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King of Thieves, like its predecessor, cut the rope, offers pleasant aesthetics and bright colors. The player’s goal is to break into and steal gold and silver from over 80 dungeons across the realms or from friends. ZeptoLab, the game’s publisher, has launched a large new update for King of Thieves to commemorate the game’s ten-millionth download. Players can now participate in team combat with this new version (Guild Battle). Two teams with identical traits will battle to discover who can obtain more gems in less time. Gold coins will then be awarded to the winning team.

General Information

The game maintains a traditional style that is easy to play and understand, but as the levels move on, the challenge gets tougher. King of Thieves transforms the player into a burglar tasked with collecting gold and gems from other players to fund the dungeon’s construction. Players can combine jewels to create a more valuable treasure, but they must also devise traps to keep other players from plundering them. ZeptoLab has done an excellent job merging casual and multiplayer genres in King of Thieves to compete with friends and other players.

The gameplay in King of Thieves is also simple; the game will feature a variety of levels that correspond to various dungeons. Traps, guillotines, cannons, and enormous creatures are ready to devour the small thief so you must manage to run, fly, jump, and stick to the wall to tackle them. On the other hand, you’ll have to guard your treasure against other crooks. You can freely set low to high-level traps in the game, but there is a limit, so you won’t be able to cover the entire room with them.


The plot of King of Thieves is simple: you will play as a thief tasked with stealing jewelry, cash and other valuables, hence achieving the title of a famous “super thief.”
The game is similar to Clash of Clans in terms of tower defense, in that the player must fortify his lair against the enemy’s attack. Every time you steal the loot, you will be graded from 1 to 3 stars, with the matching bonus amount is based on the degree of death. To prevent the player from placing traps in dangerous locations, the game requires you to overcome the dangers two times before using them. As a result, there will be no traps for you or other players in King of Thieves.


King of Thieves offers a unique plot. To get wealthy, you must break into your neighbors’ homes and steal their belongings. Also, you must overcome the traps they have put up to achieve your nefarious ambitions and don’t forget to safeguard your belongings. You’ll accept the role of a thief with a variety of tricks and special abilities. Your goal is to break into the treasure room and grab expensive goods that have been hidden from other players. Other players, of course, will not easily allow you to take their belongings; alternatively, they will set up traps to prevent you from doing so.


System of Operation

King of Thieves features a one-touch control system that is easy to control. Your character will travel automatically, and each time you touch the screen, your character will jump high. Moving cogs, guards, and other obstacles will obstruct your path to the neighbor’s riches. Players must manipulate with precision; making a single mistake will cause the character’s death.


Players can visit the lively system, which has roughly 80 levels of games to discover. Each game screen will be secured by several locks; these locks can be opened when the player activates the appropriate primary lock.


For graphics, King of Thieves has the same gorgeous flair as its predecessors. The images in the game are animated in a colorful, eye-catching and easy-to-see manner. With rapid and attractive background music, the game sound creates a joyful mood for players.

Overall Assessment


King of Thieves reminds players of games like N+ or Super Meat Boy, which include adventurous themes and feature highly skilled super thieves when it comes to the platform. You have to move and control the flying character. The game screen is quite small, with a lot of tangles. As a result, you will be ecstatic every time you master the flying maneuvers. You can enhance the trap system or modify the base to hold more money after many jumping.

Establish new bases, and form guilds if there are top gems in the Wooden League, the game contains a gem craft system. As a game that favors PvP with a large player base, King of Thieves necessitates a network connection to unleash thievery in the game. Aside from the major levels, you can visit any player’s base or seek vengeance on someone who has assaulted your lair. Players can “die” as many times as they desire. This keeps the game flowing.


Aside from the positive aspects listed above, King of Thieves’ unlocking method (picklock) is notably constrained, which leaves players frustrated. The game does, in fact, only give you 11 keys. If you only want to play one level, you must select the correct center lock from three to four options, and there are numerous levels up to greater numbers. It subtly transforms the game into a game of chance by obliterating the capacity of super thieves to picklock.

Furthermore, because the number of keys are limited, you may have to cease after only a few minutes of playing because you will run out of keys. You don’t have a choice but to watch a commercial movie, wait four minutes for one critical key, or spend money on more keys.

Jetpack Joyride Is a Good Alternative

Jetpack Joyride, developed by Half Brick, is an adventure game in which a player moves around, trying to save himself from obstacles and fire. Although it has been around for a while, the popularity of this mobile game continues to grow. It reflects that Jetpack Joyride has continuously ranked high on the game charts for a long period.

Engaging Gameplay

You’ll transform into Barry and set off on your quest with a high-tech machine gun-jet system strapped to your back. The interesting part is that your bullets will be bounced down from your jet engine; thus, you won’t destroy the adversary with your normal guided shots. As a result, the only approach to help you deal with threats elegantly will be to fly high. There will be a lot of obstacles, so stay a safe distance to be able to do the best dodges.

Incredible Controls

Half brick’s control method is simple, with only a few clicks and drops to assist Barry in flying in and out. There will also be a plethora of products and accessories available to you, all of which will be advantageous. Personalization, weaponry, and the death threat system that appears in the game are all features that make Jetpack Joyride stand out.

Additional Purchases

Another point worth noticing is the game’s purchased item system. The full exploitation of money through advertising, like other free games, is not unusual. Jetpack Joyride is no exception, with Half Brick taking full use of the fact that more than 80% of the support items can be purchased by viewing advertising. Concentrating a little time to have a chance to revive or gather details, on the other hand, are completely reasonable and even advantageous for gamers.


ZeptoLab, the company behind hit puzzles like Cut the Rope and Pudding Monsters, has introduced a new mega product called King of Thieves. The game is designed with action and character control in mind, with a one-touch operation that couldn’t be easier. The one-touch control system in King of Thieves Mod Apk is quite simple. Your character will travel automatically, and each time you touch the screen once, your character will jump. Since 2015, King of Thieves has been available on both Android and iOS operating systems as a unique intellectual game. In general, the King of Thieves is ideal for gamers who want to stretch their imagination and knowledge.

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