Idle Wizard School MOD APK 1.9.6 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Hotel Empire Tycoon and Idle Shopping Mall belong to the same genre as Idle Wizard School. It is a new game that has received awesome feedback from gamers. 

Let’s talk about its features and gameplay. 


If you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan, Idle Wizard School will perfectly fit you. You’ll learn many new things at the wizard school, thanks to the idle and exciting gameplay.

The plot and gameplay of this game are based on several wizard-oriented stories created by the developer. You will change into a student and perform incredible feats. Use coins to expand and improve your witchcraft school. You will receive thorough instructions when playing Idle Wizard School, so you won’t have to worry. However, you should pay attention to the raw components in potion crafting to ensure that your travels go successfully.

The Legend of the Idle Wizard School

Idle Wizard School is a simple game with nothing particularly noteworthy to offer. Its gameplay is similar to that of other idle games. But what is it about this game that makes it so appealing?

For Harry Potter enthusiasts, becoming a student at a witch school may be a distant dream. And Idle Wizard School may be able to assist you in achieving your goal. It is one of the most important aspects contributing to the game’s popularity.

Although idle games have similar gameplay, you will become trapped in an infinite cycle of earning money. However, each player can change it in different ways. Idle Wizard School allows you to create schools from ground up. You begin by building a tiny dormitory and a train station that transports kids to and from school.

Your most essential responsibility is to improve the teaching quality in each classroom so that pupils are more interested in learning. Your school will grow in popularity as students learn better and faster. You’ll be able to unlock more areas of the building and make more money with the system. You can teach a variety of other subjects here.

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The gameplay of Idle Wizard School might be compared to a cycle. You must find ways to make money, consider financial investments, and expand your school. Students are represented in this game by small characters wearing pointed hats.

They rotate through classrooms as well as study, until the class is over. When the teacher is present, the classroom’s redundant students will get bored. They have two options: either wait for their turn or go to a different classroom.

You also have to take care of your dorm. A dormitory has specific number of rooms at a single time, and you must explicitly define the dormitory’s size. On the other hand, the dormitory has the highest level of upgrading. You must increase the length and speed of your student train to be able to attend classes regularly. Each train will arrive with five compartments in 15 seconds. Every minute, 80 new students will enter the school.


Upgrade and Train Excellent Wizards

You have the option to upgrade three major features:

Demonstrate the quality of your school’s teaching at the class level. If the grade level is higher, students will pay extra.

You can only employ a maximum of 5 teachers per class. If you have a large number of teachers, they will assist you in reducing the number of pupils waiting to see you. It also means that with each passing minute, you earn more money.

The teacher’s salary reflects the rate at which they work. You will have to pay and enhance their fictitious wage with a 5% rise. Students will have less work time if you pay them a large sum. It will enable you to quickly recruit new students in one class hour, increasing revenue.

If you wish to check the present condition, the system will display a window with useful data. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Current grade level 
  • How much money does the class make per minute?
  • How much will each lesson cost the participants?
  • The quantity of teachers and the number of classes. 
  • The number of pupils waiting in line 
  • The system will naturally surprise you (levels 25, 50, 100, etc.)
  • The producers used Harry Potter-oriented classes
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This class uses the Quidditch playground. Students can ride a variety of flying items in addition to broomsticks. Students can even travel past a little cloud, similar to the one shown in “Dragon Ball.” Click the arrows at the bottom to switch layers without using the map. It won’t be as difficult as navigating the map. 

If you wish to upgrade this class, you usually don’t have to go to where the classroom is marked on the map. All you have to do is select a layer at random. The system will display a window, and you will use the arrow to navigate to the desired page.

Accept Higher Returns on Investment

Idle games have a unique aspect in which you must actively invest to benefit. After a specific period, the system will prompt you to restart. However, you will not have to start from zero to grow the school; however, you may have to spend all your money at this point.

But you’ll make a lot of money every time you produce anything new. You can create and accumulate what you’ve lost from there. To advance to higher levels, you’ll need a lot of cash, and you won’t be able to use them until you have these qualities. If you don’t establish other schools, you could be as old as Dumbledore when you unlock the last grade. 

There are various ways to increase your cash balance:

  • Increase your profits by renovating your buildings.
  • You can still get coins even if you don’t play the game.
  • Unlocking several classes, renovating the dorms, and achieving more characters will help you attract more students to school.
  • Many witchcraft and potion-making classes are available for students to take.
  • Finish the quests. 
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Some Pointers to Assist You 

Regularly Pay Attention to the Stores to Increase Your Earnings

There will be four separate stores on the right side of the bedroom. These shops are frequently profitable for you. Don’t forget to collect these regularly. 

Complete the Tasks 

Several assignments will be assigned to you in the game. Completing each of those tasks is the primary goal of the players. You’ll understand what you need to accomplish, and you’ll be able to upgrade to a structure that looks like this. Once you’ve accomplished the task, you’ll be rewarded with a sum corresponding to the difficulty level.

It’s crucial to remember that the most important thing is concentrating on the task at hand. Pay attention to any quests that require you to upgrade one of your classes to a higher level. For instance, your task may require you to reach a specific quantity of kids at a specific time. By purchasing new material and upgrading all classes for maximum profit, you will be able to play for free.

Mysterion – The Dragon Is Not to Be Overlooked.

Before approaching the primary school grounds immediately above the dorms, you will find a golden dragon waiting on the podium. Mysterion is the name of the dragon, and it will frequently make acceptable offers to you. To make a lot of money, you only need to follow a few easy steps; the most common is watching video advertising.

Although making your decision will take time, you will only need to watch the advertisement for ten seconds. Then you will be showered with wonderful gifts. 

Last Thoughts

Idle Wizard School Mod Apk is a basic game that is incredibly appealing to players. This game will pique the curiosity of everyone who enjoys the Harry Potter series, and you will have the sensation of being in a fantastic realm. So, download the game now and enjoy.

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