Ice Age Village Mod Apk 3.6.0f for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Ice Age Village is a game based on the popular film Ice Age. Astonishingly, there is a strong connection between movies and video games. Despite not entirely sticking to the plot of the renowned film, this game is nonetheless appealing. In the game, there are stories told through photos and dialogues in cut scenes. Because of continental drift, prehistoric creatures’ habitats were destroyed. The mammoth Manny and the sloth Sid, the film’s two main characters, aim to establish a village to host near to extinct creatures.

Rewarded Efforts

Ice Age Village is similar to many other games in the genre. During the game, two essential missions will be assigned to you: gather resources and accumulate experience to unlock new tales; there are also some little jobs for you to complete. Many people, in particular, unlock chests and collect coins to buy items based on their village level. Simultaneously, other players can purchase them at any time.

Concerning the Animals

Animals help you earn money and experience in addition to providing food. They come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and personalities. You’ll need to create a complete set of the creature if you want to have it in your collection. Two fully grown adults and one young child make up a set, and each new animal child is worth the same as a parent. In other ways, having a new family can boost the village’s population. Even if they are mammals, all newborn animals unnaturally hatch from eggs. It takes a long time for these eggs to develop into a baby, anywhere from a few hours to a week to hatch.

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Some Exciting Aspects to the Game

Ice Age Village has done a fantastic job incorporating modern structures into the Stone Age. To collect coins, all you have to do is click once. Animals, unlike these objects, require you to touch them for coins to appear. Then you must either click on those pennies or wait for the coins to be collected automatically.


Trees and statues should be used to adorn the community, which will help raise the value of the animals that live in your village. However, you should arrange decorative objects appropriately to make room for dogs. Once the community has settled, adding these decorations to the hamlet is preferable. Then you’ll have an easier time deciding how to order these items.

World Moves Slowly

The user will be asked to enlarge the animals’ living area in this new version. Most importantly, Ice Age Village will inspire you to place the decorations carefully. If you want, the game will optimize the living space in the village. However, you only have a small living area when you first start the game and can buy a new ground once you have the money or the oak. The more it expands, the higher the land prices become. In addition, as the game progresses, the time available to open new zones also grow. This is also a drawback because your cash box will be overflowing, and you will be unable to spend on anything else.

Upgrade Game

A vexing issue in the game is the sensitivity to close inspection of objects. The player must wait a few seconds before taking action. Ironically, you sometimes want a larger image of an object, but the game does the opposite. The game could replace zooming items with a button that performs a similar function to eliminate this.

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Another flaw in the game is the connection between the Ice Age Village Company and social media accounts. The game’s creators are working on a solution, but for now, users should check-in using their username rather than their social network account.


Players will have the opportunity to learn more about the ancient world. They can embark on various missions with Sid, Manny, and Diego to the nearby ice islands, where they will uncover fantastic stuff.
Ice Age Village’s graphics are based on the film Ice Age and are very similar to the original, giving players the feeling of walking around in this world.

Interesting Missions

Sid and his companions will come into deer’s, bunnies and their parents while exploring the globe. However, these poor creatures have been apprehended and are unable to flee. However, you can save them by playing mini-games. For example, to save a creature, you must play a diamond ranking game and cause at least three hearts to fall to the bottom of the board. Players must join Sid in the blizzard and snow to save the newborn animals. The user can then move and slide left, right, up, and down, assisting Sid in avoiding obstacles.

You can also assist Sid in bringing the rescued animals back to the community so they can live. Players will be awarded money or food for every good deed they perform.

Numerous Gifts Available

Many fans remember and adore Scrat from the film Ice Age. Without his presence, the game would be uninteresting. The goal is to run as far as possible while eating as many items as possible to replenish. Players will compete against one another to see who can help Scrat travel the most distance. In addition, the player can return to the islands they have explored to play the rescue mini-game again.

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Colorful and Vibrant Background

Ice Age Village has a captivating plot. When the three central characters in the game, Sid, Manny, and Diego, are voiced like the characters in the movie, the game becomes much more entertaining. The game’s top-notch graphics are a feature that should be unoverlooked. Ice Age Adventures uses 3D graphics to create a realistic ice world. Furthermore, motion effects help the game’s characters to become lively and animated.


Ice Age Village Mod Apk is a fun game that you should try. The game differs from other old-school construction games in that it includes features like stroking ancient animals and introducing current structures to the Ice Age period. Download the game now and enjoy its unlocked features.

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