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Idle Police Tycoon, is a law-enforcement game in which you will be assisted in becoming a police officer. Idle Police Tycoon – Cops Game is the full name. In this game, you will be in charge of a small police station and tasked with catching criminals in the area. During the game, there will be plenty of surprises waiting for you to discover. 

Let’s play Idle Police Tycoon right now to learn more about it.


Vibrant Graphics and Sound

Idle Police Tycoon is developed by Codigames, a video game development studio specializing in iOS and Android mobile games. They provide users with long-lasting gaming experiences and develop different types of gaming genres. Idle Police Tycoon is free to download from Google Play and the App Store. It is a single-player game which can only be played online. 

The game entails 3D graphics, which includes the brilliant hue that offers a relaxing experience. In particular, the game’s time will alter from morning to night. The game sounds are also resounding; players will be able to hear police sirens, carโ€™s moving on the roads or people talking to each other. However, if you prefer silence, you can also turn off the sound in the settings.

Run the Police Station

Each game will allow you to take on the role of a different character. You’ll be a captain and will be stationed in a new police station. Your primary goal will be to apprehend the offenders and restore order to your neighborhood. To effectively manage a police station, you must first understand the essential characteristics. 

Citizens will come to your police station to register a report if they have been victims of a crime or have seen one. You’ll need to recruit some people to receive and process the information. A receptionist will assist you with the registration of citizens’ reports. Interns will carry the case files from reception to the other divisions. There are a variety of jobs where you’ll need to hire someone to assist you. 

Hire someone who is qualified. However, there is a problem that you must address; it is the pay scale. Your staff is paid on an hourly basis and you must have to fire some of them if the costs become too high. Furthermore, you must monitor the situation regularly and hire employees following the workflow and growth strategy. So, if you want to generate a lot of money, you should manage your staff wisely.

Furthermore, some elements are critical for employees to complete their tasks. For instance, a desk, a counter, lockers, a television, etc. As a result, before hiring, you must have furniture and equipment to provide them for smooth working. In addition, the game allows you to upgrade your furniture, to improve labor productivity and profitability of your police station. So, make your police station into a well-known place. 

Develop Your Police Station and Maintain the Safety of Your Community.

Invest your money and time effectively to keep your police station and staff well-equipped. You must keep an eye on the electricity supply and provide cutting-edge equipment to your agents. Also, provide armored vehicles to ensure the safety of your special forces. In addition, you must perform tasks to achieve the community’s desired security levels. Maintain social security while also making your police agency. Your reputation will improve as a result of this.

Idle Police Tycoon also lets the user expand the police station to other parts of the city. You can extend your city into four separate districts. Lake Azure, South Peak, North Peak, and Industrial are just a few places you can visit. Each area has its unique set of crimes and costs associated with increasing coverage. The stunning views of North Peak, for example, have drawn the wealthy and famous, as well as robbers. As a result, you’ll need a solid strategy to assure security throughout all districts. 

You can also create additional regions to make it easier to search for crimes. A crime lab is equipped with cutting-edge scientific technology to investigate even the smallest details. The Counterfeit Division will assist you in authenticating suspicious documents found in many records. However, you’ll need a lot of money to make it. So, before constructing any location, do your homework.

Become a Police Magnate

To make your police station successful, you will have to hire workers and provide them with furniture and cars to enable them to work. Idle Police Tycoon has drawn a large number of players from all around the world. Furthermore, to build your police station, you will need to manage your personnel effectively. In practice, this can help you enhance your managerial skills. Furthermore, different crimes will present a significant obstacle for you. To catch hold of criminals, you’ll need to devise several investigation plans.

Install Idle Police Tycoon today and play through the levels to become the best police chief in the world.

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