My Town: Home Dollhouse Mod Apk 7.00.03 for Android Users (Shopping)

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DeveloperMy Town Games Ltd
Requires4.4 and Up
Size38.58 MB
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In My Town: Home Doll House, enjoy the experiences as you explore the virtual dollhouse. Introduce your children to the fascinating world of family life through your accessible and feature-rich dollhouse gaming. Have fun exploring the chambers, meeting people and discovering objects. Play as kids, parents, friends, neighbors, and other characters for fun and refreshing adventures.

With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this intriguing mobile game from My Town: Home Doll House.


Android gamers will join a family in their home in the game, with several rooms to explore, multiple individuals to complete the family and various accessible goods that will accurately replicate a dollhouse. Allow yourself to be immersed in the addictive simulation gameplay of the kid-friendly dollhouse. Enjoy engaging to pretend play scenarios as you freely set up the game with the available materials, a diverse cast of characters with distinct personalities, and fully duplicated settings around the dwellings.


Here is a list of all of the game’s exciting features.

Explore the House

Android players in My Town: Home doll House will have the opportunity to explore a fully-featured home with a variety of rooms to explore freely. Feel free to scatter your chosen characters across the house and have them interact with different accessories. 

Diverse Cast of Personalities

You can join the family, which includes the father, mother, their six children, and other unique characters. Feel free to use these characters and place them in various rooms to create different scenarios. Explore the fun game in your own way.

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Dress the Family Members

You can test out numerous unique character customizations in the game to further enrich your experiences. This will make it easier for you to change your characters’ appearances. Put on clothes with ease, experiment with new accessories, and more.

Interactive Devices and Equipment 

Test out a variety of fun and interactive gadgets positioned throughout the house. There are varied stuffs for you to work and play with, depending on the rooms. She opens the fridge full of ingredients and freely manipulates the various kitchen appliances to produce exquisite dishes.

Play with various interesting toys and accessories in different rooms and allow them to work on their projects while sitting back and watching them play. Using the accessible slider, trampoline, and swing to play various outdoor games, you can spend your time enjoying and having fun. 

Fabricate Your Own Imaginative Stories

Gamers can freely build their tale with the family members and interactive goods. Feel free to develop various dollhouse concepts, with in-game features to assist you. Have fun with the stress-free and unrestricted gameplay that you can enjoy at any time and from any location.

Gameplay for Children

This game is ideal for young gamers, as it helps them to immerse in the lessons effortlessly. Feel free to join in the fun and explore the instructive and entertaining in-game stuff for kids. Parents can relax, knowing their children are having fun even when they are away from them. 

Play the Offline Version of the Game

My Town: Home Doll House is now available to play in offline mode, thanks to its easy accessibility. Now, you can enjoy it while moving outdoors or at a friend’s place.

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Upgrade Your Content 

Android gamers can connect to a variety of other games to unlock new features. As a result, you’ll be able to add people and goods to your virtual dollhouse, increasing the fun and entertainment.

Play for Free and With No Restrictions

While the game is presently available as a paid app on the Google Play Store, you can download the unlocked version from our website instead. We provide a wealth of intriguing features and unrestricted in-game access with no payment necessary. All you have to do now is download the modified version and follow the on-screen instructions to begin.

Sound and Video Quality 


Home Doll House’s wonderful gameplay of pretends play and education and its stunning visuals. Explore the lovely home, which has a variety of interactive elements. Play around with the lovely hand-drawn characters. The game is playable on most Android devices, even low-end ones, thanks to the game’s simple aesthetics.

Music and Sound

This game provides engaging sound effects throughout your encounters to ensure a great experience. This will make it highly genuine and engaging. Not to mention the captivating music and vivid sceneries that will keep you engrossed in the game.


Adult and child gamers who appreciate interesting and entertaining mobile simulation games will find My Town: Home Doll House to be a fantastic game to play. The mobile game gives you complete freedom, allowing you to enjoy your stress-free moments. Thanks to its in-depth material and numerous interactive elements, the game will make you feel right at home. Download the game now and enjoy.

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