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Mr. Autofire is an entertaining action game with a 2D graphic style. The game’s plot is simple where you take on the role of the hero, defending the planet from the extraterrestrial onslaught. You can easily travel to fantastic locales and face various foes, including formidable bosses with enormous health. You can obtain better weaponry to boost fighting efficiency and kill villains after difficult encounters.


Mr. Autofire describes a dangerous universe in which you must become a mighty hero to save the planet from alien invasion. You need to equip yourself to the hilt and set out on a perilous expedition with the aliens. You can shoot enemies, develop your shooting skills, upgrade your skills, purchase new weapons, unlock new areas, and battle the toughest foes.

To overcome the enemy, make the most of your advantages and special abilities. The game is packed with intriguing components and provides a terrific sci-fi action experience. You must complete difficult stages while shooting alien filth. Gather loot to upgrade your weapons, prepare to wield your most powerful weapon and serve as a formidable guard.

Mr. Autofire provides a thrilling sensation in which you can kill anyone. Also, you can utilize your power to gain trophies, such as larger guns. You must be prepared to confront a slew of foes, including some of the most fearsome earth creatures.

All difficult opponents must be defeated. You must face a variety of monsters, including gentle blind bunnies and deadly single-eyed monsters. The challenging bosses will force you to consider how you’ll get through the next levels.

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You must defeat evil and find new powerful weapons. You can work your way up to a devastating tornado. With the powerful shotgun, you can take down a large number of foes at once. The game comes with a broad armament that you can use to stop the alien invasion in various ways. 

Mr. Autofire allows you to fight freely. Because the character will fire on its own, you won’t have to deal with difficult targeting objectives. To avoid opponents and eliminate foes, you need to concentrate on mobility. However, you can still deal with a large number of opponents and difficult bosses by upgrading your weapons and skills. 


Mr. Autofire features simple controls. You rush to build a safe distance, retain a safe distance from several opponents, and consider additional combat moves such as move/dodge. The more successfully you fight, the more valuable you become and the more benefits you gain. You can quickly upgrade your equipment and battle capabilities from here.

The skill enhancement option will considerably improve your chances of defeating the aliens in difficult circumstances. The control system is, in general, relatively basic. All you have to do is move your finger over the screen to control the character’s movement. 

Sound and Graphics

The game offers a simple framework where you won’t have access to a heavy, high-end graphics platform. It is simple and the 2D graphics are well-crafted. Also, the opponents and backdrop settings are all well-designed. The sound is lively, enjoyable, and leaves a positive impression. The music is mostly pleasant and calming, which helps in surviving stressful fighting situations. 

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Alternatives to Consider

“Endurance: infection in space” is a comparable game. The game is a shooter-based one set in space with a gripping storyline. It features a dungeon environment and a typical action experience. The game features a plethora of fascinating weaponry where you will have a great time playing this extreme game with a great mystery tale—2D pixel artwork with vintage effects, as well as intriguing spatial music. There are many maze levels to explore and conquer in this game.


Mr. Autofire is a fantastic action game. You have to control a mighty warrior who rushes and shoots down a swarm of nasty aliens. Become a true hero, ready to annihilate all alien invaders and preserve the world from infection by aliens. The game features a large arsenal of weapons and adversaries and engaging and memorable gameplay. When you’re fighting the opponent, you’re always thrilled, and you’re always ready to move on to the next level. Cute 2D graphics and engaging soundtrack add to the thrilling action experience.

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