Free Papa’s Pizzeria To Go 1.1.2 MOD APK for Android Users (Paid for free)

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DeveloperFlipline Studios
Requires4.0 and up
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MOD FeaturesPaid for free
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Join your characters on their adventure in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go to learn about the art of running a pizzeria. Participate in various activities inside a pizzeria by assisting a friend who is running the business on his own.

Arrive on time, clean, and prepare your store before the customers arrive. Start your business and serve your customers well by taking their orders and preparing the pizzas according to their preferences. Bake your pizza at the correct temperature and finish with neat cuts. Work hard and save enough money to expand your shop in the future. Equipment can be purchased; new recipes can be unlocked, and more. Do everything you can to attract new clients while providing excellent service.

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The game starts with you, the main character, arriving at Papa’s Pizzeria To Go on your first day as a cook after being promoted. However, you quickly learn that you’re on your own in your establishment now that Papa Louie has left for personal reasons. Because you’re the sole employee at Papa’s Pizzeria To Go, you’ll have to do everything from taking orders to cleaning. 

It’s time to embark on a new journey in Papa’s Pizzeria’s universe.


Let’s take a look at some of the game’s most fascinating features:

Controls are simple, and the game is addictive

The game presents players with simple and intuitive controls that makes the game accessible to inexperienced players. Furthermore, because of the easy instructions and streamlined gameplay, you’ll find it relatively simple. The game is addictive and offers many features. Lastly, you’ll have a lot of fun progressing through the stages.

Learn how to perform all your responsibilities

As the Pizzeria’s sole employee, players are responsible for completing all needed chores. This includes taking down orders from clients, preparing toppings and ingredients, baking the pizza at the proper temperature, and finishing with flawless cuts to satisfy your consumers. You can improve your multitasking skills at Papa’s Pizzeria To Go.

There are hundreds of different pizza recipes to choose from

You can have access to new pizza recipes that will help you attract more customers to the restaurant. To deliver the most delectable pizzas, make sure you’re familiar with dozens of toppings, understand how to adjust the oven, and select the correct components.

Invest in modern equipment for your stores

To make your business run more smoothly, players in Papa’s Pizzeria To Go can choose from various furnishings and equipment to place within their establishment. Furthermore, there are many handy upgrades available to help you improve your overall performance.

You’ll be able to work much more quickly with better equipment, and your customers will enjoy themselves more with better meals. Not to mention that you can lessen their annoyance despite a long wait. 

Personalize and decorate your store

You can customize and decorate your Pizzeria in addition to the furnishings and equipment to make it appear friendlier. Allow your imagination to go wild and present your customers with a stunning restaurant.

Over 90 distinct consumers with a wide range of preferences

Speaking of customers, the game now has over 90 of them, all of whom can be unlocked one by one in a specific order. The more VIP customers you have, the more money you’ll make.

Make an effort to please your customers

You’ll have to work hard to satisfy your clients in this Pizzeria no matter how much time you spend or how many customers you have. Always pay attention to their directions to ensure that you use the proper toppings and ingredients. The higher the quality of your services, the more money and reputation you gain. It’s critical to provide them with excellent services to return frequently.

Complete several achievements to receive your well-deserved rewards

In addition to the core gameplay, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go has over 75 in-game achievements that you can complete. Accomplish these goals, and you’ll be rewarded in a variety of ways. 

Free to Play 

The game is currently available as a paid download on the Google Play Store. You’ll have to pay money to get it installed on your devices. If you have a free game on your phone or tablet, you may get the Papas Pizzeria APK from our website. Install it as usual on your devices, and you’ll have this fantastic game for free.

Audio and Video Quality


The game’s 2D graphics are basic and intuitive, and it introduces players to the magnificent Pizzeria. Feel free to use bright colors and materials to adorn your eatery. Create stunning pizzas with delicious toppings and ingredients by using your imagination.


Papa’s Pizzeria To Go provides players with great gaming features they’ve always desired, with joyful and entertaining tunes playing throughout the day.

Papa’s Pizzeria To Go 1.1.2 Android APK is available for download

With this new game from Flipline Studios, fans of the famous Papa’s Pizzeria franchise have another terrific title to enjoy on their mobile devices. You can play the game for free, thanks to our mod. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have it on your devices. If you’re looking for some bizarre Pizzeria gameplay, look no further. Prepare yourself for one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world experiences.

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