My Singing Monsters MOD APK 3.3.3 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperBig Blue Bubble
Requires5.0 and up
Size40.11 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated3 Days Ago
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Welcome to My Singing Creatures MOD APK, a world full of singing monsters. The players will start from an island to disrupt the peace by raising monsters to make an ideal band. There are many different creatures to pick from throughout the game, each with its own unique sounds and characteristics. As a result, each combination of monsters added or removed will produce a tune with distinct characteristics.

My Singing Monsters is a simulation game with never-before-seen content and gameplay. Instead of destroying monsters in role-playing games or dramatic action, the player builds his monster island to generate free music. What are you waiting for if you haven’t already downloaded the app to your phone to enjoy the thrilling game moments?

This is a green planet full of intriguing monsters, and it’s an IOS ported classic music development game. In this game, you can raise, collect, and enhance a variety of monsters. The fun part is that each monster has its own distinct singing voice, which players may use to create different tunes. Each island has its performance hall, and there are several different monsters to gather around for a great melody. This type of game is therapeutic, and it’s available for free download.


My Singing Monsters is an iOS adaptation of a famous music production game. It’s a green land full of strange creatures. In the game, you can raise, collect, and enhance a variety of monsters. There are a total of over 30 different monsters that you can train and sing. 

Players must complete several activities on each of the ‘My Singing Monsters Islands’, including planting trees, removing unnecessary constructions, and replacing them with newer structures, purchasing food for monsters, and feeding them. In addition, the game contains an achievement and goal system that, when fulfilled, rewards you with different prizes.

In My Singing Creatures, users can gather and raise numerous monsters while listening to their beautiful melodies. You can also create your unique universe by planning and arranging monster-dwelling regions.

Following are the essential characteristics:

  • There are around 30 different epic and fantastic monsters to choose from. They’ve all been gathered.
  • To build more monsters, combine your monsters!
  • Awe-inspiring artwork, animation, and sound effects
  • Obtaining levels allows you to access other creatures and items.
  • Each island has a different theme and a different monster ecosystem.
  • Every Monster is affected by a variety of decorations and buildings.
  • Make a one-of-a-kind blend of scenery and sound.
  • 3D sound effects, as well as a variety of unique tracks
  • Beginner-friendly task-based instruction
  • Rewards and accomplishments
  • Every week, new monsters, islands, and music are added.
  • RPG and tower gathering currency mechanics in a casual game.
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My Singing Monsters is a strategy game where you can open a small-sized garden and place various monsters in it. When the egg hatches, a monster sprouts out and sings with the help of instruments or their mouth. When the game starts, the rock-like monsters adopt the rhythm as if they were drums, while the white monsters sing “Bourne Bone.” You may make unknown monsters by combining eggs, purchasing them, and hatching them. 

The background music thickens as the number of creatures climbs, evolving from a lonely solo to a full chorus choir. There’s also a mini game where you can recall the order in which monsters sang, which is ideal while you’re waiting for start to finish. Lastly, every mini game will award you with a prize.

It’s not the only thing you can do. You can also have a lot of fun in a miniature garden game by removing blocking trees and rocks, producing bait, and feeding monsters to level up and win money. Above all, it’s entertaining that the BGM becomes alive as the number of monsters increase, making players curious as to what the final shape will be, causing them to play indefinitely. 

When attempting to create your monster choir, you will enjoy the tunes and melody brought together by the monsters. 

Special Features

Do you think you know who the Singing Monsters are? Witness the beautiful Dawn of Fire by traveling back in time to when Monsters first burst into singing. This exciting prequel to the blockbuster, My Singing Monsters features catchy tunes, amazing graphics, and straightforward gameplay.

Every Monster Has a Distinct Voice

Each beloved character’s musical styling will be added to the song as you unlock them, adding to the symphony and making it more colorful. Some monsters are vocal virtuosos, while others perform feats of musical rhythmic tones. 

Your Monster Musicians Should Be Bred and Grown

Do you want to add to your collection of Singing Monsters? Combine monsters with different elements to create new ones. Level them up by rewarding them with items they enjoy, and you’ll be able to grow your one-of-a-kind orchestra.

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Make a Variety of One-Of-A-Kind Things

Create stunning constructions, gather materials, and master the complex new crafting system. Learn the recipes for anything your Monsters may require and decorate with various accessories to add a personal touch.

Uncover New Places and Listen to Catchy Tunes

Explore the various and unique Outer Islands to broaden your horizons beyond the continent. Each has its catchy song, which your Singing Monster maestros execute.

Helpful Hints

Keep in mind that the happy your monsters are, the more coins they will produce. Purchase and set the monsters up, making them feel at ease. Also, the higher your monsters’ level, the more money they’ll make. All you have to do to is to feed them. Furthermore, the higher the level, the greedier they become. Each of your islands can host up to five bakeries. As quickly as possible, stock up on food and keep it secure.

Install a mine on each of your islands since it brings in one diamond every 24 hours. Regularly shop for diamonds and enter free diamond drawings since all it takes is 30 seconds to win a ring by watching a video.

Overall Assessment

Theme of Originality

My Singing Monster is a game in which you must raise musical creatures. Your goal is to assist the monsters in using their voice for singing. As a result, the player is tasked with looking after the monsters, i.e., to feed them and keep them happy.

The game begins in the same way that any other “farmhouse style” game does, with the birth of tiny creatures. You begin by purchasing the creatures and nurturing them. Along with it, you need to teach them how to sing. The monsters, on the other hand, keep up with the music and amp up their sounds. You must feed and raise the monsters properly to improve their artistic abilities.

Appealing Game Concept

You’ll find yourself on an uninhabited and peaceful vegetated island. Here, the first monster is placed that uses a musical instrument, mouth, or a portion of its body to create music. There are over a hundred different monster species, each with its musical motifs. 

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There are percussionists, stringed instrument players, even singers, and DJs. You’ll notice that the more monsters we add to our island, the more complicated the music becomes. It’s up to you to create your song using your favorite species.

The Gameplay Is Fascinating

Monsters can be obtained by purchasing them with coins from the display case or breeding them with other monsters. All you have to do to create new species is to experiment with various monster combinations.

Once placed on an island, the monsters accumulate coins over time, which you can use to purchase unknown beasts and structures that will boost your Monster’s happiness and produce various types of confectionery to feed them.

There is the option to buy coins to speed up in My Singing Monsters, as in many other free-to-play phone games, but it is not essential. You must be patient, as each action requires real-time execution (creating cakes, waiting for the egg to hatch after reproduction between two monsters, etc). 

You may provide a welcoming atmosphere for your monsters by including bakeries, trees, and other objects that will help them perform better. You will acquire levels by establishing all these spaces for our creatures, which will allow you to access new islands with exclusive monsters and a new tune.

As a result, each Monster has a musical phrase dependent on the island on which it was placed previously. These can level up as well, and the greater their level, the more coins you’ll be able to acquire.

Graphics and Sound Effects of Exceptional Quality

My Singing Monsters is a music-based game that offers a relaxing experience. There are over a hundred distinct species in the game, and you must nurture, feed, and breed them all. As a result, mix monsters to create a tune that appeals to you. Each monster has its personality, and depending on the island it falls on, it will sing differently. The graphics in the game are new, and each monster has a distinct personality.

Final Thoughts

My Singing Monsters MOD APK is a game where you acquire, enhance, and construct your music universe using numerous creatures. The game’s protagonist is a horde of creatures who sing in a warped voice. All monsters can sing, make unusual sounds, and play a variety of instruments. The tune created will alter depending on the monsters collected.

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