Myth Defense LF 2.4.0 for Android Users (MOD Premium)

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DeveloperSmartpix Games
Requires4.0 and Up
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MOD FeaturesPremium
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Play one of the best tower defense games, i.e. the latest title from Smartpix Games. Immerse yourself in the world of magical and mystical creatures and find out more about it with our reviews. 


The game takes place in an ancient region filled with monsters and magical creatures. Humans coexist happily with all the different species, and each contributes in a different way. However, things start to go awry when a few people believe their relatives are being mistreated. As a result, they begin to fight conflicts with humans, i.e. the race for domination.

You must study the tower defense technique and apply it to confront their great mystical powers. Make use of the terrains you have access to and demonstrate your actual strength to these creatures to restore harmony to the land.


Here are a few characteristics you’ll appreciate.

A Great Game to Play

Unlike most other tower defense games, you don’t have to figure out everything independently. You’ll get useful items at the start of the game. In addition, some tutorials and instructions will undoubtedly be helpful to newcomers.

Use Different Maps in Battle Mode

The maps are divided into four categories to provide you with various difficulties. Each map has its unique traits and environmental circumstances. You’ll also get access to three special maps, each of which will grant you with rewards. Each map contains different terrains, such as bogs, puddles, and jungles. You must utilize your tactical talents to develop the best strategy for each terrain.

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Complete Achievements for Exciting Rewards 

Complete several in-game achievements to get significant prizes. Although the qualifications can be challenging to meet, you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with fantastic gifts once you’ve completed them. In addition, you can earn points and climb the ranks, earning extra gifts every day.

Keep an Eye on the Fascinating Promotion

The campaign map is made up of 18 separate maps with various elements. You can either enjoy the story by playing through the map, or you can put your skills to the test by completing it with different difficulty levels. Furthermore, each victory will award you extra points, which will help you climb up the board.

Play With Two Different Profiles

The game offers two different profiles with a single account to provide more features. You can start with the casual profile to get a feel for the game’s features. After you’ve refined your talents, you can put them to the test in the advanced profile.

Enemies With a Wide Range of Abilities

Like other tower defense games, the opponents in Myth Defense LF appear in large numbers and with unique skills. Studying and defeating them on the battlefield would take a lot of time and effort.

Powerful Upgrades and Improvements

To cope with the scenarios efficiently, the game gives you a variety of talents and improvements that you can utilize to give your entire defense system a tremendous boost. If used correctly, this can quickly turn the battle’s tide.

Incredible Structures

The towers come in 22 various types, each with its unique set of capabilities and abilities. As a result, you can effectively use them to devise various settings and plans to defeat the adversaries. Also, you will have access to three different sorts of traps that can successfully slow down or eliminate your adversaries. Make sure you cleverly put them in different places. 

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Alchemy Is a Skill That Can Be Learned

The game includes the magnificent art of Alchemy, which allows you to make a variety of power runes. The towers can be forged using these runes, giving them amazing abilities. However, you’ll have to power up the towers separately.

Play the Game in Your Native Tongue

Playing online games on the Google Play Store can be highly irritating for folks who do not know English or Russian. You won’t keep up with the story or gameplay, causing you to lose ground on your opponents, unlike Myth Defense LF, which features a bilingual interface that allows gamers to play the game in their preferred language. 

Multiplayer Mode 

You can compete with other players in this mode. Attack the enemy and accumulate points to climb the leaderboard section to win significant rewards in the end.

Sound and Video Quality


The game has excellent compatibility, supporting most screen resolutions and allowing you to play in high definition. Furthermore, the 3D graphics and epic landscapes provide a wide area where you can freely construct, find, and set up your defense. Finally, because of the game’s low graphics, users can play it on various devices without experiencing lags.


Players will be completely immersed in the realm of unending fights, thanks to the panoramic noises from the battlefields. Furthermore, the realistic sound effects record every movement on the battlefield.


Given the excellent gameplay, it would be a shame not to have this game installed on your devices. Download the game now and enjoy.

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Download Myth Defense Lf 2.4.0 Android Apk

This game can be downloaded and installed on any Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or above. To begin, go to and search the games category for the keyword “Myth Defense LF APK.”

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