Idle Space MOD APK 1.9.3 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperColdFire Games GmbH
Requires4.4 and Up
Size87.10 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Idle Space is a shooting game that includes a missile system and various upgrade. Players will become excellent pilots trying to maintain the peace of the wide universe. The game features essential enhancements to the series of aerospace shooting games, including a one-touch attack control system, making it a highlight that draws players worldwide. Idle Space is a space-based action game where players must complete missions against hundreds of adversaries wielding powerful weaponry. 

General Information

Players will embark on a trip across space, chasing and shooting down monsters. Space warriors must be managed and rockets must be loaded. Your spaceship will become more powerful when traveling a particular distance and upgrading armaments with dark matter. In this fascinating action game, defeat the rising enemy forces.

Idle Space is also a reasonably basic game to play. To launch the rockets against the targets:

  1. Touch the screen.
  2. Collect powerful goods to boost your damage output and space travel speed.
  3. Fight against unique bosses to earn bonuses.

Hundreds of wings, cockpits, and jet engines are available to customize your spacecraft.

By playing this fantastic game, you will be able to freely explore the vastness of space, discover new planets, and gain additional energy to enhance your equipment. Many stages in the charming outer space and the power of technology are available in this game. To boost their income, players must collect as much energy as possible.

What Is the Best Way to Play Idle Space

Idle Space is a simulation game with a humorous and contemporary look. You can play as a space combat tycoon. The game’s functionality is simple. You can expand your enterprises into the vast universe, build a space station, investigate numerous rocket technologies, and develop more profitable projects by forming a high-tech space firm. 

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You’ll learn to fly like an expert, operate a strong fighter to perform numerous tasks assigned by superiors, and amass many resources and props. You will have an incredible shooting experience in this game as you keep killing monsters and dangerous bosses. Thanks to the simple controls and smooth visuals, you’ll be engrossed in the game for hours.


Idle Space is a shooting game set in space. It’s a thrilling space battle game where you command your space fleet and face the universe’s most formidable adversaries. The thrilling intergalactic battleground is ready for you to take control. To increase the power and damage of your space jets, combine them into a single unit. Then you should work on improving your space combat weapons. Finally, overcome tough adversaries to access new galaxies and stronger weaponry. The game’s combat effectiveness improves as the rarity increases. You can boost your output by improving your fighters. When you’re up against foes, you’ll be able to knock them down.

We can venture into more risky territories. Different warships and armaments can be unlocked, and the adversaries will be more numerous, making for an interesting conflict. The different light and shadow effects are stunning. Even more impressive are the visual effects. You’ll be able to acquire new warships and new armaments and equipment. 

Overall Evaluations

Players can choose from a variety of game modes. Offline players can also make money. Explore the vastness of space, become the most famous person in the universe, and improve the mining drones, upgradeable technologies, and machines’ abilities.

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Beautiful game graphics, easy themes, and passionate background music are all features of this game. To battle more powerful foes, you must match and merge space shuttles to improve your jets’ speed and power. Countless bosses await your challenge in Idle Space. To gain rich rewards and more powerful upgrades, try to defeat them.

After receiving valuable awards, you can spend them to enhance your aircraft. Build the most powerful space empire in the galaxy with your formidable air fighter, and fight for the empire’s glory. There are a lot of planes in this game, and each model has its own set of characteristics and can play a variety of roles.

Choose one of the several planes you believe is the best fit for you. Many game levels have been carefully crafted to allow you to push yourself and gain sufficient confidence constantly. Players have praised the game’s extensive and intriguing gameplay and rules. The image design is attractive, and the ultra-clear visual image will keep you engrossed for hours.

Final Thoughts

Idle Space Mod Apk is a simple on-the-go mobile game with a simplistic feel. The gameplay is straightforward; however, the entire process is full of features. All you have to do is publish tasks, upgrade technology, and create a robust model. The gameplay is excellent, and it is ideal for leisure time.

The game has a unique on-hook mode. Offline, you might gain a lot of benefits. The vastness of outer space serves as the backdrop for this science-fiction game, transporting you to a fascinating domain. Overall, the game includes simple and easy-to-understand operation procedures and a simple style that allows players to unwind and de-stress. Download the game now and enjoy.

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