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What is the first game you ever played where you had to travel a long distance? There was a flash game in which a wild man kills a penguin jumping down a cliff in the snow with a wooden stick. The game’s goal is to hit the penguin as far as possible. However, it is a little too aggressive in terms of the theme and the impression of the visual performance. Learn 2 Fly is the name of the game I played today. It incorporates distance, but it is not the same as the preceding one.

Learn 2 Fly is a popular PC game created by Thumbstar Games Limited and Fishing Cactus working together. In 2016, the game was made available on iOS and Android platforms. This flash game phenomenon has a global following of more than 50 million players. The graphics of Learn 2 Fly are distinctive, and the gameplay is enjoyable.

Not only that, but Learn 2 Fly has earned the amusing moniker, Office Sabotage, since many employees are addicted to video games, causing their productivity to suffer. Because of these factors, Learn 2 Fly is being adapted to the mobile platform to achieve the same level of success, if not greater.

General Information

Learn 2 Fly is a lighthearted sketch based on the same Flash game we discussed. The player takes on the role of a penguin, who wants to fly high in the air. For this purpose, you plan to build a flying contraption out of various props. The plane is made with different materials, such as kites, sheets, and boards. The distance that the small penguin can fly is determined by the materials available to construct the airplane.

In Learn 2 Fly, you take on the role of a determined penguin eager to see the world. However, because the Arctic is freezing all year, he cannot rush to the vast sea to reach undiscovered regions. Huge floating ice cubes are frequently used to freeze water. During the game, the penguin take off from a spot to reach the ocean, right on an ice cap. If the penguin gets in the water, the game is over. The game mode is more challenging because the sky presents more obstacles, hence, impeding your flight, such as the amusing mammoth, wrappers, etc.

Learn 2 Fly is a game with excellent graphics and playability. To win money, players must aim to fly as far and as high as possible. Over 60 pieces of ancillary equipment, such as gliders, fuel, rockets, and launchers, will be upgraded using cash. Furthermore, gamers can compete with their friends to see who can fly higher and farther.

How to Play 

There will be an extended loading screen when you initially start the game. A dumb penguin with a jetpack is flying forward, and at a distance, it loads a snowman and a mammoth on a unicycle. All indications are centered on the flight, with this penguin as the protagonist.

First, let’s have a look at how the game is played. A penguin pushes a peculiar object that looks like a skateboard during the start of the game. The gamer is instructed to tap the screen. A metering slot and a finger on the right are located in the middle of the screen. If you keep clicking, the metering slot in the center will gradually enlarge. You can click till the penguin reaches the right-hand cliff; the rate at which you click controls how much the metering slot grows.

You’ll notice the penguin approaching the cliff at a quick pace. It pulls the sandbag down the cliff, causing it to slide. Alternatively, the penguin soars to great heights. During the flight, you can also obtain gold coins. The original right-hand speed progressively decreases to zero, while the vertical downward speed grows steadily. The penguin finally falls to the ground.

There will be specific data related to distance, maximum speed, altitude, flight time, and so on. Five objects, ranging from the propellers that aid flying to the aircraft’s main body, can be donned after entering the primary panel on the right side of the screen. Lastly, players have up to five records that can be easily broken in each game round.  

The basic concept of this game is to earn gold coins to unlock different things, which can then be used to improve your outcomes. Like level selection, the channelion increases the player’s flying distance and unlocks more stores. You can only push the sandbag down firmly at first, press the spring accelerator before takeoff, and finally posture control when the kite is installed. Finally, activate the booster rocket by pressing the fuel injection button.

The game aims to progress from simple to complex, gradually increasing the number of parts that the player can control. Then use the virtuous circle to maintain the player, making it simple for everyone to play.

Alternatives to Consider

Jetpack Thrills

This game was developed by Halfbrick1the famous Ninja Fruit series developer. Even though it was released a long time ago, the popularity of this mobile game continues to grow. Jetpack Joyride has occupied a significant position in the game charts for a long time. Halfbrick has designed Jetpack Joyride with identical details and a tale similar to previous Rumbo games, which is why the game is called Rumbo 4.0.

You’ll morph into Barry and begin your quest with a high-tech machine gun-jet system strapped to your back. In this game, you need to deal with threats by flying high in the sky. There will be a lot of obstacles to avoid, so keep a safe distance to accomplish the best scores. Halfbrick’s control scheme is simple, relying on click and drop to assist Barry. There will also be a plethora of products and accessories available, all of which will provide you with valuable benefits. The endless customization, strength of weapons, and the threat system that emerges in the game is what makes Jetpack Joyride so unique.

Jetpack Joyride provides all of these perks in a way that balances them out, luring the player into never-ending yet never-boring adventures. Another point worth noticing is the game’s purchased item system. The full exploitation of money through advertising, like other free games, is not unusual, and Jetpack Joyride isn’t any different.

Chicken With a Jetpack

Jetpack Chicken is a game for those who enjoy moving about and discovering new areas by flying high and jumping higher. The game’s gameplay is basic but addictive, and it necessitates a few motor abilities, the most crucial of which is tenacity. The game’s objective is to make your character jump as far as possible to earn as much money as feasible.

Jetpack Chicken is set up as an Olympic long jump competition by the creator. Your chicken is wearing a Jetpack on his back. You have three chances to touch the screen at the proper time to get the maximum distance when the game begins.

It’s critical to increase the impact time as soon as the chicken’s feet strike the ground, primarily to achieve maximum strength and distance. Jetpack Chicken gives players the ability to utilize fuel in their jetpack at any time, but they must do it carefully because it can run out of quantity, forcing it to plummet. Coins are used to upgrade your game, such as leap upgrades and increased fuel capacity. Furthermore, when you pause the game, your offline income can increase.


Learn 2 Fly Mod Apk is a fun casual game for Android. Many people want to know how to play it. In the game, the player takes on the role of a penguin with a desire to fly and reach ice-tops, covering specific lengths with its projectile movements. Download it now and enjoy the game for free.

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