Overkill 3 Mod Apk 1.4.5 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.1 and Up
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Many gamers who enjoy shooting games are familiar with the name Overkill. In its third edition, Overkill 3 includes a huge improvement in the control mechanism and enhanced graphics, with over 10 new maps, 50 levels, and more fantastic weaponry. With improved interactivity and atmosphere and more realistic character movements, will provide players with unappreciated experiences.

Will Crane balls Studio’s success be repeated in Overkill 3? Let’s have a look at its features.

General Information

Overkill 3 appears to have more eye-catching graphics and a better console than prior editions. In addition, this game is a third-person shooter rather than a first-person shooter. Overkill 3 offers numerous interactive scenes and stages. Up to ten gaming environments, over 50 stages, and various firearms are available in the game. 

Background Information

The backstory of Overkill 3 is fascinating. You’ll be given commanding team members to track down and defeat enemies in the game. Also, you’ll be armed with lethal weapons and skilled gunfighters. Overkill 3 will excite and engage you with its diverse gameplay and extreme in-game landscapes such as deserts, forests, cities, and abandoned structures. You will be able to choose a weapon to fight with, personalize it, and enhance it as you see fit. 

You play as an exceptional fighter who has gone through extensive training on battlefields. It assigns you to destroy the faction terror group to preserve world peace. More new weapons are available in the game to aid you in your quest to defeat the terrorist faction.

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What Is the Best Way to Play Overkill 3?

Shoot Opponents 

Overkill 3’s shielding and concealing mechanism is similar to that of several third-person shooter mobile games available, like Modern Combat 5 and Bullet Force. However, there is a drawback here: you will not receive additional points if you conceal and defeat your opponent. So, it’s more advantageous to go out and shoot your opponent before earning points. 

Take Advantage of the Aircraft

Drones are your most powerful ally. It not only provides advantages like ammunition, armor, and health, but it can also eliminate numerous foes at once. You should keep an eye on the plane’s position. If you fire it down, it will crash to the ground below, causing a massive explosion.

Upgrade Regularly

The most crucial component in surviving on the battlefield is upgrading. But, to avoid wasting money, maximize your survival against hostile gunfire and prioritize to upgrade your armor as soon as possible. It’s hard to be 100 percent in a mobile shooting game like Overkill 3, but you’ll have a better chance if you upgrade to a certain level.

Overall Evaluations

Overkill 3 is a simple game. It immerses you in a bleak world where you and your fellow citizens are compelled to bow to rulers. Overkill 3 aims to offer a diverse range of gameplay and environments, including deserts, forests, cities, and abandoned structures. You will also be able to select from a range of weaponry. You can upgrade and personalize firearms and other tools with in-game cash and points if necessary.

The graphics have significantly improved over the previous edition. Surface shadows, physical effects, and fire smoke, render a great playing experience. Aside from moonlit evenings and the blue sky, these aspects promise to transport you to a new level of image technology.

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Alternatives to Consider

Bullet Force Is a Good Alternative

Because there is an option to enhance or reduce the visual levels in the game, it is suitable with a wide range of poorly designed mobile devices. Bullet Force meets exceptionally high graphics quality and detail for playing games on devices with screen sizes of 2K or 4K.

Bullet Force will offer several game types, such as single-player mode and the multi-player mode. The multiplayer mode includes a variety of competitions like Team Death-Match (team warfare) and Free-For-All (single match and free shot). Each battle area in Bullet Force can hold up to 20 players, which is a large number for a high-quality FPS game.


Overkill 3 aims to offer a diverse range of gameplay and environments, including deserts, forests, cities, and abandoned structures. The game’s sound is painstakingly crafted from the sounds of bullets and bangs. Overall, Overkill 3 is a solid shooter ideal for fans of the Overkill RPG series. Please download the game and participate in thrilling battles.