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Merge Dragons is the place to be if you have a passion for mythology and dragons. Merge Dragons is a series of dragon training games similar to Dragon City or Ever Merge. Is this place appealing enough? Let’s have a look at this game together.

General Information 

The player’s primary goal is to bring everything together. Dragon eggs, riches, trees, or magical flowers are all possibilities. There are so many things waiting for you to discover on this vast planet. You’ll be able to access the abandoned areas once you’ve solved the puzzle. The player must create a dragon world by mixing eggs and hatching cute dragons to bring peace back to the planet. The puzzle tables in Merge Dragons allow you to create Gaia monuments. Lastly, it is easily available on the website for download.


During the game, you’ll notice a playground with lots of green grass and three identical toys to pull. As a result, all three objects have been consolidated into a single piece with higher worth. When you put things together, you get bigger and better results. You’ll be able to combine flowers to make a golden heart after starting with little bushes and weeds. These hearts can be combined to “restore” grey spots. You can mix and match them to replenish more grey soil. You can join the camp in between levels. Your homeland is shrouded in a thick fog. Only by successfully combining and collecting dragons many times can you evaporate this mist. 


This game has many interesting elements that players can enjoy discovering. From the start, the game will transport you to a bizarre magical realm that you have never experienced before. Under pure blue skies and clouds, the mystical universe opens. It appears to be one of heaven’s islands, where the Dragonia race thrives. Throughout the adventure, players will be taken on a journey to learn about mythology and unusual dragon magic from the past. Combine all of the game’s objects to create more powerful items than before. 

The demonic Zomblins come to capture the island and destroy the dragons. It’s time to get down to business. There is just one chance to save the troubled land. The key is in your magical abilities. Find and mix everything to make a variety of tree species, dragon eggs, treasures, stars, and magical flowers that can resurrect life. 

Every Mission Is a Puzzle 

Merge Dragons offers a vast array of objectives with simple gameplay. There are approximately 180 levels to play through, with over 900 objectives to test your wits. Begin by assembling plants to form a rudimentary existence. Then, using a variety of dragon eggs, create biological animals and evolve them into fighters to defend the land. 

The puzzle procedure will accompany the development of the dragon farm. During the game, riddles always arise out of nowhere. Many secret levels can be found in any object at random, and finding them will be fun. The nasty Zomblins are continually trying damaging the area, so keep an eye out. Don’t forget that rewarding jobs are still available daily. Kala invites you to join in the fun, push yourself, and earn significant rewards. Every two weeks, there will be a new event with an intriguing challenge for you to solve. They can contain treasure, magic, and hundreds of thousands of creatures, depending on whether the player can collect them all.

Construct a Beautiful Farm

Merge Dragons is a puzzle game with some building aspects thrown in for good measure. There are various interactive things that you can use to adorn the island with. Don’t forget resurrecting the cute yet tough dragons who live there. With eight levels of development, leveling, and evolution, you’ll be able to learn about approximately 100 different varieties of dragons. Try merging and hatching eggs on the farm; you never know which dragon may arise next. Isn’t that a fascinating concept? Merge Dragon also includes a few additional notable elements.

To match and make new objects more useful, drag objects around the lovely universe. On each level, find Gaia statues and connect them to solve puzzles and establish a life. Discover 17 alternative ways to produce dragons and progress through eight levels of advancement.

There are more than 600 missions to test your puzzle and coordination skills. Over 140 “brain damage” puzzles will put your puzzle skills to the test. To continue the trip, confront the aggressive Zomblin. Keep a close eye on everything. When playing Merge Dragons, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. 

Make the Most of Your Dragons 

The Camp is one of Merge Dragons’ most appealing features because it allows you to improve and interact with various activities like planting trees and merging things. This will expand your territory and ensure the survival of the dragon land. However, it should be emphasized that the little dragons are required for most of the critical responsibilities.

If you combine three dragon eggs in the Camp, you will get a dragon whelp, and it will always keep an eye on the camp for you. If everyone worked hard, they will become fatigued, despite their agility and resourcefulness. Allow them to relax and recuperate. This will allow you to make the most of your energy and save as much time as possible to level up. You can buy each dragon’s home in the store to give them a place to relax.

Easier to Upgrade and Expand the Farm 

You should acquire and maximize dragon power for the farm to have enough room to manufacture tools comfortably. Each uncharted territory is shrouded in fog. Incubate and recruit as many dragons as possible. Although this investment will initially be costly, you will reap the rewards in the long run. Remember that the yield will double when you mix at least five eggs.

Combo Attacks 

You can interact with the dragons in various ways. If you collaborate with them, you will obtain the desired effect while also maintaining the earth beneath these products.

Before You Level Up, Make Sure You’ve Taken Care of Everything

You can make money when you’re on the farm. However, you will be unable to collect coins or bricks if you are not in the camp. The number of bricks and money you receive is determined by your game level, and this is simple to accomplish by combining and gathering materials. You should buy some dragon eggs or buildings before leaving to boost your ability.

Final Thoughts

Overall, after playing Merge Dragons, I have to say it is a fun game. This Gram Games Limited game is quite popular on Google Play. Discover the dragon’s abilities and magic in a bright, mystical universe. Like Merge Dragons, we can bring everything together and grow stronger. Sounds intriguing, right? Download and play this game right now.

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