Free Igun Pro 2 Mod Apk 2.101 for Android Users (Unlocked All Weapon)

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DeveloperCrimson Moon Entertainment LLC
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MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Weapon
Updated2 Days Ago
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iGun 2 Pro is a truly deserving successor of the iGun Pro series. The original iGun Pro has been around for eight years, and it’s still going strong as a mobile game.

If you’ve already downloaded the game but don’t want to use your card on the weekly/monthly subscription to receive the weapons you want, this game can help immensely. 

This review will provide you with an in-depth look at the latest version of the series, allowing you to judge whether or not it is worth downloading.


iGun 2 Pro is the next version of one of the most popular virtual guns training games. Because it was designed based on the main qualities of iGun Pro, we can say it possesses the same aura and attraction that the previous versions possessed. However, various new gaming elements have been incorporated to satisfy consumers.

iGun 2 Pro, like its predecessor, is a mobile FPS (first-person shooter) game. Most of your time will be spent creating guns, loading them, and firing them at aimed targets. Your physical shooting skill and weapon stats will decide your level in this type of game.

You must gather guns to build and enhance current arsenals while on missions. You can also access a growing weaponry library, including grenade launchers, and get crates to utilize them to unlock rewards. 

It’s a great mobile alternative to some of the world’s renowned FPS titles, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Battlefront.


This section will look at some of the key elements that set this game apart from previous versions in the series. 

Smooth Performance 

The first version, according to several ex-users, had latency issues. However, the performance of the second version is superior. Despite the artists’ dynamic graphics and brilliant color tone, the publisher did an excellent job enhancing the game’s overall speed. Many players claimed that lag was rarely an issue in iGun 2 Pro. Everything works well, offering smooth gameplay for extended periods. 

More Customizing Options 

This game’s configurable features are unquestionably excellent, and many players adore them. 

After you’ve added attachments, create camouflage patterns and modified weaponry, and voila! You’re ready to enter the design competitions. Once you’ve completed a design, you can turn it into a sticker and quickly share it on social media or through text messaging.

The process of designing comes with changeable colors and patterns and competing against other gamers from across the world. Gems, upgrading new weaponry, and fame are some of the benefits you receive. If you win, your design will be displayed on the game’s home screen.

Frequently Updated

You’ll get fresh material virtually every week with iGun 2 Pro. New firearms are added regularly with new attachments, sights, stocks, and even minor player options. This shows that the developers genuinely care about their consumers and ensure a fantastic and addictive experience.

Highly Realistic Simulation

 iGun 2 Pro features an extensive range of firearms, including rifles, pistols, handguns, machine guns, revolvers, and the addition of revolvers and rocket launchers. The realistic loading and firing sounds, high-quality images, and brilliant color closely resemble genuine firearms, contributing to a realistic in-game experience for users. 


There are a few flaws with this sequel which are given below.

Purchasing Things

Unlike the first game, which allowed you to collect coins and purchase guns individually or in packs, this sequel does not permit this action. It’s inconvenient if you only need one or two specific objects and don’t require all attachments. We aim to sell each weapon alone rather than as a package. 

Sound Variety 

If you’re addicted to the sound effects in games, the iGun 2 Pro can disappoint you. All suppressors make the same noise, along with the charging weapons. Don’t you think it’s a little boring?

However, this isn’t a major concern, provided you ignore the sounds of game characters or weapons. Many individuals play games with the sound turned off or at low volume.

No Offline Mode

iGun 2 Pro is an online game that does not allow players to play offline. Many users have expressed their desire to continue customizing and shooting firearms whenever they choose.


After a long wait, Crimson Moon Entertainment has finally released the iGun 2 Pro. It drew a lot of attention from gun aficionados, especially fans of the original iGun Pro edition.

To summarise, the iGun Pro series is one of the most realistic firearm simulators ever used. Both the original and sequels are worthwhile downloads. While the original had a long-standing reputation, the sequel included a slew of enhancements and corrections.

If you have any further questions, please leave a remark below for assistance. We thank you and wish you an unstoppable convenient experience.

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