My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House for Android Users (Paid for free)

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DeveloperShimon Young : Play Home Software
Requires4.2 and Up
Size69 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid for free
Updated02 Days Ago
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With its engaging gameplay and pleasant pretend play experiences, My PlayHome Series has never failed to impress. With each of Shimon Young’s intriguing titles, you can explore pretend play adventures in various settings and enjoy distinct in-game experiences. Here, you’ll find a dollhouse with various wonderful features and characteristics that will allow you to immerse yourself in the adventures thoroughly.

With our comprehensive evaluations, learn everything there is to know about this entertaining game.


Android gamers will be able to discover intriguing dollhouse experiences with the new pretend-to-play gameplay. Have your interesting residence ready to explore and many of its various interactions. Make your own families and have fun engaging with them. Explore the virtual dollhouse, which features various rooms and things to interact with. Create your own situations with the available characters and have fun.

The game will be a terrific mobile title to play with your friends. Feel free to instruct them on family concerns and demonstrate how to behave in various in-game scenarios. Have fun using your imagination to create the game’s unique interactions and advancements. There are no restrictions, no criteria, and tasks because the game is completely open-ended, allowing players to play in their unique way.


The following are all of the game’s fantastic features.

Simple Gameplay

Android gamers will access the customizable gameplay on their mobile devices. Feel free to play in the intuitive domestic environments, which feature interactive rooms. To try out different things, choose from various touch-screen selections and interactions. Use the easy navigations to find yourself exploring the regions. You’ll be able to develop your unique approaches to the game.

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Various Rooms to Explore Throughout the House

You’ll have access to the entire house and many of the other rooms to play within My PlayHome Play Home Doll House. For the youngsters and their parents, have fun exploring the bedrooms. Set up various scenes of them playing board games before going to bed, reading bedtime stories, and sleeping soundly.

Furthermore, those interested in can enjoy cooking a variety of delicacies in the kitchen. Feel free to use the items and ingredients on hand to create your delectable dishes. When the weather is nice, you can have the kids outside in the backyard enjoying. In the living area, enjoy a snug and warm family get-togethers. Also, have a good time cleaning up the kids in the bathroom.

Intriguing Items

Gamers will appreciate the intriguing interactions with many items from each of the rooms. Feel free to have a good time with the unique goods as you utilize them to organize various exciting activities for the family. Gather your belongings and play with the babies in the living room. Alternatively, spend a relaxing evening with the entire family. 

Pick Up Some Interesting Family Figures

Feel free to immerse yourself in the fantastic pretend play experiences and appreciate the unique relationships between family members. Have a good time with all family members, including parents, brother, sister, and infant. 

Have Fun With Other Games 

The game also has unique interactions with other games in the series, which adds to the excitement. You can have a lot of fun collecting fantastic in-game experiences from the other fascinating setups. Allow your children to attend school and participate in educational activities. Also. enjoy your travels to the local stores and discover the hospital and its welcoming employees. 

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The pretend play title also provides ad-free experiences for you to enjoy, allowing for a peaceful and delightful experience. As a result, you’ll never be distracted by irritating commercials and in-app purchases.

On Our Website, You Can Play for Free and With No Restrictions

You can now play this game from our website, which is entirely unlocked and free. You do not need to pay on the Google Play Store. Instead, download the My PlayHome Play Home Doll House Mod Apk from our website, follow the instructions, and play for free and without limits.


Android players will be engrossed in the simulation and pretend play experiences, thanks to the stunning hand-painted household objects, room layouts, and interactive environments. Furthermore, thanks to the simple graphics, you can play on any of your mobile devices and enjoy the seamless and exciting action.


Android gamers will appreciate their wonderful in-game experiences with the amazing sound effects and music. You’ll find yourself loving the rooms’ unique and intriguing audio. At the same time, enjoy the soothing music that plays throughout the game.


My PlayHome Play Home Doll House offers excellent pretend play experiences for Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. This is also a fun way for parents and children to spend quality time together. Because the game is fully free and unlocked thanks to our mod, you can play it anytime you want without paying anything. Download the game now and enjoy its features.

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