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Today’s sophisticated technology and Nintendo and DeNA’s skilled shaping hands offer multiple ways to play Pokemon, the game. Pokemon Shuffle Smartphone, the newest mobile game, takes gamers back to their childhood memories. You can seek and fight Pokemon right on your phone with a unique and exciting method. It blends numerous elements of strategy, action RPG, and match-three puzzles with the Pokemon theme, similar to the 3DS version released earlier this year.

Players embark on a quest to become a skilled animal trainer. The vibrant gaming environment contains a large assortment of wild Pokemon, which players must capture and return to their team using a match-three strategy. Prior to this game’s release, there were other Pokemon-inspired games such as Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters, Pokemon: Quest and others.

You can relive your adolescent days by playing this game, thanks to its extreme graphics and the skill sets. You can spend a lot of time in training and strengthening your Pokemon so that it can evolve into a powerful Mega form.

General Information

When you play Pokemon Shuffle, you function as a beast trainer with the primary goal of catching Pokemon. Nintendo and DeNA just released the first product of the year, created in collaboration between the two well-known developers. Pokemon Shuffle is a game based on the animated film Pokemon, which is well-known among gamers worldwide. The game is popular on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

One of the game’s most popular feature is the match-three format that is used to conduct different matches. Players are limited to a set number of movements and as a result, have the appropriate strategy before going into battle. Pokemon’s countermeasures, such as flying and bug systems, are also used. You can activate the ability to fight and instruct your Pokemon to attack by coupling three or more identical Pokemon combos.

The success of the 3DS version of Pokemon Shuffle lays a solid platform for developers to create compelling puzzle games and unforgettable encounters with Pokemon. Even if you’ve never played Pokemon before, the game’s engaging graphics will entice you. 

You can download Pokemon Shuffle for free on the App Store and Google Play. The game has an in-app purchase (IAP) that allows players to use network play. However, you do not have to use this feature to win and own the most extensive collection of Pokemon animals, thanks to your training and moves.

Background Information

Pokemon is a renowned animated cartoon and game, but the appeal of super-strong critters has not waned in the least. There are many mobile games based on this concept, such as Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters that have been released recently. Characters and gameplay in such games, though, are comparable.

In Pokemon Shuffle, players play a conventional Pokemon game with pictures that are original and worth seeing. The game’s graphics are produced by experienced designers who made characters, such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. As a result, the appeal of Pokemon Shuffle to gamers is apparent.

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Pokemon Shuffle combines the role-playing genre with the typical match-three action of a game where you can meet a cute Pokemon. To combat other Pokémon’s, you must level three or more vertically or horizontally. You’re also in charge of the Pokemon army that you must develop into tough warriors to win matches.

Users participate in matches based on a story of adventure to explore or battle other players in the colorful world of Pokemon Shuffle. Its gameplay promises to deliver many exciting things to players when they participate in the game. Furthermore, in addition to claiming the Pokemon, the player tames and trains them after winning.


Although being an offline game, Pokemon Shuffle provides network functions much like any other mobile game. The game was transferred from the 3DS to the mobile device and achieved excellent quality as previous Nintendo handheld titles. 

Conquer Several Tables With a Large Number of Pokemon Characters

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a popular Pokemon game that features the classic three-player tables. There are numerous extra levels, extensive auxiliary systems, and various goods to be discovered gradually during the game. Whether you’ve never played a diamond-matching game before or have conquered Candy Crush Saga, you’ll enjoy Pokemon Shuffle Mobile’s numerous new challenges.

In Pokemon Shuffle, all you have to do is pick a Pokemon and go on an adventure with them through puzzle stages, generate combinations, attack, and win. Because of the simple gameplay and several hurdles, players must work swiftly and employ a fair approach to achieve the assignment.

An Ingenious Experiment

Pokemon Shuffle is a mobile platform-specific product. As a result, the game’s gameplay intelligently chose one of the most popular and appropriate mobile gameplay types: the match-three puzzle form by connecting three rows.

Nintendo also provided a level progression unlike any other match-three game ever. This path also gives players the impression that they are on an adventure in the conventional Pokemon universe. It’s essentially a clever combo that allows Pokemon Shuffle to adapt fast to a new platform while maintaining the brand’s character, which keeps longstanding fans interested.

Although the gameplay is familiar, the material in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is unique. Because it deviates from the previous editions, players enjoy a unique experience. While playing, keep an eye out for restraints between game systems, such as the insect-based flight system’s anti-flying electric mechanism.

Players are ranked after each first match, based on their victory score and the quantity of money they possess. More weapons and other equipment are purchased with the additional coins.

Intriguing Gameplay Enhancements

Like in any other puzzle game, players can see a ladder with several levels heading to a destination. However, in Pokemon Shuffle, they are not referred to as levels because they are replaced with a specific Pokemon.

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When players start the game, they are informed that they will be confronted with a Pokemon. They are instructed to test it out and conquer it. The only difference is that each of the links damage the Pokemon you’re fighting with. While fighting, you can launch a Poke ball to catch if Pokemon’s health goes low whereas after the bout, you can get a new Pokemon in your squad. 

Each time you make a match-three or match-four with the cards, they will level up. Some even get stronger as you level up or get perfect combinations. Another admirable feature of Pokemon Shuffle is that it maintains the original line’s traits for each Pokemon. 

When you catch and place information on a Charmander (fire nature), for example, Charmander-shaped seams cause significant damage to tree-based Pokemon or insect types. This is because of fireworks against the nature of trees and insects. Pokémon unleash counterattacks that make them stronger over time and as a result, Pokemon Shuffle is more than just a game; it’s a brainstorming exercise.


  • Despite being the world’s leader in the video game industry, Nintendo has designed the Pokemon Shuffle with several flaws. However, it’s difficult to find fault with the music, gameplay, or visuals. If the player expect a few upgrades, it can boost the effect on each level to make it more glittering and epic.
  • There is a split in the Pokemon community between retro and current fans. The nostalgic class prefers conventional gaming and is uninterested in Pokémon: Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters’ appearances.
  • The current layer is simply a subset of Pokémon-themed mobile gadgets, such as Magikarp Jump and Pokémon Masters. On the other hand, Pokemon Shuffle believes it will reconcile both types of objects, which is yet another effective Pokemon line technique on a new platform.

Overall Evaluation

Pokemon Shuffle, a mobile game that falls under Diamond Matching Games, has swept the Nintendo 3DS. With the official name of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, it has been released for two operating systems, i.e. iOS and Android.

It is a puzzle-style role-playing game that debuted on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015 and quickly surpassed 2.5 million downloads. Not content to rest on its laurels, Pokemon Shuffle continues to make waves in the rich field of mobile gaming, where the role-playing genre is the king. Players can enjoy this unique game by simply sliding their fingers on the smartphone version.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile has basic and familiar gameplay. For a tough combat, players only need to line up three or more Pokemon in a row. They also incorporate countermeasures from conventional Pokemon games, such as flying and insect systems, into the game.

You can catch the same Pokemon every time you go through a gaming screen. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile’s primary currency is coins, which may be won in the game or purchased with real money. Also, by purchasing Great Balls with coins, you can improve your catch rate.

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Both iOS and Android versions of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile are available. It is a game that fans of the animated film Pokemon should not overlook. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile transports you back to your childhood through an engaging puzzle game, ensuring that you have the most enjoyable time. 

Alternatives to Consider

Magikarp Jump 

It’s impossible not to know the legendary Magikarp if you’re a Pokemon admirer. It’s supernatural and a solar system masterpiece that can cause a huge jump. This carp is only the first step on the road to becoming a formidable Gyarados. In addition, Magikarp has a large fan base worldwide due to his unique and horizontal look. For this reason, The Pokemon Company has released a smartphone game dedicated to this renowned fish.

On Android and iOS, gamers can play the Pokémon: Magikarp Jump game. All you have to do now is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the download button for Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the game’s gameplay, let’s take a closer look at Magikarp Jump. As a result, a Magikarp coach’s job is to discover the applicant with the best dancing talents and compete in various professional Pokemon tournaments.

Masters of Pokémon

Pokémon Masters is one of the best games in the Pokemon brand, which features a large number of trainers. It comes with a unique gameplay style and is released for iOS and Android smartphones. 

This game is one of the most recent installments in the Pokemon franchise, featuring hundreds of coaches and the series’ most notable gym leaders. The game’s central concept was inspired by a desire to bring together all Trainers and Gym Leaders with their signature monster casts from previous games for players to battle with.

Unlike previous games, the game’s focus is on the Trainer rather than Pokemon. On the island, coaches assemble and are divided into sync pairs. For example, Red and Charizard, Misty and Starmie, or Brock and Onix. By the time the game starts, there are almost 65 couples, an ever-increasing number in the Pokemon series. Instead of typical turn-based combat, users engage in a real-time 3v3 match to select three assimilation pairings to battle AI opponents. Trainers, on the other hand, want to win the Pokémon Masters League and become champions.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Shuffle Hack APK for iOS is a free puzzle game for the iPhone/iPad that stars the adorable Pokemon as the main character. The bright screens are utilized to produce special attacks employed in the ferocious Pokemon battleground.

Throughout the world, the virtual Pokemon hunting game is top-rated. Meanwhile, many players switch to other Pokemon character games. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is another one of them. The player’s goal in Pokemon Shuffle Hack APK is to swap the characters on the screen to create horizontal rows or columns. It’s a move that aids you in battling wild Pokemon. Players battle, catch, and level up Pokemon using their intellectual match-three puzzle abilities for hours of extremely addicting and exciting gaming.

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