Make It Rain Mod Apk 8.0 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Make it Rain is basically a money-oriented game in which you can make real money. Cash up to $ 50,000 can be collected on a daily basis. Is it possible for us to become billionaires and spend a large sum of money every day? Make It Rain: Love of Money can still help you answer that issue.

Do you find yourself intrigued? Let’s have a look at this game together!


Make It Rain: The Love of Money is available in two versions for PCs and smartphones. The game provides moments of relaxation with its basic gameplay and control features. It is appropriate for all ages, and anyone can play it with just a few touches on the game screen. Positive feedback from players was a prime factor in this game’s success on the gaming market. 

Although the game is free to play, some players may encounter third-party advertisements while playing. Nevertheless, players are given a large sum of money, and allowed to play as a billionaire, swiping the screen repeatedly to allow the money in the machine to fall out.

The number of points a player earns is determined by the money drawn during a swipe. The points are utilized to customize the game’s settings, such as upgrading the machines, etc. The money-counting machine that helps the player to score quicker for each swipe. The amount of money earned will rapidly increase with each upgrade. Once we’ve discovered the rule, the assignment won’t be too difficult.


Genre: Casual

Dimensions: 50M

Installments: 5,000,000+

Operating Systems: iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows 

Age: Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to participate.

Allusion to sexuality

Interactive Elements: Digital Purchases

Provided By: Space Inch, LLC


According to the website VentureBeat, Make It Rain earns at least $ 50,000 per day from advertising and in-game transactions after breaking 1 million downloads on iOS and Android. 

During the game, you have to swipe the screen to let the bills fall from an unending pile of coins and your score is determined by the amount. The faster you swipe, the more cash you receive. 

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Also, the higher your score, the more money you’ll have to spend on in-game enhancements. 

These upgrades are separated into three categories:

  • Increasing the face value of money for each swipe.
  • Increasing the degree of automated investment increases the money while the game is open.
  • Investing money while the game is turned off.

These renovations are referred to as “business investment,” “financial investment,” and “political investment,” alongside other terms. For example, while upgrading Business Investment, you can increase the face value of the deposit from one dollar to two dollars, then five dollars, one hundred dollars, or even hundreds or thousands of dollars. Tobacco, smuggling, oil extraction, and power plants bring you more money every second. The only drawback is the non-availability of certain important sectors, such as weapons manufacturing and trading sector. 

Players can invest in improvements such as Financial Investment and Political Investment so that money continues to flow to them even after the game or machine has been closed. As previously said, the goal is to provide players with genuine entertainment, and it fulfills you with incalculable sums of money that real life lacks. The game exploited the psychology of money-obsessed gamers by allowing them to become billionaires through virtual currency. When you understand the rules, the money comes in huge numbers. 

Perhaps you’ll begin by selling lemonade on the street or constructing a casino or a university. Alternatively, you might pay a federal judge and count the cash in rolls. Alternatively, the FBI could show up on your doorstep and take your money. If you’re not careful, you’ll have to start preparing bribes soon.

The soaring sales and a large number of downloads render a huge success to the game. Apart from that, some things are difficult to accept in the game, such as in music videos, the scenario of throwing money is associated with a variety of outrageous activities. 

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Make It Rain has a unique charm because of its easy gameplay. Here are some of the game’s features that you will undoubtedly enjoy:

Swipe as Much as Possible

What could be more appealing than the possibility of becoming a billionaire with only a few mouse clicks? You do not receive any cash. But, whatever the case may be, this is a fun game. Make It Rain will provide you with a large amount of virtual money every day.

Take Into Account the Possibility of Investing

When you have a particular amount of money in your account, you should think about what you want to do with it. If you swipe for an extended period, you will become bored, particularly since your gains will come to a halt at such a low level.

The final step toward becoming a billionaire. I am confident that money will flow like water if you invest wisely.

Get a Bonus From Having Your Capitalist Roots

To keep the money flowing in this game, you can swipe and cheat a little. Decide to be the person you want to be. For instance, to make friends with members of Congress, you can become a capitalist. Else, you can become a professional investor. As a result, you can quickly increase your vast fortune. You’ll be both anxious and excited to take risks if you engage in insider trading. 

Transfer of Assets as Desired

Even if the player dies, the player’s property is passed down from generation to generation. What could be better than having a single hand develop your company and your family to become the wealthiest on Wall Street?

When you transfer cash cows to your family, you can earn a lot of money. Swipe and press to see if the number of heaps on each extended family member has increased.

Some Pointers to Keep In Mind When Playing

Make Money in a Variety of Ways

You may earn money in Make It Rain in various methods other than swiping. Concentrate on this, and money will pour down on you. You should consider the following three options:

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Quickly Swipe

Although this procedure yields the best results, you need to wipe it down frequently. There are also other methods to earn money.

Financial Gains

If you invest and the dollar flow slows down, open the app and don’t wipe quickly. This will help you to earn in a better way.

Political Earnings

This third way is convenient because you can still get paid even if the application is closed. However, you should test it after a few hours.

Putting Money Into Virtual Goods Is a Smart Move

Make It Rain is essentially an investment game that converts currencies into sales. It works in three different ways:

Financial investment: Assists you in increasing your earning potential.

Investment in the business: The larger the bill, the more effective the swipe.

Politics: Increase the container’s capacity and inspect it often once it is filled.

As you improve additional items, the amount of money increases. However, you must make the best selection possible to earn the most money.

Sound and Graphics

Because the gameplay is so simple, the graphics and sound have little to communicate. This game also has a simple tone. There is no music playing in the background, only the creaking sound of each sheet flying out of the money pile. According to a bit of fiction, Make It Rain is still missing one element: the fragrance of money, which would propel gamers truly “to the top.”

Last Thoughts

Make in Rain is about investment and cash flow in and out of businesses. The game has been developed for individuals who have the fascinating desire to become wealthy and rich. Many people use the mobile gaming platform to produce and, more importantly, to take advantage of its features. Sometimes, instead of making a game that is too sophisticated, too large, or too beautiful, creators need to see what the customer desires.

The game has a simple sound, and the visual isn’t overly fussy, yet it nevertheless has an odd appeal for players. Make it Rain: The Love of Money is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple game to play after a long day at work.

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