Pixel Sword Fish io MOD APK 2.02 for Android Users (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperAPPIDEA Capital LTD
Requires4.4 and Up
Size54.04 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems/Awards
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Many individuals have played this simple game with a user-friendly interface. APPIDEA Capital Ltd used a well-known game concept to produce Pixel Sword Fish io. The game is based on the image of a swordfish. The game is incredibly amusing, light, and enjoyable but lacks substance. To pass levels and win the game, a player must have a strategy.


Learn About Your Creatures 

In this game, your mission is to control the monster like an arrow, dash at foes, and kill them. You can lead the creature in your direction using the joystick. Use the button to make it run quicker. However, sprinting can deplete your energy. After that, if you kill your opponents, you will receive a point and your nose will extend. Your goal is to become the monster with an enormous nose; if your nose comes into contact with another creature, it will burst and you will vanish. The game will end thereafter.

You don’t have to be concerned when you have a small nose. To defeat the players, you can assault from the sides or the back, although those players will have a larger nose.

Pixel Sword Fish IO Has Six Different Modes

Pixel Sword Fish io, like other games, offers a variety of modes for players to pick from. Classic, Team Play, Survival, Kill the King, Smash, and One-Sword Pro are the game’s six modes. Each mode has its own distinct and intriguing set of challenges for the players to complete. The lowest setting is “Classic,” and the highest option is “One-Sword Pro.” In addition, Internet access is required in all modes.

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When you are a new player, the “Classic” mode is the first mode you will play. You must battle other species while collecting stars to improve your nose in this mode. To unlock the next mode, try to acquire a trophy. “Teamplay” is the second mode. The mode is played in teams, with each one having a ticket count. If you don’t have any tickets left, you won’t be able to resurrect until the game is over. You need to keep track of your tickets. 

The “Survival” mode is the third option. In this mode, you’ll be in a room with 50 other gamers. The rules are simple: you must battle 50 players and find a way to stay alive. The fourth mode is “Kill the King.” You must have 300 trophies or more to access it. There is a king with a massive physique and a crown in this area, and the players have to assassinate him to become the new King.

“Smash” is the fifth mode. There is no way out of the small, congested space with several players in it. To survive, you must be extremely quick and should have a good response time. “One-Sword Pro” is the final mode. Only true masters with more than 1200 trophies or equivalent are allowed to play in this mode. To unlock it, you’ll need a lot of time, practice, and many trophies.

You will play with bots in this mode, where you can practice to improve your skills and game.

Alter Your Monster by Using Your Imagination and Changing Environment

You can design your creatures in the game. Click the button to see the game’s different creatures that entail various colors and shapes to choose from. Some forms of monsters are either free or will be given to you once you unlock the modes. Other shapes are purchased with the help of the stars and the awards you have received. So let’s try to collect a variety of shapes to build a unique monster. If you don’t enjoy the sound effects or don’t want to disturb those around you while playing, you can turn it off. Simply click on the setting icon, then on the volume or music icon to turn off the sound. 

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Play This Game for Hours on End 

Pixel Sword Fish io Mod Apk is easy to play; all you have to do is use the navigation keys to control the creature’s direction and avoid being touched by other players. When you’re bored with other io games like Slither.io, Agar.io, and so on, this game will be a good option. With so many options, users can pick and choose the mode they like and switch to another mode at any time. To play the various modes, you only need to earn trophies. This will entice more players to try to collect as many trophies as possible to master the modes. 

Furthermore, if you do not want to be defeated, you must have vital skills and rapid reflection since you must avoid touching the animals or being killed. It aids in the development of your reflexes and speed. With an appealing and dynamic UI and numerous unique creatures, you can play the game to unwind after a hard day at work or create new ones.

Download Pixel Sword Fish IO Mod Apk

If you want to play with additional features and without any advertisements, download Pixel Sword Fish io Mod Apk from our website and enjoy the game.

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