Pickcrafter Mod Apk 5.9.33 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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Requires4.1 and Up
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Pick Crafter is a highly addictive game in which you need to dig and choose your way across a variety of biomes and terrains. Use them to improve your pickaxes, unlock new talents and powers, and take advantage of a variety of useful bonuses to help you complete your challenges.

Explore the deepest reaches of the Earth in search of precious goods such as gold coins, collectibles, and gears. Pick Crafter’s environment is full of unique mining features for you to discover. Collect precious blocks, take on interesting mining monsters, and so on while having a good time.

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Pick up your legendary axes and prepare to pierce through the biomes’ many strata in search of magnificent blocks. Upgrade your equipment and buy certain goods and boosts to help you earn more money in and out of the game. In Pick Crafter, you can make money by collecting special gifts. Collect new artifacts and gain new powers to help your character mine the entire biome effectively. As you dig through the mines, keep an eye out for valuable gold and diamonds. You can compete with online players and battle with buddies whenever you wish.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

an Entertaining Game

Pick Crafter also includes thrilling idle clicker action that you can play anytime. Swing your pickaxe against the platforms and unlock new valuable blocks by tapping on the screen. You can also use the gesture controls to unleash your epic swings to break blocks. There will be plenty of handy craft blocks and PPS to collect as you mine. Please feel free to collect them as you mine your path to glory.

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Numerous Upgrades and Boosters 

Players can build a variety of fascinating upgrades to earn more money. Alternatively, you can use the offered boosters to earn significantly more money each time you use them. While you’re offline, take advantage of the idle upgrades to gain additional money. To increase your strength, employ the available abilities and artifacts. To help you get the most out of your mining difficulties, earn mythological blocks and machinery.

Players in Pick Crafter will have access to the magnificent and in-depth ability trees, with a wide range of unique talents and skills to acquire. Choose the best paths for your characters’ development. Spend less time mining and more time managing your idle clicker enterprises to make more money.

Upgrades Your Pickaxes

Gamers can also upgrade their pickaxes to become effective miners. As you improve the stats, you’ll be able to pierce through tougher surfaces. The game includes an intriguing crafting option that allows you to design your mining tools.

Take Part in Exciting Boss Fights

Pick Crafter also introduces Android gamers to exciting boss battles. You can confront and destroy fascinating adversaries through a series of interactive mini-games, unlike other similar idle clicker games. As you battle unexpected bosses like moles and the like, feel free to gather unusual gifts and win trophies. You’ll also be able to pick up and complete a variety of fascinating in-game achievements. Earn unique awards and boast about them to your friends.

Idle Mining Is a Fun Game to Play 

Pick Crafter is an outstanding idle clicker game with a range of intriguing features that Android gamers will like. Begin with the idle mining feature, which allows you to harvest pps and other resources even while you aren’t playing. You’ll also have access to the daily prizes and as you return to the game every day, you’ll be able to stack them up and eventually unlock the unique rewards.

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Play the Game With Your Friends

To make your mining adventures more exciting, gamers can unlock various fun in-game features, including the ability to compete in epic mining battles. Alternatively, you can compete for the top spots on the leaderboard section and finish first in the standings at the end of the season to gain unique goodies. Also, you can play the game in offline mode.  

Free to Play

Android gamers can play the game for free on their mobile devices. You can begin your mining expeditions anytime you wish. Download and install the game for free from the Google Play Store on your mobile devices.

With Our Mod, You Can Have Infinite Money

Some individuals will find the game restricted due to the irritating advertisements and in-game purchases. You can always use our modified version of Pick Crafter, which has all the features unlocked. You’ll have infinite money to spend on whatever you desire, and the annoying advertising will be gone. All you have to do is go to our website and download and install the Pick Crafter Mod Apk. 

Sound and Video Quality 


Pick Crafter is accessible on most Android smartphones, thanks to its basic and undemanding aesthetics. Furthermore, the in-depth and immersive mining layouts will keep you engrossed throughout the game.


Enjoy Pick Crafter’s fascinating mining adventures as you become thoroughly engrossed in the immersive gameplay.

Download Pick Crafter Mod 5.9.32 Android Apk 

Those of you who enjoy games like Block Craft 3D and others will find Pick Crafter to be quite appealing since it contains all of the appealing elements you’re looking for and more. Download the game now!

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