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Welcome to Peggle Blast’s fantastic universe. In this game, you’ll have a lot of fun with various exciting tasks. It is a popular pinball game for PC and offers a world full of colors, excitement and surprise. While playing it, the players will use their abilities to score points in epic peg-popping contests. Download Peggle Blast right now and enjoy its features. 

General Information

Following the popularity of the first two chapters of the Peggle series, Peggle Blast also lies in the same zone with lots of entertainment and fun. The game was launched on the App Store and Google Play by Electronic Arts and PopCap. 

Peggle Blast is a light, basic, yet clever puzzle game with a surprising number of aspects. It encourages players to think carefully about eliminating all the gamblers on the screen in a few shots. The table configuration becomes more difficult as the game progresses. 

You can also meet the enigmatic lords of Peggle and learn how to harness their powers from the pirate boat to the Opera House in Madame Batrina’s cave. Then, in Master Nord monster combat, put your skills to the test, aim, and score high with Peggle Blast.


With simple, easy-to-use controls and unpredictable gameplay, you’ll be able to enjoy it anywhere, at any time. Compete with your friends and send glitter gifts to them. Time bombs, falling diamonds, and rainbow triumph are just a few of the spectacular acts. Immerse yourself in a gleaming map that allows you to travel across each area. 



If there’s an orange peg at the end of the level, you will have to clear everything surrounding it with one shot. It will provide you with an extra boost to increase the ball’s speed. You can also trigger the Egg Net if you drop the Phoenix Egg. 


Like many other Facebook games, Peggle Blast can be played indefinitely as long as you keep winning. Please log in to your Facebook account and request your friends if you want more features. You can also buy additional lives with real money by clicking on the More Lives button. Your game’s progress is stored up and associated with your Facebook account if you log in. Game data and progress are only kept on your device if you do not utilize Facebook to back up your games.


Bjorn’s Unicorn can be a wonderful guide. While it’s working, it’ll show you the exact direction of the ball, allowing you to adjust the shot’s trajectory. Jimmy Lighting, on the other hand, is a shadow-casting kangaroo. The faucet is the objective of Pearl, an octopus, and it can capture the ball with tentacles, allowing you to hit the target from any angle. Kablooey is a peacock who can assist you in increasing your strength and impact blue pegs.

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Despite its conventional gameplay, Panda Pop presents players with over 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty. The baboon is also the perpetrator of the panda kidnappings, and he’s also incredibly astute when it comes to placing hurdles in various locations. However, if you make numerous chains of the same color or long chains on each level, you will receive a lot of valuable plugins.


Peggle Blast Mod Apk is a puzzle game that requires you to solve puzzles. It’s a fun game that you can play anywhere, at any time, thanks to its simple controls and inventive challenges. The game provides an interesting and unpredictable gaming experience with millions of participants. The strategy for winning the game is simple where players can make things easier by using power-ups. Also, the hook layout varies from level to level. 

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