Pinatamasters Mod Apk 1.3.7 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperPlaygendary Limited
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Pinatamasters is an entertaining arcade game by Playgendary for Android. During the game, you need to tap on the screen continuously, keeping an eye on your character and blasting the piata dummy.

Pinatamasters is a fun shooting game in which you have to shoot a broken fortunate dummy piata. You will collect money after each success, and this money should be used to improve various weapons.

Pinatamasters is a game in which you connect the screen and shoot the pinatas with different types of guns, causing the coins to fall. Don’t tap the screen too quickly or too often in a row. This way, you’ll miss a shot. It’s critical to keep a steady hand on the screen, so you don’t miss.

You can also get more weapons, skins, and passive abilities like producing money even when you’re offline. On average, Pinatamasters is a unique, amusing, and colorful game with a tremendous graphical background. If you enjoy games like Perfect Ironing, Kick the Buddy, Golf masters, or Bounce masters from Playgendary, you won’t want to miss this one.

General Information

Pinatamasters is a fun, easy-to-play game for people of all ages. Players must shoot colorful creatures and collect as many coins as they can. The level is completed when all of the shattered animals on the screen have been destroyed. Weapons are divided into three categories: those that help earn extra coins, those that increase your character’s speed and those that help you earn coins while offline.

Background Information

In Mexico and Latin America, a piata is a ball doll used at children’s festivals. The piata contains candies and toys, broken by a blindfolded child who knocks it with a stick. They also made an appearance on a variety show. Pinatamasters is a stress-relieving game in which a piata blasts when you prick it correctly.

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What Are Pinatamasters and How Do You Play Them?

It’s relatively simple to play. At the bottom of the screen, it automatically slides the character to the left and right. The piata is hung in the center of the screen by a rope. The player’s goal is to attack the piata and blast it. Make a screen tap and it will fling and shoot to attack. Long-pressing the screen would lead to continuous attacks on the piata.

Depending on the enemy, several barriers may appear; therefore, break them by attacking or avoiding them. When you defeat the piata and advance to the next level, a new piata appears. The game’s flow continues to repeat itself. Various new piatas will be released, allowing you to enjoy the ride while anticipating what will happen next.

Weapons Acquisition

The piata might be challenging to beat at times. There is a limit to how many bullets the character can carry. If you consume all of the shots, the level will restart from the beginning. However, you can strengthen your weapons with the coins you’ve earned. Try to keep your power and ammo up.

You can also increase bonus coins, reward coins, and strengthening weapons even if you cannot overcome your opponents. Weapons such as guns, bombs, knives, and chainsaws are relatively new weapons. Consecutive attacks with a wide range of weaponry have their advantages. So, experiment with different weapons to improve your chances of winning.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for Pinatamasters Mod Apk tips and tricks? Do you want some Pinatamasters cheats to make your life easier? No worries, we’re here to assist you. In this section, we’ll look at various tips and tactics for this game. You can easily unlock many additional features without paying a dime.

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The cheats work with the most recent version of the game, found on the Google Play Store. The tactics have also been personally tested and confirmed to work on the LG G6.

How Do I Use the Pinatamasters Mod Apk Cheats and Hacks?

We suggest performing the instructions on a Mac or PC rather than a phone or tablet. Before we go any farther, here are some suggestions and clarifications for the tests being conducted. We thoroughly tested and produced the tutorial for use. Other users produced the file and uploaded it on the Internet.


Here are the instructions to follow to continue.

  • Remove any previous versions of the game from your computer.
  • Go to this website and sign up for a free account (otherwise, you cannot download the files.). If you’ve previously registered, you may skip this step.
  • Once you’ve completed your registration, head to this link to go straight to the post with the most up-to-date tips for the game. Download the APK (and OBB) file containing active tricks. Begin the download now!
  • After copying the Apk file to your smartphone or tablet, use any file manager to install it. Note that if you don’t know how to install APK and OBB files on Android, you can use the thorough instructions on our website.

Alternatives to Consider

Hit Masters

Hit masters is a lighthearted and amusing shooting game in which players take on the character of a spy on a mission to solve riddles and eliminate foes. Hit masters is a game with many varied obstacles for you to accomplish, spread through different situations. There are also four different game modes to select from, as well as exciting and frightening boss confrontations.

In this game, the player assumes the character of a gunner whose mission is to eliminate opponents. It will provide you with a gun with which you can knock down your opponents or perform tasks such as breaking obstacles to detonate a bomb or cutting opponents’ strings so that they fall into acid pits.

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Shotgun Mode, Gravity Mode, Ricochet Mode, and Toxic Mode are among the game’s modes. The early stages are elementary for you, but as the number of obstacles increases, the challenge will increase too.

The bosses are similar to previous opponents, but they have higher HP. As a result, you’ll have to fire more times to beat them. A simple control system is also included in the game. To adjust the direction of the shot, you must hold on to the screen and move your finger.

3d Shootout

Shootout 3D is an intriguing game with a billiards-like gameplay style. It would be beneficial if you angled the shot to kill the adversary while protecting innocent civilians. In the smartphone game Shootout 3D, you take on the role of a stickman hero with exceptional shooting skills. Criminals and bosses mix with the public or hide behind cover-ups. Your goal is to eliminate all of them while avoiding anyone getting hurt.

Swiping left or right to control all screen characters would be beneficial. To shoot, tap the screen. If you accidentally kill an innocent citizen, the game will be finished. You will meet a strong monster after each level. If you defeat him, you will win the game. Remember to use barrels, wooden panels, and mirrors to assist you in difficult situations.


Pinatamasters, one of the best flash games offers an easy gameplay and high appeal. In this game, you must shoot piatas, which will automatically explode and enhance the player’s score. Fighting Pinata was a stress-relieving game; nonetheless, you can enjoy the convenience of repeatedly striking the adversary with simple controls and the convenience of collecting a large number of coins. Download the game now and enjoy its features.

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