe the control mechanism is still lacking because customizing the buttons is impossible. The opponents come in all shapes and sizes, with different weapons and new attacks. After each level, you will only receive a small sum of money. In addition, purchasing virtual money (IAP) is no longer an option. It takes at least ten times as long to unlock all weapons. Lastly, the multiplayer mode is the game’s best feature, where you’ll be pitted against players from all across the world. 

Sound and Graphics

There is no novelty in the sound segment. With the colorful background music, the voices of people cheering, and the sharp weapons striking each other, catches the attention of the player. 

Alternatives to Consider

Gladiator Glory Is a Good Alternative.

Gladiator Glory is set during the Roman Empire. You will be a gladiator who must survive innumerable perilous conflicts and spectacular historical events. Hold your blade firmly in your hand and face the enemy’s gaze on the arena. The battle system in Gladiator Glory is simple, with four virtual keys moving in tandem along with two attack and defense keys. In addition, you can combine moves to build fight combinations that deal a lot of damage. To defend against the enemy’s storming attacks, you must know when to strike. Upgrade your weapons and armor to get more strength and resistance.

Final Thoughts

I Gladiator Mod Apk is a hands-on action game that offers various fighting skills. Even though it is impossible to eliminate issues such as difficulty in constructing traps, or the expense of in-app purchases, I Gladiator Mod Apk is still a game worth playing and can provide you with unforgettable memories.

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