Free My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House for Android Users (Paid for free)

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DeveloperShimon Young : Play Home Software
Requires4.2 and Up
Size69 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid for free
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My PlayHome Stores will undoubtedly astonish you with its entertaining and refreshing in-game experiences. This game is suited for kids, providing imagination and creativity to blossom in them. As you enter into the wonderful pretend play experiences, take advantage of all the in-depth and interactive aspects. Play various games and have a great time exploring the amazing store simulation experiences.

With our comprehensive evaluations, you can learn more about Shimon Young’s fantastic game.


Android players will appreciate the game’s fascinating pretend play experiences, which will take you through the stunning hand-crafted storefronts, each of which sells unique things. Feel free to participate in the activities and have fun while exploring different characters and situations. 

Feel free to peruse the various stores and their distinctive features. Make new and exciting situations to play with by combining the available materials and people. The game is ideal for parents who want to spend endless hours of leisure and enjoyment with their children. You’ll find yourself having a good time and will discover different ways to enjoy


The following are all of the game’s fantastic features.

Simple Gameplay 

Android gamers will like the easy and accessible activities in My PlayHome Stores. Feel free to jump right in and create your own scenarios. Use the intuitive touch controls and interactive items to enjoy the game for hours on end. 

Explore the Lovely Boutiques

My PlayHome Stores entails magnificent stores, each of which offers its own set of services and interactive gameplay. As a result, you can select any of your characters into the stores and partake in various in-game activities.

Ice-cream parlor: Immerse yourself in the magnificent ice-cream parlor with many unique features. Make your ice cream with various cones and toppings available. Enjoy a variety of encounters between consumers and proprietors and play with various things available in the store, and so on.

Clothing store: You can also adorn their avatars in the accessible in-game clothing stores. Pick your favorite characters from the available pool and dress them up in various outfits and accessories.

Supermarket: Manage your supermarket or browse different product lines as if you were a customer. My PlayHome Stores’ fantastic gameplay will allow players to immerse themselves in addictive experiences.

Vegetable store: Feel free to wander throughout the store and pick up any tasty fruits or veggies that you can consume right away or preserve for later use. Use the available blender at the store to create your delicious smoothie or drink. Lastly, experiment with various fruit and vegetable combos to see what you can come up with.

In-Game Objects That Can Be Interacted With in a Variety of Ways

Android gamers at My PlayHome Stores will also have the opportunity to completely engage in various in-game scenarios thanks to interactive objects, allowing them to enjoy their pretend play experiences fully. As a result, you can easily have your characters pick up various objects and use them in various ways.

Feel free to sample the freshly prepared ice cream or refreshments, try on different outfits, or shop the mart for whatever you desire. Android gamers will enjoy the experiences to the fullest because each store has its distinctive setups and interesting merchandise.

Have a Good Time 

To make things even more fascinating, engage and interact with the in-game characters and aspects. Allow your imagination to go wild as you consider various approaches. 

Compatible With My Playhome App 

This game can also be aligned with My PlayHome app, which allows you to connect the in-game experiences to your game titles. Enjoy the immersive encounters and numerous titles by picking up products and bringing them back to your home.

Enjoy the Game in Offline Mode 

My PlayHome Stores offers 100% offline gameplay, allowing players to enjoy fully. You won’t need round-the-clock Internet connection as you play. 

Have Pleasure With Our Website’s Unlocked Games

Because the game is available as a premium edition on the Google Play Store, Android gamers may have difficulty getting it downloaded. As a result, you can try the modified version, which entails unlocked game content and advertisement-free gaming. Feel free to download My PlayHome Stores Mod Apk from the website and enjoy. 

Sound and Video Quality


My PlayHome Stores provides immersive and pleasant pretend play experiences that are ideal for gamers of all ages. You’ll find in-game features, which add to the realism and fascination. Furthermore, Android players will undoubtedly appreciate My PlayHome Stores because of the undemanding 2D graphics.


You’ll also appreciate the fantastic in-game music of My PlayHome Stores. Furthermore, the addictive and intriguing soundtracks will undoubtedly engross you in the fantastic pretend play activity for hours.


My PlayHome Stores allows players to enjoy the in-depth and engaging pretend play experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Download the modified version and enjoy the game with no adverts and unlocked features. 

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