Lovestruck Choose Your Romance MOD APK 9.6 for Android Users (Unlimited Tickets)

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DeveloperVoltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
Requires4.1 and Up
Size46.05 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Tickets
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This new game is a single-player visual novel and life simulation game that can be played on various mobile devices, and it’ll hook you with its free romantic stories. It appears to be a film that fascinates viewers who want to satisfy their hidden fantasies, thanks to various fascinating nuances. Players can select their favorite love stories, and each article will educate you further. So read them all the way through without skipping a beat!

If you want to learn more about this Lovestruck version with complete freedom, continue reading below:

General Information

It was developed by Voltage Entertainment, USA, and has undergone numerous interactions since the highly praised 7.7 edition publication. It’s now under the Simulation category, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

As previously stated, gamers will star in their ideal stories and settings in this interactive game. It is based on the romance genre and offers a variety of romance stories. Furthermore, such dedicated artists have created a cast of over seventy distinct characters for this game, providing gamers with a diverse range of alternatives. After you’ve chosen a suitable plot, you can begin the romance story between your character and the person with whom you want to fall in love.

Captivating Backstory

It’s the intriguing stories that transport players to various emotions and allow them to express various secret thoughts. The game is fairly appealing and familiar, with various distinct situations that players must deal with. Furthermore, typical social connections and circumstances are frequently difficult in other games of the same genre. On the other hand, this game allows you to choose how your love will unfold in a unique setting. Each character has a range of abilities to make situations more challenging and to influence the chronology according to the player’s mood.

The Best Series Currently Available

There are many series in Lovestruck Choose Your Romance, but here are a few of the more popular ones right now.

Haven Fall Is a Destination for Lovers

Werewolves, demons, and vampires are part of this intriguing and mysterious plot. Thanks to the amazing ingredients, players will progress while pairing with a supernatural soul mate. Isn’t there anything greater than a love story with such characters?

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Love Is Wicked and Lawless

Have you ever imagined love blossoming in one of the world’s most perilous environments? This fairy tale will transport you to the tragic love story of outlaws fighting horrible ghouls and monsters.

Passions Reigning

Who am I, exactly? What is my actual situation? A princess or a barmaid? Who among those in my immediate vicinity is my intended lover? To find out the answers to such questions, embark on a quest to explore dazzling events and learn everything yourself.

Queen of Thieves

The romantic story of a hungry artist in a robbery by one of the world’s most renowned thieves may be seen here, as well as the wonderfully painted gold poppies.

Tales From the Unknown

In this scenario, every animal shape shifter is a human who can transform into a different creature. This ability has both perks and disadvantages. Be brave enough to face all obstacles on your quest to locate your real soul mate among those shape shifters right now.

Enchantments of Sweetness

If you enjoy magical stories, don’t miss out on this one. It’s here that you’ll find a beautiful coffee shop with delectable sweets.

Legends & Love

Don’t miss out on this romance set if you wish to start a romantic story with heroes. Destiny will transport you from everyday life to a world of swords and magic.

Promise of a Starship

Have you ever fantasized about falling in love on a massive spaceship? This one-of-a-kind space romantic game will make your dream a reality. You can also explore the galaxy.

In Love With Gangsters

What if the hottest and most notorious Los Angeles gang tried to kidnap your heart? This set is for you if you want to experience the sensation of working with gangsters.

Tonight’s Speakeasy

Why don’t you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a seductive but dangerous nightclub, complete with scorching jazz music, illegal drinks, and a steamy romance?

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Fate’s Kiss in Astoria

How can a kiss alter the course of the universe? You’ll discover the solution in love stories featuring any Greek mythology character you like. Prepare yourself and pucker your lips.

Lost Kisses in Astoria

After you’ve finished watching the first season of Astoria, don’t miss this sequel! It comes with a fresh avatar and familiar personalities to help you rediscover the romance. Give it a go!

Nights of Villains

This storyline demonstrates the power of love even in the darkest of nights or in the most difficult of circumstances. You can choose your partner from a list of powerful super-villains and discover a new definition of love.

Castaway! The Adventures of Love

What if you’re on a cruise and get separated from the group and end up stranded on an island? It sounds terrifying! However, thanks to the appearance of five sexy males, you will not be alone. Let’s get this party started.

To Protect and Love

You will have the opportunity to become a kid of the United States president with an undisclosed inheritance in this series. This newly discovered information will transform the player’s life from that of a typical college student. What a fascinating topic!

Overall, you won’t get tired of playing Lovestruck with so much diversity. Weekly-updated narratives will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. Choose what you enjoy to immerse yourself in each fascinating universe.


Here are some of Lovestruck Choose Your Romance’s most stunning features.

Simple Game

The developer has given close attention to this Lovestruck version and designed it so that players can fully enjoy it. There aren’t many complications, and thus it’s easier and smoother than others.

Exceptional User Interface

The second feature is the excellent interface and design. The creators have carefully selected unique novels to satisfy gamers’ imaginations. Furthermore, the graphic artwork is outstanding, allowing users to relate to the gameplay readily.

Various Scenarios

The settings are diverse, ranging from deserts to fantastical worlds, and many of them are breathtaking. The game also encourages users to make critical decisions during the voyage, enabling them to enhance their decision-making abilities.

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Exceptional Elements

Different emotions will be present throughout the game and with each step, your journey becomes more enjoyable. The shift in thinking levels will take you by surprise. There will be options at the end of the game, dependent on the specific circumstances that the gaming creates. Each option will result in a different outcome. You can play the game multiple times with different workarounds until it unlocks all available outcomes and scenarios.

Fantastic Character Design

The crafted pictures add to the attraction of this game. Such eye-catching development will pique the interest of the players. In addition, the creators give immediate care to developing each character’s backstory and personality. While playing this game, you will discover hidden areas in your character. There will be spiritual ties between you and the character, assisting you in reaching a successful conclusion. Your stories will be considerably more appealing with such a diverse cast of interesting individuals.

Alternative Title: The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

If you like Otome, anime, or mystery games, you’ll love The Arcana: A Mystic Romance. This game will transport you to a world of mystery, love, and feelings where you’ll encounter a variety of seductive personalities, with each having a hidden secret that you must discover using your selections.

As the first five chapters are completely free, you can progress through the story, meeting all important characters. Then, you’ll have to take a different path for anybody you want to pursue romance. This game has provided diverse perspectives on a similar subject by splitting each romance option into its plot.

Last Thoughts

In a nutshell, Lovestruck Choose Your Romance Mod Apk is one of the greatest visual novel versions available right now, thanks to its excellent graphics, superb mechanics, and intriguing gameplay.

Do you want to know if Lovestruck Mod Apk is safe or not? The answer is yes, which means it is completely safe. This program was scanned by the developer’s Anti-Malware tool and virus-free. As a result, it is a secure app. Download the correct version from a reputable website to make the game run quicker and better while using less battery power.

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