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Marvel Puzzle Quest is a fun casual game for fans of Marvel comics. It has been launched on PC, following a distribution period on mobile. The diamond-folding gameplay is still present, as it is in the popular Bejeweled game series. However, the role-playing element has been included in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

General Information

Norman Osborn is head of US security after playing a significant role in the covert Skrull invasion. Despite his persona, Osborn is still a sociopath, requiring the original Avengers to operate in the shadows. As a result of ISO-8’s uncontrollable proliferation, the superhero community steps in to regain control. Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS is a match-three puzzle game with an intellectual twist. Players command the superhero troops to fight in fantasy battles using intelligent screens.

Combining diamond matching games with exciting combat role-playing screens, Marvel Puzzle Quest features gameplay similar to Boost Beat, Kill Me Again: Infectors, or Toon Squad. The player can create powerful combinations through diamonds to fight the enemy. Apart from the intriguing mix of gaming genres that don’t seem to go together, Marvel Puzzle Quest also appeals to players because of its system. They show you how to command your favorite Marvel characters in breathtaking combat RPGs, participate in online PVP tournaments, and establish alliances in the game. 

Intriguing Gameplay

The game is played in 3v3 teams, with each player selecting three superheroes from their squad to combat. As can be seen in the game, there are six diamonds on the board, and the player must build an attack by forming a row of three diamonds of the same hue (or more). Players can also activate each superhero’s attack skill by matching the correct diamond kind for that character.

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When the user sets the color of diamonds on Hawkeye, the superhero will cast the skill “Take Aim,” which doubles the damage of the assault. Players will also attempt to perform combinations of these diamonds to activate unique motions, initiating a higher amount of damage to the opponent. 

Marvel Puzzle Quest provides players with two main storylines and multiplayer modes where they will need to complete objectives based on each storyline. Meanwhile, in the PvP section, gamers can challenge other players for duels to improve their game and skills. To limit the player’s turn, we employ the fitness system, which is also seen in other mobile games.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a fun casual game for fans of the Marvel comics. The diamond stacking screen, both informative and entertaining, is available to players. The game is available in both PC and mobile versions, providing gamers with a more comprehensive range of experiences.


Points of Command

Players can use the command point in Marvel Puzzle Quest to collect legendary content packs and increase the five-star power. A command point will appear next to the hero if you own it. 

Single-player bouts and Marvel Puzzle Quest’s plot-based conflicts are part of the storyline series of events. All of these matches feature the Marvel superhero team. On the other hand, the combat tournaments are part of a series of events organized by the publisher. It includes online forms as well as combat with real players.

Pack of Health

After each combat, the Health Pack allows players to repair or restore their character’s strength. Each player will be given five Health Packs and additional power packs, in case there is a shortage. Health Packs can either be earned as task rewards or purchased with real money.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest’s alliance function allows players to establish a team with friends or real-life gamers. For special rewards, allied parties fight each other. During combat, you can also talk with alliance members to trade tactics. Each coalition must have at least one commander.

Battles Need Your Help

When you finish a battle, they give you combat boosts, which you can utilize in the next match. Each match allows players to select up to three add-ons that helps in easy maneuvering and gameplay.


Competitive fighting tournaments are held during the four-week season. Individual awards can be won, or players can join an alliance to collect points and compete for positions on the tournament leaderboard section.

How Do You Get In on the Game’s Rewards?

In-game awards are earned by winning battles in a combat tournament or event. The second option is to compete in events (including alliances) with scores and rankings, receive daily rewards (for alliances), or via Facebook friends.

Form of Team Combat

The Team-Up function allows players to use heroes not on their team in battles. Allowing players to select Marvel characters to assist in the fight allows for greater versatility.

Points for Deadpool

It’s a unique chapter in the story mode that changes every day. It is possible to obtain rewards like ISO-8 and covers to upgrade your characters to two stars or higher by completing quests. It is also possible to gain through the “Tacos” tokens, 1000 hero points, or the rare cover of Deadpool, a figure who presents the daily task. 

The point you gain once a day for winning a match using Deadpool is a Deadpool Point. However, you will only receive points if this character is a member of the squad you are in charge of. Team-Up characters that aren’t official or supported aren’t counted. The super-powerful Whales form of Deadpool Point is frequently redeemed and used.

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Unique Content for Civil Wars

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Civil War is a film adaption that is now causing a stir in theatres throughout the world. It is currently blazing at the box office, causing a powerful fever among film fans worldwide. Along with this, mobile game enthusiasts will see the release of Captain America label update, which is known for its content and discrepancies from the current Civil War tale.

Before going on the combat objectives ahead in Civil War, players will have to pick the correct ally. You will demonstrate your valuable traits to become the captain of either Captain America or Iron Man through protracted combat and skills. Which side you choose determines the opponents you will face. Gamers will choose and train several famous 5-star characters such as Steve Rogers (the First Avenger) and Iron Man, in addition to great allies (Mark XLVI).

Winter Soldier was published as an add-on to make Civil War more complete and the first cushion for the game village to mark the game’s current release. Not only that, but the producer enjoys adding more detail to the game War Machine, which is set to be released at end of May. 


If you enjoy Candy Crush or Bejeweled, you’ll enjoy Marvel Puzzle Quest Mod Apk as well. Your character will attack every time you line up the icons in a straight line or diagonal, and unique rows will trigger particular assaults as well. Marvel Puzzle Quest offer high-quality 3D visuals, immersive background music with realistic sound, and a unique combination of match-three puzzle games and action role-playing genres that will transport players into a unique superhero world filled with combats. 

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