Mu Origin 2 for Android Users

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperWebzen Inc
Requires4.4 and Up
Size80.49 MB
MOD FeaturesNo
Updated02 Days Ago
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The world’s once-famous MMORPG has finally arrived on Android, and it’s ready to restore this wonderful game to its previous glory. Prepare yourself for thrilling adventures, engaging actions, and uncovering dozens of features. 

With our reviews, you can learn everything there is to know about MU Origin.


Hundreds of different species live in co-habitat communities on the huge planet of MU Origin, where they want to live peaceful and happy with one another. Evil forces plan an all-out invasion of the Earth and start a war between humans and other species. As a prominent hero, you must take arms and combat the heinous beasts to bring peace to the nation once and for all. 


MU Origin has classic action-adventure gameplay that allows players to embark on exciting travels where they can meet new companions, fight monsters, form groups, and evil battle forces threatening the world. 

Choose Your Favorite Heroes and Their Classes

Players have the option of choosing from three different classes of heroes. The Dark Knights are a formidable group that excels at close combat. They are of immense assistance as they can charge into enemy lines and wreak havoc by providing huge damage. 

The game entails Dark Wizards, who know the art of magic. They can do massive damage to foes while remaining at a safe distance. We also have the Elf, powerful magical creatures with exceptional agility and dexterity. You can customize your characters in various ways, so make sure you spend enough time learning about their talents and powers.

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Thousands of Powerful Gears and Equipment

Players are introduced to enormous collections of varied weapons and equipment as they explore different characters. Spend your time fulfilling quests and challenges and exploring the regions searching for goods. Players will have access to thousands of different objects, each with their own set of capabilities and abilities. Equip your characters with the appropriate weapons to make them more effective in battle. You’ll also get upgraded wings, which will make your hero more badass and give them great power boosts.

Upgrade Your Heroes to Improve Their Abilities

Depending on their class, each of your heroes will have unique abilities. It’s up to you to make appropriate use of these abilities so that your characters can be more effective in battle. You can also improve the powers to increase their effectiveness. Focus on your heroes’ unique talents and build your characters according to your preferences.

Push Your Characters to Their Limits

There are no such things as limitations in this game. You can take your characters to any level of development you want. Spend time developing your characters, and produce champions.   

Take Advantage of the Enormous Open-World Maps

In addition to the endless level system, players will have the opportunity to explore the enormous open universe. You’ll find exclusive spots where you can uncover amazing treasures or battle some of the game’s toughest enemies. Additionally, new missions are introduced daily, allowing you to spend more time exploring the vast territories.

Join Groups and Take On the Epic Bosses

You’ll be able to establish teams and parties with other players, as in most other online RPG games. To destroy the opponents, use your combined strength. Your squad is made up of capable heroes with various abilities. Take on the game’s most powerful bosses and win fantastic rewards for your victories.

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Collect Money

Players are exposed to a mixed currency system that includes Diamonds, Materials, Star Essences, and Zens. You can earn them by completing objectives, defeating monsters, and engaging in PvP combat with other players. The looted things and money can be exchanged through the Trading system in the game, which acts as a marketplace for all online players. Furthermore, if you believe your products are too valuable to be transferred in this manner, you can arrange auctions fir all players.

Put Your Abilities to the Test by Competing Against Online Players

Aside from monsters and bosses, you can also engage in exciting PvP encounters with other individuals. Win against them and you’ll be the true PvP king. You can also earn significant accessories for your characters. With Webzen Inc’s most recent major upgrade, the game has become more fun to play. 

Enjoy a Completely Different Gaming Experience

The Reverse System has given franchises many opportunities; today, you can use it at specific periods to drastically turn the flow of a battle. It adds a completely new set of maps, creatures, and bosses. Hunters will explore a fresh set of maps and other fantastic components in this inverted universe.

New Communities

In the game, there are no guilds or corps. Here, you’ll find dependable allies with whom you can work together to develop your clans from ground up and make them great. In addition, you can participate in exciting online combat with other clans. Most importantly, you can swap clan honors for unusual gifts in specified numbers. You and your clan members can also participate in the Clan Assault mode, which pits players from different clans against each other. 

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Improved Equipment 

To further explore the Mount Equipment System, Webzen Inc has released the Mount Emblems feature, in which users can use the new Mount Emblems to improve their equipment. Collect as many emblems as you can to give your character a complete set of abilities.

Find New Maps

Players will also have access to the gigantic Secret Ruins, which are forgotten regions once belonged to a vast civilization. They are modified with new improvements, including incredible monsters and spectacular riches. Spend a lot of time here to obtain valuable stuff.

Other Outstanding Traits

New clothes, pets, and mounts can be purchased and collected on your quest. Collect the most powerful and unusual ones to give your characters a competitive advantage in battle.

Sound and Video Quality


Unlike any other game, MU Origin offers immersive experiences, thanks to its outstanding 3D graphics. You’ll be lost in a world filled with powerful magical beings, majestic scenery, and massive open-world landscapes to explore. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy your powerful skill moves against your opponents, thanks to the realistic visual effects.


The grandiose music and realistic sound effects make you feel like you’re fighting monsters and casting strong spells in the real world.

Download the Latest Version of Mu Origin Mod for Android, Version 17.2.0.

MU Origin remains a tantalizing mystery for us to unravel, thanks to its gameplay and numerous discoverable aspects. Furthermore, with thrilling online game modes, players will have the opportunity to play with millions of other online gamers worldwide. It would be a waste of time if you didn’t have this app loaded on your Android devices. So, download it now and enjoy.

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