Passion Puzzle Mod Apk 1.16.5 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperWhee Games Ltd
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago

Passion Puzzle is an intriguing puzzle-solving game with a romantic theme. This game’s main qualities are engaging dialogue and a compelling plot. The harmonizing aesthetics and attractive patterns will transport players back in their memories.

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This story begins with you being the tourist in the city and making friends with the inhabitants. You encounter some gorgeous girls along the way, and the game revolves around one or all of them. To improve your sexual appeal, humor, and intelligence, complete a simple Match 3 game. You can also go on dates with girls, take gorgeous selfies, and solve Passion Puzzles with exciting stories.

Passion Puzzle is ideal for dating simulation games and dating games fans, particularly teenage lads. The game is designed in a superb Japanese anime style, with unique dating storylines for each level.

What Is a Puzzle Dating Simulation Game?

A video game is a phrase used to describe a type of video game in which the goal is to solve logical, strategic problems. It must, for example, complete a series (numbers, words, geometric shapes, and so on). Before video games, puzzle games were either pictorial (in newspapers) or mechanical (such as Rubik’s Cube). This video game genre is difficult to define: the player is typically required to move and fit geometric shapes to achieve a specific aim. The colors and structure of the paths play an important role here.

Electronic puzzles must be immediate and straightforward to succeed, and a proper storyline is unnecessary in this genre, which goes against all other video games. Most players have discovered that individuals who enjoy the genre’s structure and game mode become addicted to it. Most people consider publishing the famous Tetris, which has had multiple sequels and adaptations but has never changed its structure, to be the highest point attained by this genre.


Passion Puzzle is a mobile game where you must locate things and solve puzzles. The plot is lively, with interface features thrown in for good measure. In the game, there are various female characters. The game’s distinctive selling feature is the abundance of romantic plots. Each difficulty allows players to experience the process of falling in love genuinely.

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The game also includes a love narrative. It also depends on the player’s ability to deal with it! The player’s primary goals are to resolve the girls’ passionate hearts’ confusion, discover the most appropriate solution, and win the game. The game revolves around one or all of them. To improve your sexual appeal, humor, and intelligence, complete a simple Match 3 game. You can also go on dates with girls, take gorgeous selfies, and solve Passion Puzzles with exciting stories.

Passion Puzzle Highlights

The user interface is simple. The gameplay is likewise honest, and the liver is graphically protected. The background is impressive, despite the vague plot. With the main character, a variety of gorgeous young females will also come during the game to engage with you. 

Music’s Ingenuity

The first levels of Passion Puzzle attempt to direct us precisely in the direction outlined above, using easy and not overly challenging problems. It’s a unique approach to tease your thoughts and allow innovation and originality to run wild. Passion Puzzle places you in front of a screen with a basic UI and a few essential features. Everything is directed by a series of love stories that will allow a sequence of sounds to reverberate no matter where they are placed.

The player’s goal is to arrange the blocks on the screen to allow the sound to go to its destination. As a result, you’ll finish a tune and access the following challenge by pressing the button. The amount of puzzle bricks varies with level, user progress, and the difficulty of each scenario. As the game moves forward, the challenges increase and you tend to face complexities. The combinations and issues become more complex as the challenge rate increases.

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Rhythm and Puzzles

Passion Puzzle is a charming game that is never overbearing or difficult to approach but challenging enough to allow you to bite and run-in complete freedom and light-heartedness. Because we are not dealing with an expensive gaming engine, the game does not demand particularly high-performance hardware. Because of the Passion Puzzle’s structural and aesthetic simplicity, you can play it on any device.

We recommend that you use a smartphone with good sound quality to appreciate the musical soul of the show entirely. Passion Puzzle was tested on an Oppo RX17 Pro to appreciate its vibrant and glittering beauty. The quality of the touch screen and the visual design of the display made up for an excellent experience. The gadget has a teardrop-shaped notch on the top of its screen, a design that seeks to make the now-iconic need to house the front camera take up as little space as possible.

Exceptional Gameplay

First and foremost, never underestimate the movement system. Passion Puzzle Maker uses it with utmost perfection. For example, most levels are divided into different exit maps; you must dig your way out to go to the next plan. You get two more moves after each transition. Also, based on the tokens removed, you can gain point bonuses or earn points for gifts that require expert special effects. The gaming system has also been updated, with one additional feature added, i.e. making a smoothie out of various fruits for the girls.

You may also observe how the influence of the deleted token changes in the Baggage System, which you can utilize to solve the problem with the items you have. In addition to the previous work, there will be a slew of new ones in terms of the gifts that can be presented to girls during the mystery. 

Outstanding Characters

A simple rule to link blocks of the same shape is cleared by combining a particular number of gauges and collecting the indicator. There are other activities available, such as snapping photographs and sharing messages. The story with the girls unfolds as the problem progresses and choice events occur. Because the game was created in another country, the meaning of the conversation is frequently difficult to decipher due to poor translation.

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The Passion Puzzle Mod Apk is ideal for fans of dating simulation and dating games, particularly teenage lads. The game is designed in a superb Japanese anime style, with unique dating storylines for each level. However, the girls’ illustrations on the jigsaw background and the gradually published selfies are appealing.

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Passion Puzzle is a game where you must solve puzzles to engage in a love narrative. The user interface is simple with an impressive background. Players can access complex storylines and feel like they’re in a love simulation. The game intricacies include simulated speech, stunning character design, and extensive game scenarios.

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