Monster Truck Destruction Mod Apk 3.4.4273 for Android Users (Shopping)

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Monster Truck Destruction is based on a new sport called terrain racing. You will have the option to compete in championships and become a champion. Below are the game’s features and characteristics.

Variety of Trucks

Odd Games has released Monster Truck Destruction, a racing game. It is a South Australian video game development studio situated in Adelaide. Monster Truck Destruction can be downloaded via Google Play, App Store, Amazon, the Windows Phone Store, and Steam. 

Monster Truck Destruction contains over 60 Monster Trucks from Bigfoot, Rislone Defender, USA-1, Paul Shafer Racing to GIM, Bearfoot 1980, Carolina Crusher 1980, Virginia Beast. The most affordable vehicles come at a price range of $150,000 cash. On the other hand, the most expensive trucks cost up to $20,000,000 cash. Furthermore, the game is made more vivid by using fluid 3D graphics. The trucks are quite realistic and the game’s sound are also enthralling. 

Driving Experience With Trucks

You will be awarded 150,000 cash when you start playing Monster Truck Destruction. From this amount, you can purchase your first truck. After purchasing it, you have the option of competing in either a single event or a championship. You can choose from four different control styles from the settings menu. With two buttons on the left, you’ll be able to turn left or right, and with two buttons on the right, you’ll be able to move backward or forward. 

There are numerous obstacles on a racetrack. They’ll take you to the harder paths by leaping mountain ranges. However, if you overcome the hurdles and the truck does not tip over, you will be awarded a set amount of money. Furthermore, you must be skilled to perform extraordinary acrobatics that normal trucks cannot. In Monster Truck Destruction, you can experience such a sensation.

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In addition, the trucks can be upgraded in the garage. You can also see engines, intakes, transmissions, shocks, and exhausts being swapped out. Update your truck and increase its performance for a fierce competition. 

Destruction Modes 

In single events, there are three race modes to choose from; drag, practice, and freestyle. Each mode has its own set of characteristics with set rules. For example, in Drag mode, you will have to compete against different trucks. On the other hand, in Practice mode, conquer the hurdles and leap over the mountain ranges. You have the option of displaying yourself in Freestyle mode. 

In addition, trophies will be awarded to the winners of the championship races. You can compete in the East Coast, West Coast, Central, and Winner championships. Each race will be held at a different location. 

You must keep your truck within the track’s limit during races. This practice will help you in achieving a high score. When you finish first in the race, you will be awarded a substantial sum; you can then use the funds to upgrade or purchase a new truck. Furthermore, the game is supported with a wide range of languages, including American English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, German, Polish, and others. 

Destroy and Triumph

Monster Truck Destruction Mod Apk allows players to find their favorite quickly. The modes and championships will be your difficulties when you play together, and the players have been drawn due to these factors. Obstacles, cars, and heavier vehicles deliver devastating sensations when you must conquer them to get points in races. Furthermore, your delicacy will improve as a result of your acrobatic performance. Begin competing and win championships.

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Furthermore, the 3D graphics and realistic sound will immerse you in the races, courses, and stadium atmosphere, allowing you to see the truck from any angle. You have the option of changing your view mode while controlling the truck. You can control your vehicle with a view inside or in front of the truck. Monster Truck Destruction is a game that you can play anywhere because it does not require connecting to the Internet.