METAL SLUG DEFENSE MOD APK 1.46.0 for Android Users (Mega Mod)

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Requires2.3.3 and Up
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MOD FeaturesMega mod
Updated02 Days Ago
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Fans of the famous Metal Soldiers 2, particularly those interested in the Metal Slug battle techniques, will undoubtedly enjoy this fantastic mobile title, Metal Slug Defense. Feel free to immerse yourself in the excellent strategic and action levels, which allow you to play as your favorite Metal Slug characters and more.

Discover this fantastic mobile title from SNK CORPORATION. The well-known gaming firm introduces a number of its popular brands, all crammed into the ultimate action and tactical adventures of Metal Slug Defense. Feel free to assemble your formidable army with the help of numerous well-known characters from SNK’s popular video games. Dive into intriguing adventures that are bizarre and captivating.

You can learn more about this fantastic mobile game with our in-depth evaluations.


The world of Metal Slug Defense is not at peace, as the adversaries’ remnants continue to terrorize the regions. According to military intelligence sources, General Morden is alive and is seeking to destroy the world once more. Simultaneously, aliens have approached the Earth and are attempting to collect our resources. Heroes and armies from Metal Slug and other game franchises will join forces to defend the globe from the enemy.

Metal Slug Defense’s fascinating gameplay will have Android gamers enjoying the essential yet highly fantastic defense and attack fights as you build your army with different soldiers and send them against adversaries. Take on your ruthless foes with powerful army configurations, try out different units with varying abilities, and pick the best tactics to win the game.

With armies from various origins, each with their distinct units and abilities, tactical gameplay will undoubtedly become more intriguing. Feel free to pick any of your favorite sides and engage in addictive combat. As you recruit troops and heroes to fence off incoming foes, have a blast in the addictive defensive and attacking gameplay. To win the levels, drive them back to their base and take them out.

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The following are all of the game’s fascinating features.

Easy-To-Use Game Controls 

Android gamers can rapidly become accustomed to the action in the fascinating world of Metal Slug Defense, thanks to the game’s intuitive touch controls and dynamic features. Feel free to earn in-game levels and begin altering your world with various new experiences. Recruit your units with a single tap during battles, and choose the boosters you want, using the relevant icons. 

Take On Huge Levels in the Game

You’ll unlock incredible in-game challenges as you face and destroy foes from various armies. Enjoy the ascending levels, which will become increasingly difficult as the game progresses. Make sure your armies are powerful enough and your tactical talents can defeat your opponents.

Enjoy the Thrilling Multiplayer Mode

The game has an intriguing multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other gamers. Feel free to team up in exciting 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles since this will enhance the action and tactical gaming. 

Epic Fights 

Join the Metal Slug armies and learn how to fight with classic weapons and techniques. Enjoy more contemporary adventures with the Modern Army, have fun with the distinctive Martian armies, the formidable armies of heroes, and so on. The various possibilities, including over 200 different characters, will undoubtedly impress you.

Upgrade Your Troops and Heroes 

You can upgrade your troops and heroes to uncover their fantastic skills and. To further modify the gameplay, try out alternative upgrading paths. Enjoy a variety of interesting in-game elements and gain incredible abilities as you progress.

Enjoy Yourself Even More With New Characters From the Snk Universe

For die-hard SNK fans, the in-game battles will now be even more chaotic and intense with our great King of Fighters heroes (KOF). Introduce your great heroes to Metal Slug Defense’s engrossing combat, which now includes mind-blowing action features from the SNK universe.

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Daily Incentives Are Available for You to Choose From

Android gamers in Metal Slug Defense may now quickly get their great prizes just by being active in the game, thanks to a plethora of daily awards. Feel free to explore the different in-game incentives and stack them to obtain your great prizes at the end of the week or month. You’ll keep coming back to the game because of the intriguing prizes.

It’s Free to Play

You can play Metal Slug Defense for free on any of your mobile devices without paying anything. Download it from the Google Play Store.

On Our Website, You Can Play the Unlocked Version of the Game

We have an unlocked version of the game available on our website to ensure that Android gamers can get the most out of their Metal Slug Defense experiences. You can enjoy ad-free gameplay, infinite in-game money, and various other exciting features, all for free. Download and install the Metal Slug Defense Mod Apk from our website, then follow the on-screen instructions to begin playing the game.

Sound and Video Quality


Prepare to be amazed by Metal Slug Defense’s exquisite pixel graphics, which will bring back memories of numerous classic SNK games. The intuitive visuals and retro graphics are perfectly suited to the characters and action in this game. Thanks to the game’s undemanding pixelated graphics, Android gamers will be able to get the most out of Metal Slug Defense.

Music and Sound

Along with the game’s stunning aesthetics, Android gamers will be able to fully immerse themselves in the in-game battles, thanks to the game’s intriguing and engaging sound effects. Not to mention that many of you would enjoy the old throwback music.

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Feel free to explore Metal Slug Defense’s simple yet delightful gameplay. You’ll have more reasons to enjoy the game now that it’s available for free and unlocked on our website.

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