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My Talking Tom is a legendary virtual cat breeding game launched on Android smartphones. Players breed their kitten, named Tom, and engage in different activities, like feeding, playing and sleeping. This game instantly drew the gaming community’s attention after its release. My Talking Tom has gotten over 13 million pre-registrations in a short period.

Following the popularity of My Talking Tom, game developer Outfit7 has released My Talking Tom Friend, a new edition of the virtual cat game for iOS and Android on the demands of fans and users around the world. 

My Talking Tom has clear graphics platform, but it still maintains a bright, hilarious, and colorful color scheme that will provide you with a fantastic experience. For those new to My Talking Tom, we will provide some instructions to help you get familiar with this adorable kitty. 


My Talking Tom is a pet-oriented game that enables you to take care of Tom, a cat with greyish appearance and big, round eyes. You can earn gold coins in it and go for shopping for supplies like cat food to enhance and play with Tom for long hours. 


When playing My Talking Tom, Tom must work hard to increase the quantity of gold available. You can level up quickly in various methods, but first, we’ll learn how to get started with My Talking Tom.

My Talking Tom’s Buttons

A Fork and Spoon Emblem in a Circle

Follow the game instructions to complete Level 1 rapidly. When playing My Talking Tom for the first time, you must first feed the hungry Tom. A red circle plate and spoon icon appear on its belly to indicate that it is hungry. To get to the dining table, click on the related button, and a dining room with a choice of foods will emerge on the interface. Then you place your hand on the dish of food that you intend to feed Tom. The cat is full when you see the circle icon with a fork and a leopard spoon.

A Circular Icon Represents a Toilet

This symbol typically turns red after eating, indicating that your cat Tom wants to go to the washroom. To allow Tom to go to the restroom, tap the circle. The symbol will turn green once it has completed the process.

A Smiley Face Icon

This cute kitten wants to play when this smile symbol turns red. If you stroke the smiley icon, it smile, as if it is feeling cozy and comfortable with you. On the other hand, the cat gets bored and no longer wants to play when this icon turns green.

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A Circle With a Moon and a Star 

The circular icon with the moon and the star turns red when it fulfills all criteria. To put the cat to sleep, click this symbol. It is necessary for you to switch off the light, for a cozy sleeping time. When this indicator turns green, it is no longer sleeping, and you can continue to play with it. You’ve accomplished level 1 when all of the images, as described previously, become green.

Symbol of a Basket

You can shop to buy food for Tom if you select this icon. The amount of gold available is also displayed in the basket, and different products made of gold can be purchased.

FOR FANS: You’ll need an Internet connection to use this function.

COINS: You can entirely trade virtual gold coins for real money to play games. In addition, you can get free gold coins by following My Talking Tom on YouTube, receiving My Talking Tom emails, and signing into your Facebook account to play, viewing videos, and completing different offers.

WARDROBE: It lets you customize the color of Tom’s fur, glasses, hats, outfits, and eye colors.

LIVING ROOM: This space allows you to furnish your home with goods such as television, chairs, artwork, and flooring. 

FOOD: You’ll have a wide variety of foods and drinks to pick from, with more alternatives for your cat at higher levels.

POTIONS: The game comes with different potions that can change the appearance of Tom. For instance, he can drink an energy tonic that includes several other drinks like Fat Burner. This energy potion prevents drowsiness while costing you 50 gold coins. 

Max Potion raises all of Tom’s indicators to 100% and you lose 150 gold coins in the process. 

Hungry Potion makes Tom eat more than required. This makes it lose 100 gold coins in the process. 

Baby Potion transports Tom to a place when he must purchase the medicine with actual money.

MORNING: This includes the breakfast menu and meal fast food, depending on the sort of breakfast that requires original amounts.

VEGETABLES: This category includes both vegetables and fruits.

Other dishes include white desserts, such as ice cream and candy, drinks (milk, juice, and coffee), Pho, Gimbap, and Roasted Chicken.

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Learning to Navigate and Playing My Talking Tom 

A Number Is Contained Within a Circular Icon

The number inside the circle represents the level you are now playing. You are promoted to the next level when the blue hue in the ring is filled with circles. Feed Tom, get plenty of rest and buy stuff to get to the next level as quickly as possible. It also provides you with a gold sum corresponding to your level. As your level rises, the amount of gold you receive grows. 

A Pink Cat Is a Symbol

When you tap this icon, you’ll be taken to a page with various new games from the same publisher, My Talking Tom. 

Two Cats as a Symbol

When you tap this icon, you’ll be able to go to different houses who are playing My Talking Tom. By logging into your Facebook account, you can go to a friend’s residence, and your buddy can go to yours. Furthermore, visiting any home grants you a gift. 

It’s also one of the simplest ways to make gold money. When visiting someone else’s home, a present box appears next to the cat; touch the gift box to receive gold coins.

A Movie Legend

When you tap this symbol, videos related to My Talking Tom appear on social media sites that post YouTube videos. My Talking Tom’s humorous videos can be seen here.

Icon of the Speaker

Tom gets turned off when you click this symbol. You can mute the cat’s voice if you are uncomfortable with it.

Added Advice

My Talking Tom is a game that appeals to people of all ages, from students to office professionals to housewives. The interaction between this game and users is entertaining and stress-relieving. 

To begin caring for Tom, download My Talking Tom and begin shopping for items to adorn the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or toilet so that you may converse with him. You can also purchase decorations that massively enhances your EXP.

If you’re new to the game and don’t have money, start buying cheap stuff and work your way up to more expensive items. Make sure that you enjoy more entertaining moments when you download My Talking Tom.

You can also purchase costumes for the cat when downloading My Talking Tom. This increases the experience of each costume, just like when you decorate your house when buying clothes, caps, and glasses while changing the color of Tom’s eyes.

Watch Tom when he eats, sleeps, and even goes to the bathroom. You can easily chat with Tom too.

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Many mobile app developers are studying why Talking Tom is so well-known and popular. From mobile applications, it has moved to become a stuffed toy and impending film markets.

Unusual Strategies

Talking Tom was created in response to iPhone’s development trend of making applications with distinct features and providing users with unusual experiences. Talking Tom was originally just a cat that could mimic the user’s voice-based on his tone, not a pet game like My Talking Tom.

Even though the game ends, Talking Tom has produced unique and non-duplicative gameplay that thrills all players. Regardless of what language you speak, Tom can repeat every noise and syllable. The unusual element of the first edition established the groundwork for subsequent editions.

Unique Design

My Talking Tom was released in 2013 to provide gamers a fresh experience of playing and talking to a cat. The creator has given fans a good reason to download My Talking Tom because this new game is practically a completely different experience, even though the copied voice stays the same.

The second success came through from a virtual pet game, which is a popular genre, but other games’ characters are still generic and can’t be as well-known or interact as well as Tom. It’s a brilliant combo. Tom can now be fed, dressed, and cared for like a pet, but most people like to watch their pet grow and develop.

A Diverse Cast of Characters

An affectionate pet can be bathed, fed, talked to, dressed up, and eventually brought to friends, which is nearly a typical female pleasure.

Increase the Length of the Character String

Talking Tom and Friends is a series of games with several variations that differ only in the main character. It demonstrates Outfit7’s amazing look when they realize that every human being has a pet of their own; some people prefer cats, while others prefer dogs. Keeping Tom as a character shorten the game’s play length.

After the success of Talking Tom, Outfit7 produced a rendition of My Talking Angela and My Talking Hank not long after. These versions have received even more downloads in Asian countries than My Talking Tom. Angela and Hank are well-known characters in the Friends series, and are very adorable and cute. 

Final Thoughts

My Talking Tom Mod Apk is the most popular virtual pet game on the market today. You can take care of the cat through feeding, relaxing and providing a good sleep. It is a fun game that people of all ages will enjoy and is a treat to pass your time with.

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