Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK 1.336.29 for Android Users (Unlimited Lives/Boosters)

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Requires4.1 and Up
Size71.79 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives/Boosters
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In this clever game, you have to save cute animals with the help of different tools and things. How does it work? How do you play this popular game? Let’s have a look at the solution right now. The game has hundreds of levels to explore, each with its unique quality. To conquer difficult stages and get remarkable scores, use scorching rockets, bright paint tanks, bursting explosives, and more. Playtime is limited, so make the most of it to complete the set.

General Information

This game can run on common operating systems like iOS and Android. Like Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga has put a lot of effort into the aesthetics, with an eye-catching, appealing design and enticing photographs. The game delivers a harmonious combination of showy but not too flamboyant eyes.

In terms of gameplay, Pet Rescue Saga uses the globally addictive match-3 gameplay. Players will experience periods of leisure with soft music and mixed effects in the background. The game has been well-received by many players. In Pet Rescue Saga, most of the rounds involve varying difficulties and tasks, and the level goes difficult with each round. 

What Is the Best Way to Play Pet Rescue Saga?

Players in the Pet Rescue Saga will be tasked with rescuing pets. You must arrange colored blocks in a row of three of the same hue so that they disappear and the pet can easily escape. The game’s difficulty will progressively increase after each round, and when combined with the mission, the game will become more challenging. Pet Rescue Saga currently has around 200 levels for users to choose from. The number of creatures you’ll need to save will change as you progress through the levels. Additionally, it will restrict blockage by knocking, bombs, or freezing colored blocks and the fence. 

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Despite the numerous problems and tasks, do not be concerned that you will not complete the Pet Rescue Saga rounds. Several supportive tools, such as explosives, hammers, and rockets, will be available to you. Using these tools is a skill which you will learn in the game. 

The following are the characteristics and applications of these items:

  • Ability to break colored blocks in a vertical row using a missile item.
  • Balloons can break colored blocks that are the same color as the ball.
  • A hammer is a tool that can be used to break a block of any color.
  • Bomb item: Can break colored blocks in a 22-foot radius.

The amount of times you can use support items is up to three, and you can purchase additional goods from the App store if you need them. There will be stars after each level in Pet Rescue Saga, indicating your achievements for that round. On average, achieving a star performance is not difficult, and accumulating stars will assist you in achieving a top position.


Pets are built to stand on colored columns, and players must break those colored columns to save them. During each round, complete the appropriate tasks, such as determining which colored squares correspond to how many numbers. If you do not satisfy all of the above during that time, the game is over, and you will not complete that round.

The publisher comes with numerous versions of the game. The most recent version has been developed with several levels of play, allowing for different types of competition. It aids players in increasing their enjoyment of the game and their capacity to engage and create friends. Pet Rescue Saga fosters drama and rivalry among players by displaying player rankings on the site, amplifying the battling spirit.

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Alternatives to Consider

Candy Crush Friends Saga 

Candy Crush Friends Saga, is the culmination of years of hard work by a diverse group of professionals, including designers, programmers, testers, localization curators, and more. From the fifth act onwards, you’ll frequently run against Octopus Release. Most of the turquoise’s little companions may be seen peeking their heads out of the sugar blocks that surround them. However, from act seven onwards, several octopus characters vanish totally. Watch how the bricks vibrate when these creatures are imprisoned. 


Pet Rescue Saga has the most players and downloads from all the pet-related games on the market. It is a fun block-breaking game with beautiful, eye-catching graphics. The game is simple to play but difficult to master, providing hours of pleasure and challenges. Diamonds, grenades, animal cages, and a slew of other objects will make for a colorful and varied game. Players can keep track of their results against friends and other opponents using integrated leaderboards, and you can sync with the Facebook version.

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