My Talking Hank Mod Apk for Android Users (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Size87.88 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins and Diamonds
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Fans of the popular My Talking Angela and My Talking Tom will enjoy yet another fantastic journey into the world of these incredible animals. In this game, you’ll meet the famous character, Hank.

Join the cheerful and silly dog on his adventures in a tropical paradise complete with a lovely island, stunning beaches, and, of course, interactive gameplay unlike found in any other mobile game. As you look after Hank, you’ll get a complete and refreshing casual gaming experience. Participate in various fun activities with the animated dog 

With our evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game by Outfit7 Limited.


My Talking Hank will provide you with the same classic and interactive gameplay as its predecessors had. Feel free to communicate with it using the game’s numerous choices. Take good care of Hank as he sets out on his new adventures on this strange new island. As you explore the game’s various elements, you’ll discover a whole new level of immersion. Begin by looking after Hank with a variety of new and exciting options. Every day, you can take on a range of missions and objects to learn new things. 


Here you’ll discover the game’s exciting features.

Adopt a Dog and Raise It on Your Own

Feel free to take pleasure in growing and caring for your dog. As you participate in several intriguing in-game elements, you’ll be introduced to Hank, a cute little infant. Feed him every day while you watch him grow, and make sure he doesn’t get hungry. Also, make sure he gets a bath every day to stay clean. You can also lull him to sleep with the helpful hammock, which adds to the game’s enjoyment.

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Assist Hank on His Quest to Photograph Wildlife

For those of you who don’t know, our little Hank is a huge fan of photography, particularly of animals in the wild. As a result, living on this idyllic island is a dream come true for him. You’ll meet a variety of unusual animals here, each with its own distinct appearance. You’d have to put in a lot of effort to set up the screen, calculate the moves, and have Hank snap his flawless shots with ease. 

Begin your journey by exploring the island. Begin to befriend the animals if you want to have a chance to photograph them. Assist Hank in finishing his exotic animal album.

Hawaii’s New Areas 

The game includes attractive scenes from the majestic Hawaiian Islands that you will definitely enjoy. Take in the breathtaking dawn and sunset as you immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

Feel Free to Personalize Your Hank in a Variety of Ways

Players in the game can customize Hank, utilizing a range of options, which adds to the game’s appeal. Give your Hank some new clothes and don’t forget to wash him so he can be well-dressed at all times. Not to mention the fantastic accessories that would completely transform his appearance.

Connect Your Social Media Accounts to Have Access to Additional Content

While we’re on the subject, you can always take advantage of new features in My Talking Hank by connecting your social media accounts to the game. Feel free to check out your friend’s development, and play with Hank for as long as you want. 

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It’s Free to Play

This game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy, despite all its fantastic features. Find the game in Google Play Store and install it on your mobile devices.

With Our Mod, You May Get Limitless Coins and Diamonds

If you’re having trouble with the in-game purchases and advertisements, you can enjoy our updated version of My Talking Hank. Download and install the My Talking Hank Mod Apk on your mobile devices and enjoy the ad-free experiences.

Sound and Video Quality


Gamers in My Talking Hank will be thoroughly immersed in the magnificent world of tropical paradise and charming animals, thanks to the amazing 3D graphics. The responsive visuals should make Hank seem quite realistic. Alternatively, it’ll give you the impression that you’re facing him.


The game is entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of the My Talking Tom series. It offers intuitive voiceovers and enjoyable audio features. Enjoy the game with its unique sound effects while sleeping, bathing and eating different edibles.


The game has everything you might desire in a virtual pet game, including in-depth gameplay, stunning locations, and interactive animals. Furthermore, you’ll get access to completely unlocked gameplay for free with our mod, which is a significant plus.

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