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If you enjoy interactive comedy and drama graphic adventure games, I am confident that you will enjoy Minecraft Story Mode. This is a story-driven point-and-click adventure following the episodic pattern of other Telltale games like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us.

The players’ tasks include acquiring items, solving puzzles, and conversing with non-player characters. Once you’ve decided, it will impact the current and future episodes. This is a family-friendly game that all members of a typical household can enjoy. It comprises action and fighting sequences, which will be demonstrated through arcade-style controls and fast-paced activities.

You can read the detailed review of the Minecraft Story Mode APK below to learn more about it.


The Minecraft Story Mode is a family-friendly game, similar to Ghostbusters and The Goonies. The plot is written for new and experienced gamers alike. Jesse is the main character created by Minecraft. He is accompanied by a group that enters a competition to determine who can create the best intercom invention, which is a thinly veiled jab. 

Your squad will go on a vast quest to discover the ancient warriors of the Stone Order because you’re the only one who can stop the Cthulhu creatures from destroying Minecraft’s world. Lastly, each character in the game will be based on a distinct Goonies character. 


This game comes with some fantastic features.

Choose the Main Character’s Gender 

Jesse can play either a male or female hero who is incredibly enthusiastic about the world. He is looking forward to visiting Endor Khan and Dena. Anyone with the fortitude to face the tough environment has the potential to be Jesse.

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Explore the Globe in a Group

The entire game is a moving journey for Jesse and his friends. You’ll go out on a perilous expedition through the Overworld and will travel through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. Your mission is to locate the Order of the Stone to preserve your world from extinction.

You don’t have to worry about dubious content if you’re a parent and want to play this game with your kids. It’s a black-and-white scenario, and there are different types of characters in the story.

Organize Your Annual Construction Competition

They set out with Jesse’s buddies to create an invention that would finally bring them victory after so many failures. Events occur during the competition that leads the buddies on a 5-chapter adventure. 

Jesse (The Primary Character) Can Be Controlled in Various Ways

Jesse can be controlled in two different ways. The first option is when characters engage with each other during cinematic scenes, and they are offered the option of one of four responses. The response options appear to have a common theme, and you’ll have the option of being grumpy, pleasant, or neutral. 

The second type of gameplay involves controlling Jesse and interacting with his surroundings. There will be a minor environmental problem to solve, and you will need to work with NPCs to do it. 

Children Can Learn Life Lessons by Watching the Cut Scenes

You can spend most of your time viewing cut scenes. They’re well-animated and similar to the Lego movies, from which kids can acquire a variety of life lessons. Of course, if you have a basic understanding of Minecraft, this will be a lot more fun.

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For a Limited Time, You Can Play the Game for Free

This game is available on Android for free, and you can easily download it from the Google Play Store without paying any money.

Sound and Video Quality 


The Minecraft Story Mode has proven to be the best of the Telltale games. They successfully elicited emotions from characters and use subtle animation and scenario construction. The locales and tale events are far more dramatic than I expected in this fiction. It is a graphical representation of a detailed adventure within the game universe, and it’s more organized. 


This is a fantastic blend of classic Minecraft noises, and it transports players from the original fiction into a new game world with more diversified gameplay mechanics and music effects. The sound effects are excellent, and even the sound of obtaining a material such as wood is re-created.

However, some tracks appear to be uninteresting compared to their surroundings. They’re still fine, though a little too loud for the location. Aside from that, a few experimental tunes seemed out of place. 


Patton Oswalt played the masculine version of Jesse. Another character is played by Martha Plimptom (Olivia). Paul Rubens also contributed to the project.


This could be the game for you if you’re a fan of Minecraft and children’s movies with adult-friendly humor. Why not try the Minecraft Story Mode if you want to enjoy one of the best starts to a Telltale series.

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