Lumbercraft MOD APK 2.3.1 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.4 and Up
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There is nothing our lumberjack can’t accomplish. And you’ll witness the actual worth of this sentence in this fascinating Lumber craft playtime. Prepare to accompany our lumberjack on his ultimate quest to use his hands to build and craft his whole community. Enjoy the intriguing town and building simulation that will keep you completely engrossed throughout the entire adventure.

Take command of your lumberjack and explore his surroundings for various resources, including wood and stones. Attempt to develop various structures in your town, allowing players to unlock additional townspeople and freely engage with them. Construct towers to keep bandits out of your towns. And go head-to-head with them in epic defense fights. These should ensure gamers have a great time playing simulation games.

With our comprehensive reviews, you can learn more about this intriguing game by VOODOO.


Android gamers will be able to accompany our skilled lumberjack on his ultimate journeys to collect lumber and manufacture various items in Lumber craft. Attempt to construct a lovely town with several structures, each with its own set of game interactions. To uncover fascinating aspects in the game, engage with the townspeople and their buildings.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling clashes against the adversaries. Lumber craft allows players to freely execute the tactical parts of the game by building towers to assault enemies and constantly bothering them with their lumberman. As a result, they will have greater pleasure playing the building simulation game.

Unlock a variety of construction options for the town, each having its unique set of functions. Engage in addictive battles against fantastic foes and collect incredible loot. To acquire more in-game features, upgrade your lumberjack to a super warrior and have your buildings expanded. Lumber craft’s simple yet fantastic gameplay will undoubtedly impress many of you.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

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Simple Movements and Controls

Because of the basic gameplay and intuitive touch controls, Android gamers in Lumber craft may immediately immerse themselves in the thrilling mobile title. Feel free to freely move your character about and use the automated in-game interactions to carry out your commands. To begin cutting wood, move your character closer to the trees. Certain in-game choices can be unlocked by interacting with the buildings. To begin attacking your opponents, move closer to them. You’ll also know exactly what to do owing to the clear directions provided at every stage of the game.

Interesting Building Alternatives

Enjoy the fascinating gameplay of Lumber craft, which includes numerous building options. Gamers may easily create several structures in their town and exploit their unique characteristics. You may get many new things and equipment from the blacksmith, which will help you enhance your character. Feel free to strengthen yourself with your dazzling upgrades and unlocked power-ups, which increase your damage and amour.

After each battle, you may always return to the clinic to rapidly heal your character and get him ready for the next one. And if you need lumber to start building, chop up some trees and move them to your Lumberjack to begin manufacturing lumber. Interact with various structures and upgrade them to maximize their capabilities.

Engrossing Combat

Participate in Lumber craft’s fascinating action gameplay, which includes numerous amazing battles. As you draw your opponents into the range of your newly erected towers, have fun been challenging them in epic defenses. Approach and torment the adversaries regularly while maintaining safe distances to avoid being bothered by incoming attacks. To complete the levels and receive your magnificent prize, you must take them all down.

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Difficult Trials With New Foes

Android gamers will enjoy their addicting in-game combat on many levels, each with its unique gameplay throughout the game. Furthermore, you may always have fun with the challenging stages as they increase difficulty, and the game is never boring or repetitive.

Customize your lumberjack 

Android gamers can freely personalize their lumberman utilizing the available clothing and accessories to make the game more fascinating. Feel free to use your imagination to design the characters and have a great time playing the game. Enjoy your addicting raid battles with a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique appearance.

Variety of New Amenities

Players can opt to level up their homes to access modern in-game features like construction upgrades and raid challenges. Feel free to upgrade your game whenever you want and begin having more fun with it.

Advantage of the Offline Experience

To ensure everyone can enjoy Lumber craft, VOODOO Studios has included offline play for all Android gamers. As a result, you can jump right into the action of the thrilling mobile game and start enjoying many of its features anytime you like. This is quite useful when you’re outside and don’t want to use your mobile data.

Free to Play

Lumber craft is now available for free on mobile devices for anyone interested. Download it from the Google Play Store and begin enjoying the numerous in-game features.

Have Access to Our Fantastic Mod

If you want to get the most out of Lumber craft’s excellent gameplay, we also have a modified version of the game available on our website. The unlimited in-game money and ad-free experiences available here will ensure you have a great time playing the game. And all you have to do is download the Lumber craft Mod APK and follow the instructions to get started.

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Sound and Video Quality


Prepare to be engrossed in Lumber craft’s thrilling gameplay. VOODOO studio surprises gamers with its fascinating visual aspects, despite the minimal graphics. Gamers may have a lot of fun with their intriguing characters and slick movements in this game. Thanks to the fantastic visual effects and in-game animations, enjoy addictive experiences. Furthermore, the undemanding graphics will ensure you get the most out of the smooth and engaging game.

Music and Sound

Lumber craft not only has wonderful graphics, but it also has excellent sound effects and soundtracks for Android gamers to enjoy. Feel free to participate in the interesting mobile game and have a great time with it.


The game offers great features, thanks to its simple and engaging gameplay as well as the addicting in-game aspects. You can always make the most of your adventures thanks to the free and unlocked game version available on our website.

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