One Piece Treasure Cruise Mod Apk 11.2.4 for Android Users (God Mode)

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GenresRole Playing
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Requires4.2 and Up
Size62 MB
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Infinite Cards Space
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With One Piece Treasure Cruise, the new Japanese role-playing game, you can take on the role of Luffy and go on limitless adventures. With the tough trip on the sea, the cult manga One Piece has never allowed fans to be less crazy. 

The game is based on the popular One Piece comic that is released a Japanese version in May 2014 on both Android and iOS devices. The game got over 10 million downloads in Japan by the end of 2014, and it is sufficient to comprehend the game’s level of popularity. The game was released in the West in February 2015, and One Piece enthusiasts may be found worldwide.

When you first enter the world of pirates, the dexterity paired with the game’s joyful sound is the first thing that strikes you. Luffy’s voice is in a strange Japanese dialect, and it will irritate him if you are not a fan. Otherwise, One Piece Treasure Cruise is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

General Information

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile internet game based on the popular One Piece manga series, known for its turn-based role-playing game with a unique orb system. The turn-based combat system with orb – the ability to move about – is One Piece Treasure Cruise’s most outstanding feature. The games have always piqued the interest of game designers, publishers, and players. Lastly, this game has been launched worldwide.

This game has received over 10 million downloads in Japan since its release in 2014. It follows the primary plot of the manga and anime One Piece, which is exactly what we’ve always wanted. It means Luffy will accompany you and pick other recognizable faces to combat fearsome bosses like the Royal Seven Emperor, the Yonko, or the Navy.

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In terms of gameplay, One Piece Treasure Cruise is comparable to Heroes Charge, a popular game. Thanks to the vibrant and magnificent music mixed with a sharp 3D graphics platform, this game offers exciting gameplay with smooth mobility of players.

Background Information

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a new iOS and Android role-playing game based on Japan’s popular manga series. This pirate-themed mobile game includes a storyline and an active fighting system that promises to be costly in a test of RPG strategy and quickness. Players will take on the role of Monkey D. Luffy, where they will recruit members to the squad, unleash many unique items such as new ships or characters, and collect numerous members.

At each stage, players will have a set amount of team members. In addition, the player can raise the number by increasing the total fee. Battle chains are a type of attack that players can utilize against the enemy. However, be cautious because the player will most likely sink rather than regain health. A doom attack will emerge at the end of each combination. By swiping the character upwards, you can use special attacks too.

Concentrate on improving just one character at a time. Upgrade characters of the same type and resemblance at high levels. In addition, players will have to play too many cards simultaneously.

How to Play

A classic Japanese tale opens the game with awesome graphics. The characters have been redesigned in a cute Chibi manner where every pirate’s punch will be a source of great power for you. The game immerses players in a realistic world with rich music and sharp 2D graphics platform, making it easy to feel the impulse.

One Piece Treasure Cruise screen will be divided into two sections. The first section features characters going through a difficult match and appears nice. A second section is a spot where you can control the match. It provides thumbnails for each character’s turn. Tap and create combo, which is also the single strategic key to this battle. Each character has a unique strength and attack mode where fighting, slashing, striking, and shooting are the four classes available. You can build a strong character system with a diverse skill set.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise does not allow you to construct combination talents; instead, you can create attacks with people tied to you. Not to mention the fact that you’ll need intelligence to evaluate the game and patience to defeat bosses with strong enemy forces. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is connecting with your friends online and inviting them to watch the greatest bouts.


One thing that fans are interested in is learning the truth about the pirate treasure discovered by pirate Lord Gol D. Roger. It contains the world’s facts and unanswered questions, such as what the Void Century means to people with the letter “D” in their names and old weapons. According to Roger, this treasure will inspire hunters to turn their heads because of the unexpected finale. 

The game’s treasure has been given the moniker One Piece because the riches that Roger uncovered are simply a tiny portion of the pirate world’s endless saga. There will be many more One-Pieces in the future. And each of these “parts” will include a piece of a massive map that will lead to the real treasure.

Character Escapade

First and foremost, it is a challenging adventure for beginners, and it’s also an adventure that Chopper has asked for. The goal is to create characters ready to face the next important war adventure.

Decisive Battle

Take on a variety of decisive adventures, including those that aren’t so well planned. The range of organization and capture will extend if you train recommends characters on 5 to 8.

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Characters from the Coliseum take an active role in type creation parties where the difficulty level is complex.

Map of the Hidden Treasure

Once a month, the treasure map is drawn. By moving about, you can gain EXP. You can also obtain limited breakthrough material in exchange for accomplishment and ranking rewards.

Bond Fights

You can raise the potential level of characters confined to Kizuna Battle and Stone Plate. Furthermore, Proof of Friendship can increase your level of support.

Forest for Special Training

It’s an experience that can be more difficult for an extended period. A ship is a clear payoff in a long-term battle involving 20 battles. It has a low priority because it is permanent, so let’s challenge it once you’ve completed the adventure mentioned above.

Garp Poses a Challenge

It’s a month-long quest with new rewards every month. Not just rainbow diamonds, but all-purpose lethal books and proof of friendship are available.

Final Thoughts

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile Internet game based on One Piece comic book, which is known for its orb-based turn-based role-playing game. The gameplay of this game is well-known in the gaming community since it is innovative and attractive.

The turn-based fighting system with “orb” — the ability to hop about – is One Piece Treasure Cruise’s most stunning feature. Gamers must change the character’s attributes to the most appropriate ones, and must also make combos for the whole cast of characters to match the maximum amount of damage.

It’s worth noting that the One Piece Treasure Cruise doesn’t enable you to create innocent combo talents; instead, you can only target characters related to you. One Piece Treasure Cruise is an appealing mobile online game based on the conventional turn-based battle method with rapid, powerful, and imaginative action.

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