Free My Talking Tom 2 Mod Apk for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Size126 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you wish to maintain a pet, but your current circumstances prevent you from doing so? In this case, you need to have Tom, the virtual cat who can entertain you with its fun-filled activities. You can bathe, feed and enjoy with it for several hours until it gets tired. Download the new version and entertain yourself and your kids.

Sound and Graphics

The game is made by Outfit7 Limited Company and is available for free download on Google Play App. You can play My Talking Tom 2 on both Android and iOS devices. The game is designed in 3D and is only for one player. A wide range of colors depicts the cat’s activities and feelings, such as falling, smiling, grimacing, doubting, and so on. The sound effects are vibrant, comical, and amusing, with the cat impersonating your accent, yawning, and so on. 

Taking Care of a Cat

Look after your cat by feeding and drinking it. If Tom runs out of food, go to the grocery icon, select the items you wish to buy and pay. To avoid waste, you should feed him at a reasonable rate. You can also troll him by clicking on the cat’s hand, leg, abdomen, and head. Furthermore, the cat will copy and repeat your words in a voice that is both amusing and adorable. Allow your cat to be stroked now and then to make it feel loved. 

You can also purchase clothes and accessories for your cat and design his home to make it more attractive and spacious. To gain money for shopping, go to a beautiful game warehouse and play a mini-game (some games require Internet connection) to get awards, buy much food, and furniture for Tomcat.

My Talking Tom 2 also provides a realistic experience by bathing it and sending it to the restroom. When properly cared for, your cat will grow gradually. If you ignore him for too long without taking care of him, it will vanish. 

Comparison of Features

If you only a single task to retain the cat, you can unlock and find five more pets in My Talking Tom 2 – the new version. This point attracts more players to the game’s classic gameplay. Each one has its distinct appearance and personality. A new card collection feature was launched by clicking the Airplane icon, with items being collected according to the cat’s level. It can fly to whatever location you desire, hunt for unique costumes, deliver rewards to Tom, and snap memento photos.

Extended Lifespan and Color Changes

My Talking Tom 2 comes with different levels, just like previous games. However, the game’s difficulty is determined by your cat’s age. You must look after your cat if you want him to thrive and grow in size.

There are various tasks which you can undertake. One of them is to go shopping for your cat. You’ll have to acquire furniture for Tom’s living room, kitchen, bedroom, and toilet, which will add to its experience. Secondly, by completing various tasks in the game, you can earn bonus money and experience points, which will help you increase in age and level up. You will appreciate the mini-game warehouse while earning points to level up the cat. The games assist you in relaxing and improving your thinking and response skills.

If you want your cat to level up quickly or live longer, you must take good care of him. Also, don’t be concerned about your cat’s age; he is over ten years old. To alter your cat’s appearance, get additional eye colors and feathers.

Easy Gameplay

My Talking Tom 2 recreates the realistic experience of caring for a cat in real life. Children, as well as adults and busy people, are drawn to the game. The vibrant color and music are two features that help the game stand out and appeal to a wide range of players. Tom’s interactions will pique your curiosity and help you relax. Experiment with your cat and tell your friends about it.

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