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Enjoy yourself entirely engrossed in the intriguing gameplay on Lifeline, where you can play a key role in the storylines. Discover this captivating game that will immerse you in the scenarios and make you sympathize with the characters.

Explore a unique gaming experience on your mobile devices while immersing yourself in intriguing stories about a missing astronaut’s survival journey. Assist him in making important decisions and converse with him to lift his spirits.

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The game introduces unusual and intriguing gameplay in which you are approached by a stranger who is lost on an unknown moon. He is the only survivor after his spaceship crashes. Through your chats with him, you can assist him in his fight for survival.

Assist him in making critical decisions to have a better chance of surviving the challenging environment. As you try to chat to Taylor to calm his spirit, give him courage and motivation, and offer wise advice. 

The complete playtime of Lifeline spans for some days, where you can follow Taylor’s development and conditions via the texts sent to your devices regularly. To maximize his chances of survival, respond to him as soon as possible. 

The messages appear alongside your phone’s notifications. As a result, you can look at them whenever you like. You’ll find the game quite engaging because there are numerous pathways you can take depending on your decisions and the narrative stories.


Here are all of the outstanding features available in the game right now.

A Fun Game to Play At Any Time of the Day 

Android gamers appreciate the game’s simple and intuitive gameplay. You can have a go at it whenever you have spare time are in the mood for some fun. 

High Number of Messages From Taylor

As soon as the game commences, you start receiving messages from Taylor, who introduces himself and describes his current circumstances. Assist him by providing appropriate answers based on the options provided. You can either enjoy the action altogether by answering questions, or you can enjoy a more immersive gaming experience by following Taylor’s stories in real-time.

Receive messages from Taylor now and then. However, the responses will vary, depending on your suggestions and Taylor’s current condition. You can either relax and do whatever you want while waiting for his signals, or you can get caught up in difficult situations where you must respond quickly.

As the stories move on, you find yourself becoming more intrigued by them. You tend to develop feelings for the fictional character as if you’ve known him for a long time.

Stories From the Main Character 

The game focuses on delivering stories about the main character. Here, players experience a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience in which they assist Taylor in retracing his steps. With our main character, you’ll experience how engaging it can be, and you will eventually be engaged in the game for hours. 

You’ll Be Able to Choose From Various Career Choices

With a gripping tale and several pathways to choose from, you can take your own direction in the story and move ahead with it. You also have the option of being aggressive or conservative, attacking or hiding; the decision and repercussions are yours to bear. 

Switch Back and Forth Between Different Decisions to See What Happens

You’ll be able to return to the past after you’ve made your choices and completed the game. In addition, you can choose another path to view a different ending.

Enjoy the Game Whether or Not You Have Access to the Internet

This game appeals to users who spend a lot of time away from home because it can be played with or without the Internet. 

No In-Game Purchases Are Required to Enjoy the Ad-Free Experience

Gamers in Lifeline can also enjoy ad-free experiences and no in-game purchases in addition to the addictive gameplay. As a result, the stories become even more engaging and captivating.

With Our Mod, You’ll Be Able to Play the Game Without Any Interruptions

The game is presently available as a paid download option on the Google Play Store. However, those who want to play with unlocked features can use our mod. You’ll need to download and install the Lifeline Apk on your devices. After you’ve followed our directions to install the game successfully, you can begin playing it for free.

Sound and Video Quality


Lifeline is a simple text-based game, so there’s not much to say about its graphics. However, the overall visual experiences are highly pleasing with well-organized in-game materials and components.


In terms of sound, the game has a variety of exciting and enjoyable soundtracks that keeps you immersed. It’s as though they’re attempting to tell the story through beautiful musical compositions.

Download the Most Recent Version of Lifeline Mod for Android, Version 2.1.1.

Lifeline is one of the best casual games to have if you’re seeking a simple game to play on your mobile devices.

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