Minecraft Earth Mod Apk 0.33.0 for Android Users (Patched)

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Genres Adventure Game
Requires8.0 and Up
Size63 MB
MOD FeaturesPatched
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The most popular multi-platform game in the world has returned to Android handsets. And this time, it comes with some incredible additions that will undoubtedly revolutionize how you play Minecraft. 

Minecraft players will have access to an immersive environment where they can engage in virtual world activities. The game uses innovative Augmented Reality technologies to provide the user with an epic and immersive game experience. During the game, you can travel to any location and learn the art of survival. 

Learn more about this incredible game from Mojang as we walk you through our in-depth evaluations.


Gamers will be able to participate in an Augmented Reality world, where they can use everything around them. During the game, you can instruct your characters to wave. The game primarily focuses on survival activities, when exploring uncharted territory, gathering resources, fighting monsters, honing your crafting abilities, and building incredible contraptions. The possibilities are endless.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Prepare Your Minecraft World 

You can effortlessly engage in the fascinating AR gaming anytime. Take out your phone and enable the game, where you’ll be greeted with a variety of build plates. Use them to your advantage and create some fantastic gadgets. However, you need a smartphone and an Internet connection to enjoy the immersive AR gameplay.

Characters and Interactive Environs

With augmented reality turned on, everything becomes incredibly interactive. The grass, chickens, and other characters all appear to be real, leading you to believe that this is an actual world. The motion capture option is another feature that will pique the interest of even the most dubious players. Your movements would be translated into in-game activities. As a result, you can use your motion commands to hop, wave your hands, or even slice the adversaries.

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Simple Controls

The makers of Minecraft Earth have added a more convenient way to control your characters and interact with the environments. Gamers can easily enjoy the game if touch commands and gestures are enabled. Freely roam around through the virtual maps and interact with the elements.

Explore the Vast Maps and Collect Resources

Players will be able to explore a big open area with a huge world beneath their feet. Walk around and visit different spots in the game as you arrive in various regions.

Make a Lot of Useful Items and Weapons

Players must understand the art of foraging and gathering. You will have the opportunity to explore large regions, encounter a variety of monsters, and collect important resources for crafts. 

Use the materials and your imagination to make various products, ranging from home items to formidable weaponry. 

Fight Against Several Types of Mobs 

The environment has become a little less terrifying when you have your weapons intact. You must, however, keep an eye out for the nasty mobs that lurk nearby. As you take out epic monsters, fight and strike at the proper moment. Gather your spoils and be ready for another adventure.

Play Fascinating Multiplayer Games 

If you believe fighting the monster alone is too difficult, you can switch to multiplayer mode and invite your friends to join you on your quest. As you acquire XP and resources for your characters, team up to take down the massive foes. You can also engage with other players in the game and trade with them to obtain the commodities you require. 

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Play This Engrossing Game for Hours on End

Choose a group of friends to play with and immerse yourself in the fascinating and engaging gameplay. With the augmented reality experience, you can play the game with more excitement.

Sound and Video Quality


The graphics are simple, as they are in other Minecraft games. Minecraft Earth also allows online gamers to play the game on various hardware, thanks to its simple graphics. So don’t be concerned if you have a low-end device.


Minecraft Earth features accurate and on-theme sound effects, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of pixelated monsters and characters. Furthermore, the useful voice chat feature makes multiplayer games extremely enjoyable because it allows you to communicate with your friends easily.

Download Minecraft Earth Mod Apk for Android

Minecraft Earth will provide a completely new experience for the world-famous Minecraft series fans. Immerse yourself in a game in which the virtual and physical worlds mix. Create your own Minecraft characters with all of the appropriate characteristics and engage them in various fun in-game activities. Join the world’s largest online gaming community in the world’s first augmented reality Minecraft experience.

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