My Cafe Mod Apk 2022.1.0.0 Mod Apk for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Version 2022.1.0.0
DeveloperMelsoft Games Ltd
Size232 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Melsoft Games provides you with the ultimate food experience, i.e., the ultimate coffee shop simulation. Establish a coffee shop from the ground up with a small shop, with only you as the sole employee.

If you work hard to establish a good reputation and render convenient services, your business will take off and you will be able to hire more people. You will also be able to expand your business and unlock new recipes.  

With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


The game introduces players to a simple yet addictive business tycoon place where they can manage a full coffee shop or restaurant. Develop it from a private company to a high-end restaurant with a loyal following.

As the game comes with dozens of possible customizations, feel free to allow your imagination runs wild. Refurbish your restaurant and make it functional and appealing so that consumers can come in huge numbers.
Unlike any other tycoon game, players in My Café are able to participate in the stories of their clients. As you assist your customers in solving their own challenges, you will get insight into their routine lives. Share your experiences with one another and come up with your own remedies. Moreover, you can meet up with other store owners both in person and online. Take in their distinct stories while having a good time.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

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Controls That Are Simple to Use and Interfaces That Are Easy to Understand

My Café offers easy controls that most gamers prefer. You will rapidly become accustomed to the action and begin to appreciate the features. Furthermore, the simple interface make it much easier for you to access the game’s features.

Take Part in the In-Depth Restaurant Tycoon Game

You’ll find yourself addicted to this coffee simulation game in which you can operate your own business. Spend time in it so that you can grow and invite new customers. Collect and save money to build and improve your company. Better furnishings and equipment should be provided. To receive more money from your consumers, provide better services.

Purchase things, personalize your shop as desired, add new employees, improve recipes, and so on. You can control the pricing so that it caters to your target market.

Feel Free to Allow Your Imagination Run Wild

My Café introduces gamers to many fascinating elements when it comes to renovating your business, thanks to the conveniently accessible customization. Choose from a variety of interior design concepts and implement them in your restaurant to invite more guests. Optimize your restaurant’s space, equipment, and other resources by designing and organizing it. Choose from dozens of distinct décor types as well as a variety of furniture styles.

Participate in the Stories of Unique Customers

My Café’s stories include a broad range of topics, including drama, romance, competition, and so on. Gamers are allowed to engage in entertaining stories with each of their customers. Be a dedicated shop owner that takes the time to get to know each and every one of your clients. With your sensible counsel, help them in resolving their own personal issues. Encourage them in overcoming all of life’s challenges. Lastly, you will be the one to make the decisions, therefore make them according to your own concerns.

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Join Thousands of Other Online Players From Across the World

This game introduces players to the fascinating world of online gaming, where they have the opportunity to meet up with players from all around the world. You can join the social world by interacting with other shop owners in the game who share your passion for coffee and restaurants. As you take part in great festivals, share your experiences, compete with your friends, and enjoy the fun online games.

Discover Incredible Coffee Recipes and Make Your Own

The game provides players to a variety of amazing coffee recipes that they can learn. Pick and select your favorite recipes to have those delectable cups of happiness. Allow your customers to enjoy the delicious coffee while you expose them to your fantastic companies.

With hundreds of different recipes to unlock and understand, gamers can spend many times doing so. Implement these step-by-step instructions to brew delectable drinks.

It’s Free to Play

Despite its intriguing features, gamers can play the game for free. You may effortlessly download and install it on your mobile devices. Simply go to the Google Play Store, and use the features.

With Our Mod, You May Unlock All of the Game’s Features

If you want to completely remove the obnoxious advertisements and gain access to all of the in-game features without having to spend anything, you should check out our mod. The game’s customized version allows you to perform anything you desire without having to pay anything. You can unlock new items and enhancements, together with exploring the countless stories. All you need to do is instantly download and install our My Cafe Mod Apk on your smartphone.

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Sound and Video Quality


The game’s aesthetics are simple where you are introduced to 3D restaurants. Engage with your clients through hand-drawn illustrations and discover an entirely new method of sharing stories.


Gamer in My Café can truly feel refreshed and relaxed because of the overwhelming and soothing sounds. While listening to wonderful music, enjoy the game’s unique features and engaging gameplay.

My Cafe Mod 2021.13.5 Android Apk Is Available for Download

This game is ideal for individuals looking for a basic yet addictive simulation game that they can play at any time on their mobile devices. It’s also a terrific way for you to learn about the profession of a coffee shop owner from a different perspective. Not to mention the fact that it is absolutely free to use.

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