Pocket Troops Mod Apk 1.40.1 for Android Users (Unlocked Full)

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DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
Requires4.4 and Up
Size150 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Full
Updated02 Days Ago
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Pocket Troops is a survival game similar to Fallout Shelter. Players will demonstrate their abilities to command and train a large army of warriors. They should fight the dictatorial professor Evil and his henchmen after rigorous training. Pocket Troops is a one-of-a-kind mobile game that combines humor and combat. The game necessitates a high level of teamwork and strategy. Players in Pocket Troops must also recruit more soldiers, train, upgrade, and gain new skills to use on the battlefield.

The player’s job as the commander-in-chief of the army is to command his soldiers to battle opponents in a conventional turn-based manner. Players are successfully assisted by fighters, snipers, mortars, cannons, and grenades, in addition to infantry and heavy artillery.

General Information

Pocket Troops, a fun action game published by Heyworks Inc., was released on Android and iOS operating systems. Players will accept the role of Commander-in-Chief, who has an instructional role in the war. To win, players must recruit new warriors and increase their talents. The game also has a PVP mode, allowing users to compete against other players from across the world.

Pocket Troops allows the player to lead his troops to victory over the dictatorial professor and his minions. There are six different character classes to choose from; each class has unique traits, talents, weaponry, and strengths and weaknesses appropriate for each fighting scenario. Up to 12 tough campaigns are available for players to discover and overcome.

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You can fight with your friends or assault other players to acquire honor and rewards, in addition to plot-based missions. It gives players a light entertainment experience while also challenging them. 


What is the best way to play Pocket Troops?

Cross Your Fingers While You Train and Equip

The tactics used by the warriors in battle are strongly related to the skills you gain and develop. How do you come up with a clever strategy? The only way to battle is determined by the enemy’s strengths and your team’s equipment. Customize your strategy and select the most powerful weapon and skill combos. 

Impossible to Have Too Many Guns

Remember to collect and improve legendary weapons and equipment throughout the game. You can master one-of-a-kind abilities in six different categories, with over 50 great capabilities to pick from. You’ll need making a Bada Boom unlock them all. OUR FAVORITES ARE the AK-47, L96 sniper rifle, napalm launcher, Hard Rock Hallelujah guitar, and Gatling laser.

Don’t Construct Anything 

Try improving your base, which has several fascinating features. Fish tanks, construction blocks, soft kittens, kitten warmers, furballs, and other top military medical equipment helps to restore one’s health. Join online PVP tournaments to play against armies from all around the world. As you progress through the story, you’ll be able to uncover all of the movie cutscenes as well as the villain’s scheme.

Overall Evaluations

Pocket Troops is a tactical and strategic war game that provides a unique and family-friendly experience. To combat fierce small-scale battles, players must recruit, train, and equip their ideal army. The game will include six army classes, base upgrades, weapon collections, PvP challenges, and a cinematic PvE mission campaign. In Pocket Troops, players will tailor their strategies and choose the weapon and skill combinations to give them the best chance of winning.

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You can choose powerful warriors or form a squad of volunteers with fighting capabilities. To assemble your squad, you must choose combatants from six different classes. Each warrior will have personality traits, skills, and temperament, becoming unstoppable and unbeatable. 

There are 12 missions in this game. You’ll fight alongside your teammates against sneaky foes, with Dr. Evil leading the opposing forces. If you don’t want to play alone, you can team up with other players online and compete for awards. Your opponents are powerful and evil, so make sure your fighters are well-trained.

Gyms and a variety of simulators will be accessible for training. Pocket Troops is an excellent title with fascinating graphics and intuitive gameplay that we recommend to all fans. 

Alternatives to Consider

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction Is a Good Alternative

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a shooting action-adventure game. When seeking your main goal in a mission field full of Wilders, you can have greater freedom on randomly generated maps. To acquire goods and rewards, you must complete subtasks. 

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a mobile-phone game that focuses on multiplayer zombie shooting. It has approximately 20 characters as well as a variety of excellent decorations. There are hundreds of weapons to pick from, all of which are playable. Players can also look for this game in the numerous Android app shops that come pre-installed on their phones. This procedure is more convenient and recommended.

Final Thoughts

Pocket Troops Mod Apk is a fun, tongue-in-cheek war game. Using instruments commonly used in war games, the handheld gadget elicits a familiar sense. The game also features smart comments, fierce and elegant characters, and casual and cartoonish aesthetics. Even though the combat level is low, it elicits an epic sense of victory. Download the game now and enjoy.

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