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Jungle Heat is an action-strategy game which includes gunfights, battles and artillery. Gamers are all praise for this game as it’s user-friendly and fun to play. In the game, you must plan your base construction, upgrade structures and battle forces, create a perfect defensive strategy, and employ plans. The game’s operating system is simple but entertaining, along with the battles and gameplay.

There is also a multiplayer mode in the game. You can attack randomly or with specific opponents while playing with other players. Players can also find out who attacked their fortress and launch a counter-offensive. Try your hardest to reach the top of your friends list and become an invincible hero with competitive scorecards and tournaments. Active gamers will find substantial rewards waiting to be discovered.

General Information

A multi-platform mobile game, Jungle Heat is one of 2015’s best entertainment experiences. The game has over 23 million plays, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The game introduces a wild world of heroes, muscular warriors, and many flaming guns battles under the genre of combined fighting.

Players will gather resources, establish bases, and train troops, just like other games of this genre. Both clan war modes are included in the game, which promises to be appealing and attractive. Jungle Heat is similar to Clash of Clans in terms of gameplay. However, it is more focused on heroes. The game includes well-known characters like Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and Rambo, but under alternative names to avoid copyright difficulties.
The game enjoys scenic verdant landscapes as well as survival battles where players can search for oil and gold ores. They are fighting to survive the ruling forces’ ruthless actions; General Blood is your main adversary in the game.

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Your sole mission is to reclaim the valuable resource from the hands of ruthless and selfish loggers and keep it safe in your inventory. Gamers must create and reinforce their army to combat the sassy band of bandits. You also need to reinforce the fortifications and prepare an elite army of warriors for real-world invasions.
Gamers will also see magnificent tropical woods when playing Jungle Heat. Your job is to encourage the military force, build robust, trustworthy walls, and train your elite army of warriors to launch attacks.
The defensive aspect of this game is also quite crucial, where you must strive to attack their bases to save treasures and gold.
Players in Jungle Heat have access to a wide range of modern weapons, army units, an extensive map system, and unique territory divisions for each participant. The scorecard tools are integrated within the game which makes it easy for you to play.

Jungle Heat enables players to engage in intense combat while commanding the most effective military units. The game takes you to a lush tropical forest with plenty of fresh air, where you can find plenty of pearls and treasures.

During the game, you need to reclaim that valuable resources from the ruthless and selfish loggers. Furthermore, this loot should be carefully stored in your inventory. The enemy and massive force can strike hard and quickly, and it forces you to be awake at all times, maintaining a high level of attention. Focus on constructing a strong fortress system and engage in combat with other players to win loots and other valuables.

The game bears numerous resemblances to well-known titles like Clash of Clans, Backyard Monsters, and Edge world. The gameplay is a fantastic blend of strategy and city building. You can use the accomplishment system to track your progress. Jungle Heat players can use diamonds to speed up the construction process. Additionally, you must time the finished works to construct other projects. Engaging the enemy is a way for players to obtain more experience points and control unexplored regions. So, before assaulting, the player can examine the map’s base and layout.

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When you’re prepared to assault, find the opponent that needs to be eliminated, or if you’re leading a unit, find the closest hostile structure. Aside from ramparts, gamers must also focus on assembling a mighty army of the same variety, including over ten different types of units like spies, riflemen, nurses, and Rambo. Each unit has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Distinctive Gameplay

The game transforms the jungle into a battleground. As you can see in the screenshots below, it’s a game similar to Clash of Clans, in which you must build an army and go to war. Unlike Clash of Clans, we have a green jungle to combat for treasures and control. To construct our army and improve our base, we’ll need to collect minerals and elements from our surroundings. Oil, precious stones, and gold will be the primary resources.

The addition of heroes is one of the aspects of the game that makes it enjoyable. Because the game is multi-platform, we can compete with players from iOS, Android, and Facebook. There are also several game modes to choose from, including campaign, tournaments, etc.
Jungle Heat has an extensive map system that splits each player’s region. Players can establish various basic building systems, including resources, troops, and defense. You must participate in PvE combat with other teams.


You can compete against other players in tournaments. These tournaments are five days long, with 9:00 a.m. (CET) deadline in the winters and 10:00 a.m. (CET) in the summers. When a tournament is over, it is replaced with a new one. There are two types of tournaments in the game; single tournaments and clan tournaments.

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After achieving a rating of 500 points in the single tournament, you can participate in the other one. There are 100 players in a group with roughly the same number of points. In the end, the one with the highest number of evaluation scores wins. Diamonds are then awarded to the first three places. The number of diamonds you receive is determined by the rating class in which you start from.

Once the total ranking reaches 5000 points, the group is directly entered into a clan tournament. There are 20 clans with similar totals; these tournaments extend to five days. Along with the rating points and medals, each player receives a clan for combat. You have to defeat it to claim prizes.


Aside from a general performance boost and a significant bug correction, the developer has added a feature that players have requested: cross-platform progress synchronization. Jungle Heat is available on a variety of platforms. It’s available on Android, iOS, and even Facebook.


Fight alongside your team against General Blood, lead various campaigns, and collect stars as you progress. You can obtain combat experience and resources by fighting in the game and proceeding via a woodland retribution campaign. In addition, monuments can be obtained during dramatic PvP battles. Ascend the ranks, erect monuments in the factory, and receive various appealing skill packs, including diamonds and resources.

The graphics and music effects in Jungle Heat Mod Apk are incredible, with clear images and videos. The sound and background music also play an essential role in enhancing the game’s drama and liveliness. Download the game and enjoy its features.

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